Food glorious food! (backdated)

Don’t get fat is fake la (direct translation from Cantonese) meaning all the food we’ve been consuming..blaming it on cousins from Australia..they are the reason that we are eating so much!

Since cousins were here, naturally other cousins will flock together and hence I get to stick along and enjoy the food…

The day they arrived, me and Mr D (remember the MLL who went to the Aussie trip with us..yeah that’s him) went to pick up cousins and first stop was Kayu at USJ. Cousins had roti canai and I had naan (took them like a million years to prepare but it was good so I forgave them). Mr D had to order mutton curry..(oh LB I finally tried the mutton curry at Saji and u r was darn good!) but it was like too late to have such heavy stuff he ate em all by himself! (at my expense somemore!)

Cousin Liz treated us to dinner at this place in TTDI, simple yet delicious food and at affordable prices somemore! We can clearly see that it’s popular cos among the string of restaurants on the same row of shops…it was like the busiest on a weekday summore! Yes Ah Joo should b droolingz maximum by now…

Left – butter squid, really good  Right – Fried Noodles with Roast Pork (slurrpss)

Due to maximum busy-ness..I only managed to treat Aussie cousins (thousand apologies) Soo Kee prawn wonton kuey teow, directly opposite the Sea Park market. Yes this restaurant was featured in the Chui Leng food talk show on Saturday. The soup is so yummilicious, I usually drink em all!  Sorry no photos..cos I go there so often till I didn’t bother forgot to take photo tim…

Then Mr D invited us for dinner but had to be at his usual hang out which is so far away, Off Jln Ipoh, a restaurant he claims to have a certain number of have to eat there la…while we were on the way there. mom was saying he used to treat us for his birthdays but haven’t done that for quite some time…and that reminded me that his birthday was in October..yeah..the dinner was organised to celebrate his own birthday…(btw, it was way past his actual birthday!).  The food was so so nya…nothing to shout about…ok la but not really worth the distance we have to go…  However, since it was a treat..we shall not complain..

Only have a few photos but none of the food!!! hahahahaha..not very impressive so I didn’t bother la..


22 responses to “Food glorious food! (backdated)

  1. Ever since Deepavali day, I have mengidam-ed mutton curry… 😦

    jom lets go to Saji! We eat n camwhore n make LB jeles!

  2. *looks at the butter sotong*

    *blink blink*


    ok ok next time u come back we bring u there k?

  3. Aiyoh! Ng fei too kaa laaa.. hor? I am so glad you agree that Saji’s Kambing is greeeeeat! Now, what are you waiting for? Go tapau some and fedex lah. Haiyaaa.. kong leh kong hei too sorrr lah. Faai tit LOL.

    ya lor…now the spare tyre really getting big leow! hahahaha…eh can pass the Fedex rules anot if I send?? LOL!

  4. Mana this place in TTDI? I want the roast pork noodles!!

    ok next gathering there… 😉

  5. Yummy! Looks like Mama’s kitchen in TTDI is it?

    Wah.. I can see KW has broadband access now. 😛

    ya ya! u sooooo clever lor!

    no lar..KW still no access to internet lor..

  6. I like the roast pork noodles!!!!!! *droollllllll…* next gathering there la!

  7. extra jeles already…

    hehehehe…fast fwd ur return..

  8. You make me sooo hungry lah. Oh yeah.. we always go Soo Kee for the hor fun and smoooooooth chicken!

    ok la when u come back i bring u there k??

  9. BTW, you have been tagged!

    sei tag list getting more n more leow…

  10. an excuse to eat ma..

    but the after effects?? die!

  11. I sooo hungry right now, every hop seem to be about food.

    hahaha…sorry to tempt u!!

  12. there is one rest in Tmn Tun that sell very good claypot “lou shue fan” also has very nice roast port wan tan mee…….wonder if it’s d same!!

    yeah i think it’s the same…but i didn’t like the loh shue fan that i didn’t put up the photo lor..

  13. Looks nice~!

    Read about the wedding you attended too… cool! 😀

    really good food lei…

  14. winnkipedia answered ur million dollah question liao..

    wa ka dat all to the answer??

  15. yummy…the roast pork mee!! make me wanna make a trip there to makan!

    come la…it’s really different lor..yummy man!

  16. wah so sinful!!! *drool drool*

    psss… u can transfer ur fat to me cos i’m dying for fatty layers. LOL!

    if it’s possible i will gladly transfer all my fats to you ok!!

  17. howe tou ngor ah…..

    mai hui sek yeh lor…

  18. I saw the post, but str8 went to look at the pix posted. Then scan to see where… aiyo – so hungry and I am drooling overthe pork noodle thing..

    hahaha…it’s really yummier that it looks!

  19. mama’s kitchen? i makan there before .. really good la the food. wah .. ur mutton curry looks so yummy .. getting hungry liao loh!!!

    hahaha that’s what food posts do to ppl lor…

  20. wah…ttdi got this restaurant…must try, must try

    next time u must ask for commission for advertising!!

    ya wor! so that’s why restaurants must be good to bloggers!

  21. Aiyer, all those food is making me hungry again…
    I’ve a food tag for you here,

    Amah’s breakfast sure interesting geh…

  22. Where is this place??? The sotong looks yummy leh…

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