I had 2 shocking things that happened today, once in the morning and once in the afternoon during lunch….

First one..

I was just lazing around the couch watching tv and Kieran was next to me..I suddenly realised he has his hand inside his pants…

Me-Take out your hand! What are you doing?

Kieran immediately took out his hand and smiled at me sheepishly…

Me-Do NOT play with your kkc (boy’s private part) ah! It’s so dirty! Afterwards the zhong zhong (worm) will grow there ah!

K-How can the worm grow there wor?

Me-(realised it was a stupid statement but I can’t take it back..) You play somemore la…see if the zhong zhong will grow or not? Your hands are so dirty each time u touch u pass some germs there! yerrrrrr

K-What’s wrong with that? I always play with my kkc….

Me-I said no ah! You better stop doing that!

*Slap forehead*

Second incident..

This happened during lunch, while we were slurpping away the extra smooth kuey teow (Rice noodles) at Soo Kee (this is Kieran’s favourite place as he eats a lot!) Kieran suddenly came to my side and whispered this into my ear…

K-Mom..u know ah..when I like a girl, my kkc will become BIG BIG one..

Me-(OMG!!) What?!?!? Who told you that??

Kieran again smiled sheepishly again, u know the ngek ngek ngek style one? the yum yum sup sup smile? If still don’t get it, can ask Unker Cocka cos he smiles liddat too!)

Me- TELL ME! WHO TOLD YOU THAT? WHO TAUGHT YOU THIS NONSENSE??? (really it’s facts of life but to a 7 year old kid…it’s like too early right????)

He continued eating and didn’t bother to answer me..will get Apah to handle this cos I’m really like at wits end..I have no idea how to handle this! BLECHHHHHHHHHHHH!


39 responses to “Shocking!

  1. hahahaa…i can imagine his sheepish smile! but he share with u of his kkc story..u shld be glad.. no many kids share these kinda stories one ler…

    last time we were not taught of this, until form 3 science and form 5 scieence only got learn., then sumemore not complete wan. have to buy supplementary reference vcd…..hahaaaaa

    hmmm..ya at least he told me…BUT!!! ayooooooooooooo

  2. LOL at winn!!! OMG…. *close eyes ~ duwan to know anything more*

    What about this KKC thing again? Can wan arh, liddat?!! No wonder lah!!

    what thing? which part? don’t tell me u don’t know ah,,,

  3. hahaha…must be learn from his schoolmates =P

    i suspect so too….naughty la kids nowadays!

  4. time to check on the VCDs and videos he might have been downloading !!! hehehe …

    aiya he’s not introduced to internet yet la…me very reserved one..but then again his friends may be exposed!

  5. I’m wondering if SK whispered sumting to him that nite… hahaaa… jusk kidding!

    Or, if u wanna knw who told him hor, ask SK to ask him… sure he’ll tell wan… 😀

    hmmm YA WOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wah.. kids nowaday very advance wan hoh?

    very the hard being parents!!

  7. wahh kids nowadays are really advance la but playing with the birdie? Tot only happens to kids around 3-4 like my son now. Haha i told him about the worms too … 😛

    he must have discovered that playing with his birdie gives him some kind of pleasure la! this got to ask the men la!

  8. LOL!!! aiyoh, really got big big ah, for a 7 yr old boy, it cant grow yet ma..err.. am i wrong ah?
    like this i really dont know how to handle la, must pass to hub one

    got lor…i’ve seen his erect birdie lor…wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. HIEEEEEEEE!!!! Wei wei wei….

    wah… your boy has GROWN…

    yeah…like wat winn says…AT LEAST he tells u lehh…be comforted knowing your ‘boy’ tell u things…

    And… at least he has interest in girls….

    haaa..If not…. sei for ady…

    THAT’S THE TIME U will go ayooooo…. *smack forehead*

    grown?? SO FAST?? awwwwww my babyyyyyyyyy…….

  10. *faints*

    Wah liaooo.. If me I also duno what to answer. U sure u got no porn at home?!

    no lar! me no watch porn one…no need wat! kakakakkaa

  11. aiyoyo….i can imagine that sheepish smile :|…time for birds n bees talk with daddy

    ya lar..but u know what’s daddy’s reaction when i told him? ok wat…normal wat..then laughed & laughed only! *slap forehead*

  12. Hahaha..wah..teruk liao…I think he might have learn it from his school mates…when my son is his age.. I must earn how to handle it…so ha…can you tell us how u handle it till the end..hehe..

    will see how daddy talks to him first..he hasn’t lor!

  13. Hie,
    OMG!! At such a young age? Man! Thats something to worry about man! Gosh!! Kids now a days..

    yeah it’s worrying…

  14. solly can’t help in this dept….no experience la…

    u may need to know too cos u need to warn ur girls about boys’ kkc getting big big!!!

  15. amah.. tht means u dun hv to worry abt impotency lor.. get ready to hv some grandkids.. 🙂

    apa la u!! blek!

  16. OMG!!!!!
    Isn’t Kieran too young to reach this stage ah????
    Hmm… better let the men do all the explanation!

    yah waiting for Apah to talk to him…

  17. adoi…really early lah this…..
    could it be children now is so much smarter?

    there were occassion that my boys play/touch his dick too but thankfully i dun have to handle the ‘stand up’ question…..speechless !!!

    oooo u better prepare yourself for this…

  18. Err…I think kids are very aware of their sexual differences, as early as 3 leh.

    Time to teach kieren, if he wants to touch/play…pls do it privately (in your own room/bathroom). Honestly, you can’t stop the boy..but you can teach him where to do it. Let him know it’s normal, but not very nice if other ppl see him do it.

    If u try to force stop him, he lagi play. Gotta be honest with him leh…

    oh dear…i’m not sure about encouraging him to do it is a good idea…

  19. so mature his thinking..know about it…hmmm can you guess who taught him?

    dunno leh..

  20. I think…. I think oni ah…. there is a site out there that teaches parents how to handle kids who say things like that… but I donno where wor…

    i think must start looking up leow..

  21. OMG… I would have never expected such statements from a 7 year old. Maybe I’m just dated – ‘lo toa’ mommy. But I think at 7 year old, how to control what he can do, cannot do. Difficult. Mights well tell him it’s normal but keep it private. Apah may be the best person to have a talk with Kieran, start the S education early lor.. what to do. Kids nowadays soooo.. ‘cho sook’ hor.

    so now i think it’s better to get urself prepared should one day Ryan say this to u huh… 😛

  22. Hey, my older boy also like to play with his kkc. Then when I told him not to play, he even told me this: “No…mami, look kkc become bigger liao” as he demonstrates it. So you pengsan or I pengsan?? And you know how old my older boy is right??

    OMG!!!! hahahahahaha…

  23. HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry ah….the part about the worm is too funny. Mummy…you kena worm before meh? hahaha…

    Let him play la…he is male. Just tell him not to play so much and do it in private. *smile* Don’t be so Ork. If you more gentle, maybe he will share with you how he knows all these secrets.

    Gosh! Seven years old… my time, they started at 12 and i already thot THAT was WAY early.

    oh yes i kena worm before! it was damn painful!!!! kakakakaka

  24. Hahahaha…This is quite funny. Sorry arr..

    I use a different story. I say “get infected” as hands are dirty. They understand, because both also had infection before.

    But I think cannot avoid him touching himself lor. He knows it is pleasurable. I don’t mean to encourage him. Just focus on telling him that “ppl will be appalled if they see” – hopefully, he will get the message that he has to do it in private. And “your hands have germs” – and he gets the message that he needs to wash his hands first.

    Go into the internet and read about this in those medical/family sites lah…

    Btw, my friend’s son (but he was 9 1/2 then) also told the mother that his KKC feels funny when he sees kissing scenes. For my boys…they have yet to tell me that their KKC feels funny when they like girls.

    hmmm..ok will try to read about it,,

  25. wow! 😯

    This is … Er… kids are getting “naughtier” nowadays. Is it from his friends, better watch out what type of friends he has in school, then!

    it’s so hard to control who he befriends in school, I guess education begins at home…

  26. Aiyoo… so young edi like that… now I’m worried for myself leh… I have 2 boys!

    ada boy pun worried, ada girl another worry…parenting really hard lor..

  27. dun la so tension. My son 19 months also playing with kkb edi. Let them discover themself la.. and then u explain why lor.. dun la so anger with him all the time 🙂

    u try to live with him la they u know why i’m always angry with him!

  28. amah! U dont scare me lei! I got two boys also, sometime they like to play with their bird bird too!

    not scare u lei…facts of life!

  29. My 3 year old loves to play with his pee-knees whenever he is bathing or after bath. So pleased to see his proud manhood… 😆

    I just humour him, and say, ‘ya-lah, very kewt!’ and go about my things without paying much attention to him. Sometimes I make him smell his hands after he touches himself and he agrees it’s, ‘ewww.. so smelly!!’. Hopefully it will teach him not to play with himself too often, though we all know they will pick it up again when they grow older…. 😀

    make him smell the hands?!?! ewwwwwwwwwww….

  30. *sigh* me too facing this!! my boy complains that his bird is big when he wakes up…i told him he needs to wee wee! but i also pening cos saw him playing with it twice n i asked him why…he said my birdie just want to get bigger n i dont know why! then i just told him it’s not nice to play with it…susah la! guess they r trying to discover why n how come it errects la…it’s so natural that sometimes we cant stop or force them from not touching…*sigh* but then at this young age hor?? pengsan!

    sei for lor…seems to be the same with all the boys!!!!!!!

  31. hahhaa…that’s funny. but in reality, i would have..maybe faint.
    kids nowadays are discoverin all these things at a much earlier age, parents really don’t know how to handle. to lie or to tell the truth about birds and bees. they might not understand also. susah la.

    that’s the thing i’m afraid la..premature s*x!!

  32. Wah liauuuuuuu… this kind of experience for him start liao ah? U sure someone told him that if he likes girl his kkc will be big big? Or did he really experienced it himself? U gotta ask him ler. Since he share with you, I guess you can be quite open about it.

    i will try to ask him again..

  33. Aiyah! Don’t bluff him lah! If play with kkc got zhong zhong hor, Apah’s one early also dropped off liao lah! LOL

    He must’ve been ‘educated’ by Unker Cocka’s blogsite. Good boy, Kieran!

    yerrrr u so for it meaning u actually major played with yours too la! yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  34. it is some kind of certain stage for boys while growing. they may be curious about their physical growth. my boy always play with HIS and likes to pull it long like rubber band!!! aiyer…

    ayo…all boys sama sama la..

  35. Mm..the KKC thing. I am already at the phase. Mine even started earlier than you! I was shocked to discover the past few months that he has this daily/hourly/whenever thingy! that he would like on his stomach, one hand there and rock back to and fro. You tell me who is `ewwwwwwww’ and paranoid. Yes the more you scold/reprimand, he does it more again we are caught in this catch 22 scenario where to leave it or to discipline. Mine is 5+ by the way…so it’s definitely a bit too early to explain the birds and the bees. It’s more than curioisity as some books put it I think when the `urge’ is there constantly. I think it’s the phase of realisation that the KKC is `active’ upon rubbing and that stimulation we all know is `exciting’ and sometimes addictive. Now is how do you tell a child to do it privately and how often is `healthy’? Mine is tougher when it involves other `problematic’ issues. But I am thankful I got a boy i/o of a girl – if you are referring to my case with that `problem’. I am pissed looking out if he is doing it and if I leave it I wonder if he will end up a pervert and does it publicly. I hope it will go away, if not……. Threatening is only effective if done once in a while but always the same thread I think will end up either he literally accepts it or one ear in and out.

    so hard hor this area??

  36. :O – I dont know what to say !! And I also think it’s a bit too early for him to learn…. Now I am worried cause if you read my post, my dad just thought him what is KKC. When I ask him he points to his birdie !! Tell us how you handled it ya

    still belum la…like act dunno now that Apah!

  37. Can’t help here, sorry cause i don’t have son. But again I don’t remember my 7 years younger brother have this problem. Maybe different generations. Apah is more suitable to handle this case instead of you.

    yeah i’m still waiting for his action..

  38. hehehe…this sounds funny. i can imagine your reaction. i would be shocked too 😉 time for the birds and bees talk already. let us know how apah handle this, ok?

    yeah will do..

  39. Die.. he has experiance his first erection liao!

    Btw, his birthday, should I get him some playboy magazines play doh?


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