Wedding Part 3

The dinner was a typical Chinese wedding dinner held at a Chinese restaurant. It was a hassle as in all Chinese weddings as the guests DO NOT RSVP! Even if RSVP, the result still causes a major headache, e.g. those who said will come in a certain number either don’t turn up or turns up minus the number originally given or plus a few more heads!! Fixing up the list of guests and table setting is no joke and it’s almost impossible to place where the guests would like to sit. We can’t please everybody right? But some insensitive and childish people cannot understand the trouble we had to go through and give unnecessary complains and comments…..we can never like foresee what’s going to happen when invitations are given out a month in advance and shit things happens and guests may not turn up due to unforeseen circumstances. That’s why we have reserved tables and flexibility of reducing the tables with special arrangements with the restaurant. This was no easy task as I was manning the reception table of course with help from my very reliable and helpful sidekick and another friend of the groom. After most of the guests have arrived, I have to go on my rounds around the floor to check the seatings and make sure people move to empty tables to fill the spaces. And…..I was wearing killer heels too!

On top of that there was another wedding held at the same restaurant at the same time and we had a few blur sotongs guests walking over to our side when they should be going to the other side. In fact there was this couple who dropped an envelope (presuming as the gift for the bridal couple) and proceeded to the dinning area. Then like after quite some time they walked out and asked if it’s Mr & Mrs Ah Kau wedding. Of course it was not! Then they asked if they could take back their envelope but it was already transfered to the counting party (which was actually Apah)! Why I mentioned it was presuming a wedding gift? Well the sotongs mistaken guests actually just gave back the couple’s wedding invitation card with no other gifts!! I was like duhhhh! No wonder they didn’t insist on getting it back!! Blardy nerve to turn up with nothing but the invitation card! Just to let u know they came to eat and went back is it? Some more is some Dr..bla bla bla…

Anyway, the dinner went on smoothly, even though it started late, the dishes came out very fast and there was no delay in between. The quality of the food was of course good as compared to most it was a pretty good decision to hold the dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Relatives had a good time mingling and chatting, it’s really during such times that they catch up, otherwise…there’s really not many chances to do that…

The kids had a blast of course…oh missing one as he had to be sent home!

Since I was so busy running around I didn’t get to take that many picture..and we haven’t got the photos from the official photographer..don’t why they are taking so long..duhhh

Anyhow here are some of my uncle came from China..and of course my cousins from Sydney, and also one from the US (she’s back for her brother’s wedding which is coming soon..).


The groom was running around and we only managed to get a family photo but it was by the official photographer! Shiats! There were a few groups of guests who were getting high on the liqueur (which was enough to sell, too bad I didn’t take a photo of them!) and they were also trying to make the groom drink. Yes, the groom was slightly on the drunk side…as guests were leaving, he tried to stop some of his friends, and even closed the main door and didn’t allow his friends to leave! Took them quite some time to convince him that there will be another drinking session..and then finally his school friends drinking session was the final event. However, the restaurant had to close up for the day..and so it was cut short and it continued outside the restaurant!! Then I was getting really tired and so was the poor bride! I quickly got some sober friends to try to convince him to go home and finally they managed to get him into my car. We brought in some plastic bags just in case and guess what the groom said? “Wei why the plastic bags? I’m not drunk ok…” that’s what they always say when they are indeed drunk,,,they are always not drunk!

The End!Β 


19 responses to “Wedding Part 3

  1. wahh!! i so miss wedding, although earlier this year my god sis got married and then my uncle just two months ago. it was crazy also!! πŸ˜›

    as a guest ok la..but as a host…i damn hate weddings lor! hahahaha

  2. Sounds like the groom had a terrific time, eh? Hahaha… Waaaa… like this also I wannn…

    then faster la wei…become a groom fast fast lor…

  3. wow… a fantastic report *pats amah’s back*.

    hehe, so cute la the photo of the kids… i’ll send over some pics i have taken that nite to you …. when i have time… hahaha…

    eh faster la send to me…

  4. Maybe the couple got put angpow money inside the card (envelope) leh… I see some ppl use back the same invitiation card mia envelope as angpow woh… so cheap hor? Haha..

    that one is ok…but then hor use back the envelope plus the invitation card but no angpow wor… cheh kai la

  5. Hahaha.. that’s why I only like to attend weddings, and not organise them. The closer you are to the married couple, the more stressed you seem to get!!

    Ya-lah hor, why do people like to use back the same envelope to put the $$ gift?? Is it because their name is on the envelope and the couple will know who gave it?? Cannot put in angpow and write a short congratulatory note and sign off your name wan meh??

    a lot of ppl do that…for convenience sake gua…

  6. Red Angpau are commonly used ma! πŸ˜†

    actually hor also not ngam if they use the Chinese New Year ones..

  7. Some people do attend weddings without giving any ang pows or an EMPTY angpow. But of course for me, its okay cos we invite you to come and celebrate and dont expect any ang pows one… hehehehe

    ya lar…but in reality it would help to have the angpow right?? come on…. πŸ˜‰

  8. At least your bro is still sober enough to walk & talk. I once attented a wedding where the groom KO-ed and have to be carried back to his hotel room by a bunch of friends before the wedding ended. Around the 7th or 8th dish, when they are doing their yum seng round.

    oh good thing he didn’t kO-ed cos he’s quite heavy!!

  9. iiish…dr. came empty handed to wed dinner, oh no!! can’t believe it….so shameful of himself!
    btw, my sis wedding also same…one of the red packet only got RM10 inside but without any name….god knows who is that blurdy hell!! these type of ppl memang kena curse wan…..

    no lar i will not curse la…different culture so dont know lor..

  10. You said you didn’t take many pics becoz you were buzy running about ah?
    Don’t bluff lah! You were too buzy eating guar?

    eh oi sei ah? got to manage the guests what? hardly ate lor…

  11. Waseh… Kieran stood proud and handsome there. Kylie also not bad.. nice bubbly smile there. Very nice pic indeed.

    Oh speaking of RSVP. Yea.. the nightmare of the occassion. I almost went berserk on my wedding day.

    thanks… πŸ™‚

  12. About the wedding dinner, it was a chinese culture..all will be late. Althought you write 7pm sharp, but the dinner will start at 8pm++ just because the ‘VIP’ people havent come.

    Your both son and daughter so pretty, nice cloth.


  13. chinese mah…they do just anything!! ha ha
    kieran looked very smart n a nice pic of the kids.

    chinese dai sai meh…

  14. These days got ppl just got to weddings and eat without bringing ang pow one meh???

  15. fuyoh.. what a blast.. and you purposely got a suit for Kieren?

    Btw, was it an auspicious day? Since lots of ppl got married over the w/end.

  16. hahahaha..this is always the havoc part right? Sitting arrangement!
    And my another night mare coming soon too, my hub’s sister wedding! Aaaaarrrgggg!

  17. no RSVP also can? Hard to estimate…but anyway all is over smoothly…good

  18. stay-at-home mum

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats to the family. I love weddings. Looks like all the customs and traditions were followed. How fun!!

  19. Ah Poh looked radiant siah!
    And Kieran… sangat hansem lor!

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