Super Duper Crazy 8 Meme

This is a tag from Kerry some time ago. Took me quite a while to complete the task! And I sitll have like quite a number of tags still owing…never seems to end huh?EIGHT THINGS THAT i’M PASSIONATE ABOUT

  1. My kids
  2. Gardening
  3. Baking
  4. Shopping (mainly bags & shoes)
  5. My work
  6. My friends
  7. Blogging
  8. Food


  1. To see that I have enough funds for my kids’ designer wear education and wellbeing
  2. Hopefully to see them grow up and venture into different stages of life
  3. That I will go back to the gym…
  4. Taste all the bestest food in the world!
  5. Stay in the bestest hotels around the world too!
  6. To visit all the countries I’ve not been before, especially Japan
  7. To own a Chanel 2.55 lambskin bag
  8. To own a Cartier watch

(damn materialistic huh? So? I like wat!)


  1. Kieran stop bullying your sister
  2. Kieran practice your piano
  3. Turn off the tv! Right now!
  4. No!! Kylie!!!!!!!/Kyliee…NOOOOOOO!!!
  5. Kids plsssssssssssssssss….stop that!
  6. Go away!
  7. Mari sini………(to the maid la..)
  8. Daddy…………………………………. do that…bla blah blah…


I only read blogs now…


  1. All Leslie Cheung Songs
  2. All Jacky Cheung Songs
  3. Don Moen CDs
  4. My son’s singing
  5. The Leo Ku medley it!
  6. Songs from Sound of Music
  7. Carpenters songs
  8. Bee Gees/Abba


  1. Direct, just say it la Truthfulness
  2. Availability (please be there when I need u…pls? pretty pls???) *blink blink*
  3. Laugh at my jokes Sense of humour
  4. Grace (forgive me when I forget the appointment time and whatever that I forgot!)
  5. Patience (with my senseless babblings…) I love u!! (you know who u r!)
  6. Kindness (for being my friend in the first place!)
  7. Fun (don’t be a drag k…)
  8. Makes me laugh la…I LOVE to LAUGH…and when I laugh it’s thunderous LOUD! kakakakakkakakakakka..


  1. Never allow your maid to have the freedom to choose the chores to do..always fall back on a schedule..A FIXED SCHEDULE!
  2. Never allow your maid to be alone in your house for longer than 1 hour
  3. Blogging is no longer fun when people begin to touch on sensitive issues…TOUCHY…..
  4. Be prepared when going for a meeting (knowing is one thing, actually doing it is tough!)
  5. Never bow down to senseless and illogical demands
  6. Pray hard before you choose your maid, I mean like hard as in down on your knees..
  7. Never copy and paste and reuse email chain on gmail! NEVER cos it really gave me a heartattack thinking that I sent the wrong email to the wrong party!
  8. Never start playing any games on Facebook..cos I’m so hooked and I can’t stop! Blek!

15 responses to “Super Duper Crazy 8 Meme

  1. LOL!! Your most interesting parts were in the last chapter! I had to LOL so loud too!! LOL!! Oi, mana saya punya itu Roti Canai with Kambing Curry, eh?

    *closing ears* see no evil hear no evil..kakakakaka eh wait ah..this weekend no time to go week la..

  2. Why do you want to go back to the gym before you die?
    You want to look good in the coffin ah? Choi!
    Or you trying to look good for St. Peter?

    eh die oso must look good wat!

  3. Kakaka… your Sampatness is attractive too…

    o i forgot to say sampatness! kakakakaa…

  4. hooked on facebook that’s why never update blogs lar!! why all the things u said is nagging one? lol!!!

    Mari sini…..

    amah wat! sure must nag la!

  5. Jacky and favorite too!

    nice hor…

  6. mari sini… wakakakakaka.. this is so funny!!!

    oi, learnt yr lesson liow ah, NO CUT AND PASTE! ngek ngek ngek…

    ya man! sked sked leow! 😉

  7. hahaha..ur last chapter so funny la!!!!! Most of it are MAID issue!
    And laugh at Cocka Doodle comment! so so so funny till i laugh out so loud!

    ya la that stupid maid gimme headache everyday not to include her??

  8. i like those words that u always say very often…hahahahha sounds familiar also esp the Nooooooooooooooooo

    NOooooooooooooOOOOO…. dat’s y kids learn to say the word No first la!

  9. Eh, I tot u also passionate on Ikea geh… 🙂

    alamak,,,me fansi of Ikea but I don’t think sampai passionate la..kakkakkakaa

  10. Carpenter’s song are fantastic….i love them too…

    Hey, Peggy, next round I’ll surely catch you. This time a bit havoc liao, coz qiqi cried when her fatty mummy accidentally burst her her weird shape balloon while trying to squeeze thru the narrow seats:O

    yeah man! Yesterday once more…..

  11. I always said “Plsssss stop that !!!”


  12. LOL! You sounds really worried about your maids! But, me too! hahaha…

    Just hate myself sometimes, why I can’t just live without maid? 😆

    worried? hmmm it’s really not the word to describe my feelings…FRUSTRATED..more like it!

  13. ahahhahaha so funny! Hahahhaha

    hi hi thanks for dropping by but I can’t seem to get into your site..

  14. I dare not log on Facebook also.. too addictive.. stay away better.

    hahahahhaa..same as Jazz..

  15. aisey, no wonder no replies on the FB stuff I sent you wan… so I stopped, kakakaka!

    got meh??? ayo i oso hardly have the time to play facebook now lor…bz bz bz..stay tuned on why I’m so bzzzz….

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