Saturday started with roti tissue at Saji..(are u so jeles of me LB? huh?) and then stayed at home the whole day on to bake, no lar…just the first half of the day I baked and the 2nd half chilling..and then gardening..what a wonderful day..doing 2 things I like besides shopping…(now no more sales so mai stay at home lor..)


So the thin & crispy lor this roti tissue….

I tried 2 new recipes, firstly I baked shortbread cookies and then I baked a Chocolate Yoghurt cake. Turned out quite ok, except the part where Kylie destroyed helped to bake the cookies. The cookies were not really consistent in shape and size as I was trying out my cookie cutters. Not all the cookie cutters were suitable. The cookie was too soft and broke easily so I didn’t get too many with perfect shapes to give away.. 😦 Maybe I should make them thicker so that it’s easier to maintain its shape… I really liked the Pooh character shapes…so the cute lor!


My destroyer helper

The cake was rising nicely but then it sunk down but not like sunk until down down sunk la…just flattened only lor. I was too lazy to make the topping..eating on its own without the topping was kinda acceptable also…to me la..

Then in the evening I went to pick up my cousins from the airport. They came from Sydney to attend my brother’s wedding! Yes they helped bring back the sheepskin I purposely forgot and somemore peanut butter and Nuttelex Margarine for me!! Yippppeeeee…..

Then Sunday came and we had a birthday to attend but being Amah, as usual “pai woo loong” (got the time wrong) and thought it was 3.30pm but in actual fact it was 2.00 pm. So after church I thought we had some time to kill before the party so we went to Ikea to spend a return voucher I got but ended up buying more, like a lot more than the return voucher of course!

As I was walking up to the party, the birthday girl’s grandfather was walking down and said this, “Yau mo gau chor ah? Yi kar jeng lei..” (What happened, now only came?) I was like huh? Then the birthday girl’s dad was like about to go pay the bill somemore..I was like eh? Not 3.30 meh? Birthday girl’s mummy was like laughing at me..ok lor me saw the message wrongly..sorry lor!! Poor Kieran was soooo disappointed and scolded me non stop for not getting the time right! hahahaha…Sorry lor…


35 responses to “Weekend


    LOL… luckily you didn’t ordered the Kambing curry to show off too! Otherwise…

    Hahaha, but it was the perfect place to remember appointments wrongly.. IKEA!

    kakakaka..hmmm ok next week I try the Kambing curry and take picture and post big big! wakakakakaka!!

    ya lar that Ikea…hoi sei yan geh..

  2. U really mou tak gao already when it comes to IKEA! But hor, if Apah ‘pai oo long’ sure kena scold 9-9 wan, ngam mou?? Kakaka…

    Your cookies veli cute also neh…

    Pssttt… nxt time, lemme try the super sedaps peanut butter, can?? :mrgreen:

    hahaha u know me so well leow Angel!! yes if it’s apah who got the time wrong sure kena one!

    yeah no problem will let u try my sedapps mia peanut butter!

  3. wahh…those cookies are soOOoooo cute!!!

    tenkiu tenkiu!

  4. yau mou gau chor ah? mou tong ngo kong geh lei yau hui ikea!

    haha…. that’s why la… this ikea ah… *curse*

    **curse-curse also mau pegi wor me…. blek**

    hahha…aiya me evry other week oso go Ikea one la…u don’t know meh?

  5. so cute the pooh cookies! where u bougt the pooh cookie cutter?

    bot the pooh cookie cutter from Hong Kong..

  6. Wahh..your cookies very cute leh..

    Hahhaa..you are really absent minded horr. I must really remind you of Brae’s party lorr…hheheh

    yah me very absent minded seow palak! LOL

  7. why peanut butter?? why?

    the pooh one very cute!! πŸ˜€ but looks really thin lor. shortbread – sedaps!

    amah old liao! wahahahaha. memory getting worse, eyesight also!!!!

    i like lor..eh next time u come back for hols, can help me buy anot?? pls…hugz!

  8. ur disney cookie cutter is very cute la. where u got it from ah? any vanilla yoghurt cake instead of chocolate?

    hmm i think i saw one recipe for vanilla yoghurt cake before..will try to find it one day..

  9. Your girl is a great helper….nice cookie…

    great destroyer more like it…

  10. Wah, ur really “Pan Lai” lar the cookies so cute πŸ˜€

    no lar..cincai do one…pecah a lot…

  11. Wah Amah! You so fatt hao paint your nail like that ah? Or is that a plaster on your forefinger after poking so many people at Facebook? LOL

    wah ur eyes still so the sharp ah..liddat oso can see…it’s a plaster lor…cut my finger while gardening la…not poke ppl in facebook! kakakakakaa

  12. Yummy! The biscuit. But… amah, if I were Kieran, I will compliant too ler… People birthday ler… how can you be so late leh? πŸ™‚

    ya lor…amah notti lor…

  13. oooh, just love the pooh cookies… So cute… BTW, I’ve a tag for you at http://thesoons.blogspot.com/2007/10/super-duper-crazy-8-meme.html

    quite cute but more work to make la…have to cut the shape then press the facial marks! thanks for the tag..will do later k?

  14. thanks for dropping by amah!!

    guess u r right, why do i feel sorry for her…in her few days with us, all she cares was to eat(lots i mean) & then vomit in our car…chis !!!

    hopefully, like u said, the maid won’t goes to u….btw, i took it from philimo (just in case for yr safety, hehe)

    btw, i missed the roti tissue too!
    and it was so “ouch” to see yr kitchen with the baking……i takut like that but then, it was well worth seeing the lil ones so happy, excited & weekend well spent. OOH, i like the animal biscuits so muchhhh……!!!

    oh ok quite safe my agent not philimo!!!!

  15. Ahhh…the Winnie the Pooh characters cookies is so cute! Where did u get the cutters?

    from Hong Kong in a Japanese dept store called UNY in Tai Koo Shing

  16. I like the shapes of your cookies…so cute one! πŸ™‚

    Aiyo, you more blur than me lah…hahahah..can imagine Kieran scolding you non stop… πŸ˜›

    ya wor..me so blur blur…poor Kieran…the party fun like soooo short..

  17. I’m jealous of you and your roti tissue 😦

    hahaha..ya hor..spore hard to find hor..go over to JB lor..but got to be careful..

  18. Your cookie cutter really very cute (from one of your overseas shopping trip hun?).
    But cutting short bread? A bit ambitious loh.

    yep from Hong Kong…no lar..cut the shortbread before I bake ma…

  19. yuuummm…… hmm.. i wonder if aidan and myself get some to eat. hhmm….. πŸ˜›

    oooo i will leave some cos i dont have the time to bake this Sat as it’s my brother’s wedding!

  20. amah amah…..*shake head*
    first yr dotter’s age (month) and now bday party also wrong timing.. u must be too busy edi

    amah old leow…always forgetting my phone summore

  21. the pooh cookies…oh, so cute.
    i don’t think i have heart to eat them πŸ™‚

    hahaha..sure eat one…cos it’s like calling u..”come come eat me….”

  22. you run a bakery too? or you just love bakin so much? haha.. those tiggers and piglets are so cute leh..

    wahhh if i run a bakery sure chup lup la…baking to play play only…

  23. Those cookies cutter you get from HK? they are so cute and the prints is very bold.

    yeah from HK…UNY supermarket at Tai Koo Shing…even after the cookies came out from the oven, the prints remain quite well!

  24. btw, come over to my blog to claim your free cool shades k!!


    thanks for the cool shades! Stay cool!!

  25. Aye… you arrr.. how can always get birthday parties time wrong one??? My S1’s party also you forgot!!! Aijer…

    BTW, where did you buy the cookie moulds? Very nice and cute.

    ya lar…what’s wrong with me ah??? sei lor…*panic*

    cookie moulds from HK lerr..

  26. Haha!! You’re TAGGED for TIME MACHINE.. Beams you up!!

    back to the future??

  27. I’m very the jealous! but ok lah, not as jealous as LB, no need to write all in CAPS… haha! that’s ‘cos I found a place that does fresh roti canai here. yay! but still no roti tissue tho…

    hahaha..at least u have fresh roti canai…i dont think LB has that over in Italy!!

  28. u look very ‘wai sek’ wor! and ur little gal is ur good helper too. how nice, u can do well in the baking.

    well, i have a tough tag for u…have u done it?

    ok ok tags all been collected for processing…but until my lap top recovers!!

  29. That cookies so cute, if next time you go HK again can help me buy some ar(i mean the cookies cutter)??

    ok no problem!

  30. Amah!!! I like those cutters!!!!! Where did you get them from????

    ayo answered this question like so many times leow…from HK ler..

  31. wah! what’s wrong , amah? So long didn’t post anything? You having blog break, is it? Or go travel again? So, where are you now? πŸ™‚

    no no not travellin yet but me bz like mad and laptop kena spyware! Will be back…soon I hope!! πŸ˜‰

  32. so nice yur roti tissue, must really get hubby to go out supper again one of these nites!!!!! All bcoz of u!

    Hey, i got some cheap cookie cutters too…very hard to make la if the dough too soft. Must get BIG BIG ones!

    hahaha,,,warning,,,roti tissue is a long wait!

    yeah i’ve got big cookie cutters too!

  33. ur cookie cutter is so cute. πŸ™‚ kylie must have enjoyed eating and helping u make.

  34. aiyahh.. i like the pooh cutter…
    btw, the cookies look very nice hor!!!

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