Was inspired by this mommy to write about what Kieran did one day after watching the movie Tarzan…that’s why I said the tv has very strong influence on kids (or is it just my kid) and we should be really careful with what they are watching as they will try to immitate the characters or whatever the characters do…

This happened sometime back in July but just didn’t have a chance to put this up until I read about how the mommy I mentioned above said about her tarzan boy!

So this was what Kieran did..













He actually pounced around and jumped onto the furniture trying to immitate Tarzan’s movements. Too bad I didn’t take a video of it as it was like a surprised act he did, u know all of a sudden he took off his clothes and then pounced around! Notice his fingers and toes? They are curled up like what the Tarzan too! See how observant kids can be! *slap forehead* Yeah some of you may notice his ribcage too…skin and bones….what to do…such a picky eater!


28 responses to “Tarzan

  1. aikes! 18SX pulak…. Oo Ii Oooooooooo *thumbs chest with kieran*

    mana ada 18 sx wor…tai fu still ada wat! kakakakaka

  2. hahahaahaaaaa!
    That was so ‘poses’ by Kieran wor…..
    This should be classified as RA lioa wor!

    RA? apa itu ah?? LOL…

  3. getrichwithleon

    hahahahahahaha!! he pandai take off the clothes lagi! lol!

    yeah must b one of those hot afternoons..he took off his clothes right down to his underwear again yesterday afternoon!

  4. hahahaha. that’s really cute 😀

    cute meh?? spoil my furniture only…

  5. hahaha!! in 10 yrs’ time, he’s gonna curse u for putting up this sexy pic of his in this blog! kakaka..

    hmmm actually hor…don’t care la…sue me la!

  6. cute pose, kieran.

    he’s full of surprises!

  7. muahahahahah…kieran is funny. yup…he’s not gonna like it next time when he sees himself topless in blogsphere.

    yeah angie was suggesting i password protect it!

  8. Very good, good! But feed Kieran more Lormaikai everyday and see what happens… or Roti Canai, with Kambing curry.. or KFC…

    *Daylight come and I wanna go Home*

    he doesn’t like lormaikai lor…but i can’t feed him roti canai or KFC all the time ma…eh not healthy one your fave food!! hahahaha

  9. Aye…actually hor, I also try to emulate Tarzan when I was younger. You know those “sarung” for making baby sleep kind? We have a hook on the ceiling to hang this sarung one lah.. I swung around from the hook…and pretended that I was Tarzan.

    KA-BOOOOOM! I fell from the springy thing, and landed on the floor lah. Biggest “hong mou lau” on my head man!!!

    wah u so samseng one meh? hahahaa….come to think of it..me too!! I jumped from the loft bed down to another bed and broke it!!

  10. Ok, we’ve seen Kieran pretending to be Tarzan.
    Let’s see you do a ‘Jane’. LOL
    I volunteer to hold the camera!

    cocka cocka..u really very dai sei one..wanna see me in Gstring not enuf now wanna see me as Jane…lei hoi wai la! blek! 😛

  11. hahaha wah..the 1st pic, really look like tarzan!!

    i think he watched that movie so many times until he knows the pose so well

  12. Looking at Kieran was oredi good enuf but reading Cocka’s comment made me burst with laughter…

    sui doh sei jek…

  13. hahaha! so cute!! now u can be tarzan’s trainer. 😛

    huh? tarzan mana ada trainer wor?

  14. wah, those paws! quite scary leh.

    fierce hor?

  15. wei, LO after i saw the photos… he can imitate well by taking off the clothes ah..did he ask u to buy or sew a tarzan underwear with paw prints

    lucky he didn’t lor..

  16. aiyoh, my son oso picky when it comes to food la. oso skinny

    why are most kids liddat? maybe they are spoilt with variety & choices!

  17. wah….very funny la your kids. Isnt it *chikek* to be a mother seeing how her kids behave at home?

    hmmm chi kek? i guess so..can get heart attack oso!

  18. hehehe….luv to see the first pic:-)
    he wanted to look very fierce but nope, he’s a cutie lil’l tarzan 😀

    hahahaha..good thing he allowed me to take his pics cos he’s been very uncooperative lately!

  19. haha, so cute for the pose, can see the “tulang” too…

    btw, a tag for u at http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2007/10/23/picture-in-my-phone/

    hey u come saja tag me only ah…very sui geh jek…

  20. I could not help laughing at those photos. So funny. I think few years down the road or worse if next time his gf happen to stumble onto those pictures…I think Kieran will really be so mad at you for taking those pic.

    that’s the thing la..I can use these photos to threaten him ma…who knows he may become somebody fames one day..kakakakaka…

  21. hahaha… kieran can satu gang wif sebastian not to become tarzan ok 😛 but picky eater….. sama sama skiny 🙂

    ya hor…

  22. hahaha…. kieran can satu gang wif sebastian, coz both oso picky eater, sama sama skinny 🙂

    why ah why ah?? actually hor i was a picky eater too!! hahahahaa

  23. aduh…..look at yr tarzan boy, goodness….can “really” imitate man, aunty scare edi…..fast fast run away lol !!!

    yeah should run fast fast cos he’s quite scary one..jump here jump there…

  24. Muahahahahaha…. sorry la. I cannot stop laughing looking at the pics. He’s cute la.

    Hmm.. now have to make sure he don’t go watch those hindu movies else will start singing and guling guling on the floor pulak.. 😀

    wah..never thot of it wor..maybe should ask him to watch one hindi movie!!!

  25. Walau.. pai kuat wong Tarzan

    yah man…so sad hor..

  26. That last pic of Kieran really cracks me up. Come to think of it, he’s quite talented too.

    talented in all sorts of nonsense except his school work and piano!

  27. wah, got talent be male model! underwear model!!!

  28. Really like Tarzanlah. Skinnier versionlah (but Ryan even more skinnier).

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