PoWderful packed Weekend..

We started the weekend with cutting Kylie’s hair off! I know I know..what a waste (since it took us 2 years to leave her hair long…) but it was getting messy and she refused to have her hair clipped or tied…even if we managed to tie her hair up, she will pull it down in no time! So it was getting into her face, her mouth…ewwww tooo messy…I feel sad but what to do? She already looks so much like a boy, with her short hair…it’s like worse… 😦 We had a tough time convincing her to sit on the chair so finally the hairdresser gave her something to eat and she relaxed! What a greedy lil girl!

We bought the fish filter and the bandaraya fish (to eat the moss n rubbish in the pond) and we arrived home, I saw one fish already motionless! Oh dear…it can’t survive for even a week at least! Let’s see how long the other one can live….actually I’m beginning to like the idea of the fish…I kinda like to watch it swim around in the mornings..

Then came Saturday morning…it was Kieran’s music school final term mini concert again. This time Kieran was singing..(too lauya to be chosen to play…). He sings quite well as I could hear his voice the loudest among the group!

After the concert, we went to Ikano for lunch (excuse but the truth was to Ikea to shop…again!). Went to buy last minute presents and also Christmas deco…yeah we have started our Christmas deco..but I have yet to buy the tree as the one we have is too small..When I told Angie about this..

A – Too small? Eh from the last time I was there,,,errrr…there’s like not much space left wor..

So the sad lor…kakakakaaka

Amah-No lar…I’m going to put the tree outside the house…


The kids were acting up while we in Ikea and I ended up having to buy them each a soft toy to shut them up calm them down..now Kylie’s been hanging on to this crab, hopefully it will slowly take the place of the the pink piggy bolster.


After the shopping we rushed back cos Apah wanna go out again. So I took the kids to the lake side near our house. It was beautiful….and we saw tortoises and fish in the lake eventho the water was like kinda teh-ish/kopi-ish. The kids were so excited to see the tortoises and kept screaming and running to the edge…Yikes! I kept telling them to come back and not stand too close! I really do not want to jump in the water lor!!

Sunday came and we were off to church and a church friend from Kylie’s toddler’s class celebrated her twins’ birthday. After the song, they started cutting the cake. It looks yummieee..but then as she was cutting the cake, the aroma of the cake was like kinda funny…like ewwie and then became ewwie-ier n..eeee..the smell so familiar one? It was a durian cheesecake! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….I hate durians..so the aroma (so called fragrance of the durian) is like kinda PONG to me ok! Yikes! Fast fast disappear and turned on the air con higher to blow away the smell!!

After church we went for lunch and it was still early for the birthday party…so we went back to my office to rest..but the kids just played and played and didn’t rest at all. We still keep a lot of toys there since my house can’t fit them all! We arrived at the birthday like kinda late as we were also doing some laundry so had to hang them out before we leave la.. The room was kinda too small for the party so we had really close fellowship and the best part we had to sit on the kiddy chairs! Good thing they didn’t break on us!

Wow! I was so impressed with the mummy of the birthday boy! She made cupcakes with cookie alphabets that spelled out her son’s name! She also made the party packs herself, cookies and all!

Kylie didn’t really get to enjoy the party as she was very tired and needed her nap…so she eventually fell asleep..but suddenly she started coughing, I think she choked with her own saliva..and threw up all over the maid and the floor! EWWWWWWWWWW…since we came out early, she already used up her 2nd change of clothes and we had none for her to change! Thank goodness for Oscar and Barbara…Kylie had a tshirt and shorts to go home with! Muaks!! The maid was wearing 2 layers of clothes and good thing the uniform I gave her was like kinda thick and waterresistant..so she didn’t get her inner tshirt wet with puke! If not…the journey home would be torturous for us since it was a long way home!

Once in the car, our lil friend was back to normal and jumping around fighting with the brother over the McDonalds party packs! *roll eyes*


20 responses to “PoWderful packed Weekend..

  1. WAHAHA! This mummy call them not to go too near the lake not because she scared they fall in but scared if they fall in, the mummy has to jump in also! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    So much fun! Really action-packed!

    ya wat…so dirty la the water!

  2. I think you are the POWderfullest lor…

    hahahaha…I like that word..POWderfullest!!

  3. wahahahhaa! Your weekend is really POWERFUL!!! So many activities and happening! And most of all, thanks for coming to the party and all your pressies… so pai seh I did not get to chat chat with you… πŸ˜› Must meet again to sam pat a bit!!!

    that’s why there is always not enough time lor! πŸ™‚

  4. WEI!

    Thanks so much for your gifts ah…

    Of all persons, my husband liked it….he’s so into t-shirts la.. wakakakakakaakakakakaak!!!

    you leh? u don’t like meh? kakakaa

  5. So the powderful weekend. What are you running on? Energizer battery?

    rechargeable ones…instantly somemore!

  6. Poor fish! Nevermind…. one less to feed. Your weekends always like this, or this was just an extra powerful one? Eh? So much energy! IKEA summore! Durian summore!! Pretty Cupcakes!!! Pity no lormaikai or roti canai, but cannot do EVERYTHING wan, hor?

    aiya lormaikai mana ada serve at birthday parties wor…next time u balik I organise one lormaikai party lor…

  7. Wow..i read also tired already. So many activities but fun! Eh…Kylie looks cute with short hair. She doesn’t look like a boy lah πŸ˜€

    hahaha…cheong hei hor?

  8. no wonder u and your kids look so tired that day. sure a wonderful sunday huh?

    hey Peggy, time to reveal more about yourself here http://www.demoments.net/blog/?p=1436 !

    hahaha…should be real tired by then….

  9. wait wait wait..your maid got uniform? fu yoh!
    you goin to put your christmas tree outside the house? later on mornin you wake up, it’s gone, how? rugi la.

    no lar…CHristmas tree also steal meh…no lar…not worth money geh…

  10. Nevermind, she is still small, short hair easier to take care.. when she goes for kindergarden, then keep the hair again..

    The last pictures, cake ? can eat one ?

    yeah man sure can eat? nice leh…

  11. Amah,ur maid uniform so niceler.Actually I want to ask u tat day πŸ˜€ I can see tat u really tak ada energy tat day.Hope to catch up wif u again πŸ˜€

    hahaha..Amah looked that zhan meh?

  12. Think I also want to put up my tree soon…even though I won’t be around during Xmas. Coming home mah…told you already what.

    I also like to watch the fishes swimming in their tank. Very therapeutic. But tooooo much work lah.

    Anyway, your maid can squeeze into the uniform ar? You say too small?

    can la..it’s not so small after all…in fact now it’s kinda loose cos I put her on a strict diet if u know what I mean

  13. wah really powderful weekend!!

    aiks…why the fish mati so fast :S tarak cukup oxygen?

    cannot be wor..me oredi put in the pump…

  14. really a busy weekend
    Kylie still looks adorable with short hair, no tomboy look la..
    you dislike durian?? Oh…i just love it

    durian so smelly lei…

  15. walau! So action packed.

    The lake side looks good ler.

    could be better if ppl don’t throw rubbish around..

  16. Really so happening and busy lor u..aiyo..what a waste cut kylie hair shorter..but it will grow back..
    Durian so nice ler…hahaha..smell even great when u BURP….muahahahaha

    OMG! the burp i think is the killer!!!

  17. aiyoh her hair so short edi…..nehmind wear skirt still look like girl

    hahaha…wear the skirt only scare ppl la cos she’s so rough like a boy!

  18. aiyoo so sayang cut so short!! but nevermind u still so cuteeeee & adorableeee

    so geram cos she refused to have us beautify her lor..

  19. Dont worry, Kylie still look so cute in her new hair style. Suit her i think, look more fresh.
    Yeah! Amah, come *shake hand* i also not a durian fans! hahahahaha
    How come i didnt know kylie puke ger?

    yeah another one who doesn’t like durian..cos ppl always say I so strange cos I dont like durian!

  20. very nice birthday cupcakes, no wonder you were impressed! can she make them for my birthday also ah?

    errr….I think u misunderstood…I made the cup cakes lor…so if I made them for ur bday have to courier over wor…nvm la..send virtual one via Facebook, can?

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