The Wedding Part 2

We managed to settle the heng dai problem by last minute sending Apah, my cousin Liz Wong and another friend to go along to pick up the bride! Phew! They left on time and by the time they reached PJ they were like about half an hour early from the scheduled time. (what scheduled time? That brother of mine is so no 8 superstitious, got to adhere to the recommended good time to reach the house..). Therefore they stopped over at Taman Jaya and camwhored waited..


Then before the bridal party arrived, again the no.8 groom asked us to hang up the firecrackers to welcome the arrival of the bridal was not an easy task and it was sooooo loud!! See all the geh pohs (busy body) looking on while my other brother tried to light up the firecrackers. BANG BANG BANG BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK!!!!


Here comes the bride…here comes the bride…n…groom…









The tea ceremony…

See the happy mother in law receiving the tea…



and the bystander observing the ceremony…


Then my son had a very important mission..again more traditional practices that requires a male child to jump onto the bridal bed…meaning..first born to the newly weds will be a boy la…aiya if I knew I should have asked some lil girls to jump on my bed when I got married la..cos Amah wanted girls first ma…hahhaha… Then Kieran had to break open the potty and then was asked to pee in it!!!


He didn’t want to do it at first but changed his mind after being offered another ang pow (red packet containing money)!! See the happy face after receiving his rewards!!


It is again traditional that the groom offer a roasted pig to the bride’s family to show the purity of the bride… and then the bride’s family will chop up the pig and send the head and tail portions back to the groom side, signifying that whatever we do should have a beginning and an ending…




31 responses to “The Wedding Part 2

  1. alamak… kesian itu kieran had to pee in public!!

    psssttt… the bride very pwetty wor… 🙂

    actually he was like kinda embarassed one..but for the ang pow mia sake..apa pun jadi la! see la my the greedy for $$$

    bride cantik leh,,,my brother really blessed lor..

  2. waaa, i didn’t know so many things!!!

    haaaaa…now u know la…learn first for later la!

  3. Kena pee one ah??? LOL I din even know that! last time my brother’s wedding we asked a cousin to break the potty but never pee in it.

    hahaha..i oso dunno all these stuff one la…just do as being told..even my mom oso doesn’t bother about all these traditions..except for the tea ceremony la..

  4. i oso din know got to pee one…hehe…

    i oso didnt know one all instructions given we just oblige la..

  5. hahaa..everyone get to witness kieren the tarzan pee ar??

    ya the bride very pretty..somemore got pao cheong! sure ‘ wong ‘ the family! haha..liddat say ok hor? chinese likes ma..:P

    thanks for the mini partay yesterday! loves the almond cake! and the spaghetti! that spaghetti what ‘meng thong? ‘

    not everyone crowd round the room la..hahahahaha…

    u oso can b very pretty mia bride one…hehehehehe…

    aiya u n SK oso ate so felt aiya maybe dont like my cookin tim…. itu spaghetti me oso dont know apa meng thong la..just followed my fren’s recipe..

  6. i’ve definitely heard of the boy jumping on bed story but not the breaking of potty and pee!wat an insight!

    hahahaha..chim leh….

  7. heheh… ya lor, why need to pee wan?

    wa very detailed…. now where is part 3?

    potty memang for peeing wat..hahahaha..part 3? on the way..

  8. congrats to your family!!
    i heard lots & lots of similarities here…..coz my younger sister just had her chinese wed ceremony yesterday(sunday)…..still “san sin kuan yit lat”/fresh!!
    no time to blog yet….but will surely do, u r welcome to visit & see if we’d done anythg different/kuar cheong than your side….hehehe!!!

    wah…seems to b a lot of weddings this time round! yeah lets compare notes!

  9. mother in law must have had sleepless nite… kieran too coz got ang pow ma!! lovely wedding, was it a garden wedding, i see a canopy..

    yeah mother in law of course kan chiong la! canopy was for the party before the wedding day n of course the day itself just in case it rains la!

  10. Waaaa…. More grandkids for Laundryapoh soon!!

    yeah better hurry while she can still take care & drive!

  11. wahh..haha..aunty fiona looks so pretty..anyway…kp looks so different! muahhaha…

    yeah…she looks good without her specs! Kp? happy ma…

  12. haha, kieran cannot resist angpow. how much is that pee worth eh??

    wah not bad wor…all in with opening the door, jumping on the bed and peeing earned him over RM70!!

  13. “Hello? Polis ka? Mahu repot ada orang main mercun … bahaya oh !”

    “Hei … u jangan main main repot … ada bukti ka?”

    “Ada encik … itu blog … laundryamah, ada gambar lagi !”

    “Ah … ok ok … sebab you ada bukti, kita sekarang pergi kasi denda sama dia …”

    hehehehehe … =P

    sui chai! mau repot me summore ah….

  14. wahh!! i never knew got soooo many pantangs one ler.

    when my uncle married, we only followed the simple mia rules. 😀 the hard ones we leave out. 😛

    hahahaa..well it depends how no.8 superstitious the groom/bride/family is this case the groom & bride oso memang very oldie one! hahaha

  15. Wow! Kieran must be very happy. Pandai merajuk so can get extra ang pow. Congratulation to your family. Also, why the groom is not in the tux? Is that the trend now? I’m old fashion already.

    aiya that groom damn malas one….cincai one lor…

  16. ai cham. i give u the wrong link no wonder u went to my other boring blog. 😛

    yeah true also. depends on the family

    hahaa..waaa so many blogs geh?

  17. ha ha…reading the above brought back memories. I remember one of my very “8” aunt was bombarding my mum with all those rules that drove my mum nuts. We only followed the roasted pig bit as we have no bridal room, so all those jumping on bed and potty thing cannot be carried out. Phew.

    wah thank God both sides of my family not so’s just my brother la! seow or not?

  18. wah… i didn’t realise boy jumping on bed was to have male heirs. thot it was just to have children.

    but then…….my son jumped..and my fren kena boy those who just got married, better do this ah…HAHAHAAHAHAHAH

    but then also, i didn’t get any boy to jump for me..see la……. i still pengsaning….where is my lil girl????? HAHAHAHAAHAH!

    u didn’t get the girls to jump on your bed lor…. 😀

  19. Love those rich chinese tradition lah..! yer never see it here in Y-town.. 😦

    some are acceptable but there’re quite a lot like cannot understand one lor…like no logic u know?? hahahaha

  20. wah this is really traditional practice la. we all didn’t follow cos we r not into this. 😛

    yeah even my mom is not into these stuff it’s just my brother lor…so the 8!

  21. the pig with the tail means the girl is a virgin…right?

    eh u didnt read the description properly meh? the gift of the whole pig to the bride’s family is to signify her purity (other words virginity la) and then the head n tail returned to the groom’s family signifies in everything we do there must be a beginning (head) and ending (tail).

  22. waaaaaahh..the bride is very pweety ah. aiyo poor kieran…mommy took a photo of him peeing…lol.

    ya lor…not only me taking photo leh..the pro cameraman oso wor! but censored la..hehehe

  23. wah..firecrackers …sound like Chinese new year
    haha…pee somemore..

    so the 8 hor??

  24. got a hogwart invitation for u

  25. wah i’m sure kieran is so happy to jump freely on the bed kekeke and get extra ang pau somemore

    the best part was the ang pow la…

  26. To sleep on the bed & pee into the pee pot actually required a ver*gin boy but nowaday some boy go pokeing at early age so a young boy is better! He! He!
    Have a nice day!

    wah don’t say liddat la..not all boys liddat geh…hopefully mine not la!

  27. So geng, can find phow-jeong summore!!

    When I got married, there was no little boy in mrkat’s house. So had to get any virgin boy, and the only ‘boy’ not married, hence considered virgin, was my sister’s BF… lucky he din have to pee in my potty…. 😆

    hahaa…my brother manyak lobang one lor… ayo..this pee in potty thing is like quite new to all of us i think…

  28. Pee in front of everyone of course dont want ler… some more Mummy take his photo! yaw mou kaw chor ah?

    hahahaha…after the angpow offer he fast fast pee wor…hahahaa..and hor if i dont take his photo how to blog leh???

  29. wah.. Kieren offering tong-ji liu!

  30. Really a lot of traditiona one hor? My one very simple, that’s why first time I hear about pee in potty. Ha ha

  31. wow ur mom look like “datin” wooo hooo

    bride vely preetiii hor! lucky ah pot!

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