Last Weekend…

We had 2 birthdays over the weekend, and we have another birthday this coming weekend!

It was my father in law’s birthday on Saturday and we went to this porridge steamboat restaurant in Subang SS15. The food was not as good as the one in Cheras, the one we went with Annie & family. It was as usual difficult to handle Kylie as she was getting restless as we were cooking the food and she was as usual, playing with the cutleries, climbing out from the baby chair..then start to scream when we restrained her…(me so embarrassed of her and most of the time don’t even bother to look at her..)

As for the boy, he was chatting away with grandpa..

The cake that was baked by yours truly…quite yucky lor the appearance n there was some mistake in the process also…blekkk


Then on Sunday it was my cousin Liz’s son’s birthday. Again we had time to kill before the party and Apah made a mistake by suggesting One Utama…cos lunch was expensive (again) and of course Amah went to shop again! Lunch was great, Japanese and at a new place…


but my time digging into the old stock at Zara was even more shiok! Despite the fact that they r really stingy with their discounts, even after so long after the sale, the stuff I bought were like only about slightly over 50% but not more than 60% off! And while I was still decided which to buy out of the pile I tried on..

that’s my cuzzie playing magician entertaining the kids!


then I noticed a few containers such as below…..errr what’s going on?

the kids at the party.. 


Kylie wearing some head band…that’s quite unusual as she usually doesn’t like anything on her head.. 


have u guessed what was the fish in the containers for? No it’s not for a game…it’s the party pack to take home! 


 look at the excitement..”I can’t wait to squish u lil fishy….” 


I quickly set up the pond (which was bought initially as a deco item with no intention of rearing any fish!) 


Since it’s supposed to be a deco item, we don’t have the filter…so that was temporary measure until I bought the filter last night!



20 responses to “Last Weekend…

  1. OooooMG!!!! So you DO have a KOI pond!!!! I am so happy! Sushi, sushi, here we come, next year! ok?

    aiya some lauya fish & ai ya ya pond la…

    yes sushi next year!!!

  2. Fuyoh! got sushi, cakes…Slurp-slurp!! 😆

    fei sei lor…

  3. eh eh i was intending to get one of these balinese pond .. nice nice.
    great fun they had huh!!

    a lot of work lor…

  4. wah! koi as party pack, so cute! ur cousin sell fish one har?

    no lor…don’t know why she gave us fish…maybe got to do with fung sui since she’s kinda superstitious oso! kakakaka

  5. LOL! Shopping is till the best, aye? And, I think you have a more lovely garden now with the fish pond in it. 😛

    This is something about your name. Check it out!

    i must say it’s quite nice to have the pond to top it up but it means more work n expenses for me!

  6. What a great idea to give fishes as the party favor! Now you have some use for the deco pond lor, samo if seem like so few have to go out and buy more fishes time… alamak!

    Great idea???? wei not everyone has experience or interest in rearing fish one wor…no way i’m buying anymore..the pond is too small..

  7. At first I also wanna talk abt the party pack but everybody talk liao… so i talk abt… ermmm… that one is Sushi Groove, kan? 😀
    And the cake looks familiar lor… 😛

    hahahaha…the party pack memang meng-headache-kan me ok…

    wahhh u so clever one straight away can see it’s Sushi Groove…I like how about we go there next Friday!!??

  8. first time i hear ppl give fishy as party pack…..

    oh ya i wanted to talk abt sushi groove also but seems like angel touched that topic oredi.

    i talk ur cake la. how long u took to bake the cake?

    u oso first time leh…

    sushi groove here we come!! lets go!

    wah really rushed job lor…including baking time about 2 hours la…

  9. buy some kiambang and throw inside then no need filter or oxygen la.

    errr ok will buy the next time i go to the shop

  10. the birthday cake still look nice la.
    Fishes as party pack, idea oh..

    look nice from afar…near near chialatt!

  11. wah got fishes as party pack cool!!

    not so cool la..make me gila only..and latest update…one of the fish died!

  12. Cake looks okay what.

    The Japanese Restaurant, is it the one that is a buffet one at the New Wing?

    wei u look closely..the cream on the side,,really like yat peeat siii…hahahaha

    nope it’s not the buffet one it’s Sushi Groove..

  13. u tried the sunway steamboat? that one so yummy leh. or the syabu syabu in puchong? that one on conveyor belt, one ringgit per plate. must try.

    about the cake, it’s the thought that counts, not how nice it looks. 🙂

    no it’s not Sunway, Subang SS15..

  14. Haha! Whenever you bake, everybody has to be your guinea pig hor? LOL

    ya lar…abuden?

  15. y are the candles sooooo long one??

    btw, tag u here.

    special party candles ma..nice? not nice?

  16. ooh…i almost can’t believe also that it was a party pack to be taken away….that’s very generous & creative !!! my kids will surely love them….though soon they will die in their hands!!!

    and the candles so long ehh, first time see !!!

    i met another blogger friend yesterday and she too received fish as a party pack!!

    those are called party candles..

  17. first time I heard party pack is fish..something interesting…

    hahahaa…as I said, since my incident, there was another incident liddis too!

  18. That cake look nice mah! Love those strawberries!
    And thanks for coming to the party with all the lovely pressies!!!

    u can’t see clearly in the photo but i think there r some parts that were kinda obviously yucky..kakakakaka

  19. wow..this is also the first time i heard about getting live fishes as party packs 😀

    i thot mine was first, apparently Big Pumpking too received live fishes from a bday party in October!

  20. ingenious party pack!

    u liked the idea?

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