The Wedding-Part 1

The stress involved….hence the high blood pressure pills and bee pollen..

Eat and be merry…..hence…the buffet plus assam laksa..prepared by none other than my cousin, Madam Yong Delights!


Yummy yummy…the best was the yam was like heavenly lor..specially made for us lor..muaks to How Yong!


This assam laksa soup was like soooo yummy that a certain guest drank 2 bowls of it!

The reason she came all the way from Sydney, Australia…cousin How Wai. Cousin How Lai was around but I didn’t get a picture of her..oopss…Thanks for coming and stress with us!!

The surprise in eve of the wedding…

The party had started…guests started pouring in…but…but…where’s the groom?? Then a friend of the groom came in and I thought he looked so familiar…doesn’t he look like a singer/actor from Taiwan?? Can u guess who? Forget the silly girl next to him cos she’s fantasizing pretending that he’s the real singer…

We decided to have our cousin cater for the occasion and mom helped with preparing 2 additional dishes, which was the Hakka Char Yoke (Hakka style pork dish) and the Kai Choy pot (stewed sour vege). The food was simply delicious we had loads of leftovers enough for the next day..but since it was our dear ol cousin catering, we were able to keep the food in her shop’s freezer! Phew!

I almost dropped dead after the event as I was busy helping preparing the food and also entertaining the guests while the groom was nowhere to be found and the groom’s older brother (also mine..unfortunately) was also late! It was a very stressful time for the groom as he’s been organising everything himself and the worst part, he forgot to arrange for his “hing dais” (“brothers” to go with him to pick up the bride)!!!

More of the wedding in my next post!! Stay tuned!


19 responses to “The Wedding-Part 1

  1. I would have beaten Angeline, and drank three bowls of that laksa!!! For sure wan.. šŸ™‚

    hahaha… it was really good cos it was like almost homemade style with loads of fish!!

  2. who the taiwanese singer/actor worrr? tarak look familiar pun…

    so… what are we having later later?? šŸ˜€

    hahahaha..1st person to guess it right was Winn!! must give her prize later…

  3. I wud take the whole pot home la…. assam laksa.. my fav..

    wah ganasnya! hahaha..very big pot la…

  4. iknow i know!! Richie Ren!! i wanan take photo with him alsoooo!

    ur pc ok liao ar?
    at last!!

    u soooooo clever girl! come come collect ur prize!!

    yeah ok leow so now can big time facebook & blog!

  5. ah winn so pan-nai…

    eh LB, actually i could have drank 3 or 4 or 5 ok, but in amah house must got manners la, some more alot of the guest belum try ma… hehehe…

    amah, still got kai choy leftover or not?


    hahaha..aiya that day so the luen sui nobody will notice how many bowls u take one lor…eh the kai choy damn nice leow..still have like one bowl wor..u want?

  6. huh? forgot heng dai oso ah? must be nervous oh.. wei, u looked good in that red spaghetti strap la..

    major stressed! ooo thanks..can see all my fei chu yuk still nice meh? kakakakaka

  7. finally an update!

    wow.. haha..looking at the pics make me hungry la…bluekkk…

    hungry leh…see no touch lor!!


    I love char yoke and assam LAKSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *major drools* just looking at the soup!

    hahaha r u into sour stuff now???

  9. Asam Laksa…woooo…so yummy!

    it was really yummy no bruff one! hahahaha

  10. wah wah.2 bowls somemore LOL…

    i think i ate more!

  11. He looks like Richie Ren! From the 1st look from the picture i tot is him too..hahahahahahahahaha
    alamak! ur brother must be too excited till he forgot his “hing dais” hahahahahahaha

    hahahaha so clever la u!

  12. Aiyoh…. more food!
    Siapa it ah??? Me no heng Taiwanese so tarak tau. šŸ˜›

    I also want kai choy… can ask Apoh to cook some for me???? hehehe

    u oso like kai choy meh? usually cook during festive seasons!

  13. Wah lau eh!! I really thought it *was* indeed Richie Ren ok!!!! Fuyo damn alike des neh………!

    hahaha…ya lor!! but Richie Ren is skinnier!

  14. gimme some laksa too! congrats to the bride and groom!

    thanks! ayo the laksa no more leow lor…slurrppsss…

  15. Waaaa…your little brother finally get married liow… Still can remember him as a little boy!!!

    yeah that’s how i feel about ur vera lor..

  16. Oooh… I’m late. I would have guessed Ritchie Ren too!!! Laksa.. oh laksa…. slurpss..


  17. Eh.. talk about yam cake but show asam laksa instead wan??

    My mouth is positively watering at the thought of the sour asam laksa and kai choy!! When I come back and have potluck, you bring kai choy, ok?

    ahhhh another kai choy fansi…u like sour sour stuff ah? ok la…bila balik??

    as for the yam cake..sorry la…it’s like limited edition…small portion only so like sapu-ded in seconds!

  18. I tot I saw Richen Ren??? hahahaha

  19. When I saw Wedding Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, I thought you are writing about your wedding tim..


    How come ppl’s wedding so many helpers one?

    Lucky fella.

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