Last weekend and another overdue tag

Been busy hence the lack of updates…It’s the Christmas season and I so so love Christmas and I bought a new tree and all new Christmas decos!

This is the christmas tree which I have to put it outside the house due to lack of space inside…I haven’t completed hanging all the deco as of this pic…

Take note of the garland twisted around the pillars…yes I’m that crazy and into Christmas deco! I actually had the garlands twisted around all 4 pillars and also the book shelf inside the house…


I made cupcakes and tried out the white ready-to-roll icing I bought and also tried out using Kat’s butter cake recipe. Love this recipe!! Thanks Kat for sharing!

Yes my lil samseng princess climbed on the table and pinched the cake to eat…evidence, all over her mouth!

Daddy’s been practicing his balloon making (of which I’ve nagged him to do like 4 years ago!) and he has gone all out that day and came up with so many types!


and finally my overdue tag…

Picture In My Phone

A tag from Lovelymummy many many moons ago…sorry ah..





26 responses to “Last weekend and another overdue tag

  1. hi…lovely cupcakes….yr kids couldn’t resist stealing a bite….i make some too recently..

    wow saw ur cupcakes…will try your recipe one day…thanks for dropping by!

  2. I love your Christmas tree! And the garlands! Where’s the mistletoe?? I am so psyched up about the decorations now 🙂

    oopss forgot to take photo of the mistletoe tim…hahaha

  3. Hou leng wohhh…

    Also the cupcake… how come lately so many ppl make/sell/eat all the pwetty pwetty cupcakes wan eh?

    cup cake in season ma….kakakakakaa

  4. Supposed to put up our tree last weekend.. then got lazy. So have to be next weekend.

    Wei.. got to my CBox. Got some questions for you on the Maid Uniform. Lazy to type again.

    hahaha fast fast put up la…if not it will not be up for long lei…

  5. I love your tree! It would be something I would do too.. Not too garish, less gaudy colors, good taste you have!! Hahaha…

    hahaha thanks…eh of course u like my tree la..the Christmas deco mostly from Ikea la! kakakakkakakkakaka

  6. christmas tree put outside ah? then the present leh?

    Eh now yr hub expert edi then he can be the balloon maker for kieran’s party edi

    present haven’t got ready yet ma…maybe put inside la…

  7. WAH!!! Somebody has been real busy leh…..preparing for party which *sob* I can’t even gate crash *sob*

    The cakes look absolutely fab! Great job, Daddy for finally putting your act together and well done, Mommy for putting in so much effort to decorate the house – Falalalalalalalala……

    yeah all hype up in Christmas mood ma…

  8. everytime i read ur blog, u are like….doing a lot of things at the same time, sommore need to blog abt it..u so BZ one!! scary…

    ur entries all very bz one! like no time to ideal around!! haha

    hahaha cos i usually update on weekend activities ma…that’s why my weekends really pau char one…no time for facial oso.. 😦

  9. Amah, wanna tell you the cakes taste good wor… even the icing not as sweet as the fondant but issit easy to mold??? It felt sticky somehow….

    Wah… Apah sooooo sporting! I even told my fat pig to practice the balloon to get ready for next year! LOL

    thanks..pai seh..yeah quite easy to mould just have to keep dusting in the icing sugar…eh ur piggy mana ada fat wor??

  10. Wow..amah..get ready for the party huh? heheheheh 😉
    Laundry Apah can be the “ballonist” lo?

    ya lar…I forced asked to be the balloonist wat..

  11. Wah silver xmas tree le.. nice nice.. Your house decoration very nice..

    Nice cake too.. can eat one ar.. so nice ler..

    thanks thanks…

    yes the cakes can be eaten one…

  12. Wahhh….your cupcakes are all sooooo sweet looking. Cannot blame Kylie la!

    actually not so sweet la cos me always cut down on sugar…hahahahhaa

  13. wow…is your cupcake for sale?

    ayo so me-malukan…how to sell? cannot la…

  14. I like your tree very much. reminds me of the one I have back home, which I think no one will bother putting it up since I’m not there… *sigh*

    can I have a balloon shaped like a poodle instead?

    ohh yes Apah can do the poodle too!!

  15. wow..nice tree. you gonna bake these cupcakes too, this weekend? can’t wait!!!!

    yeah…u gonna b tortured for sure!

  16. stay-at-home mum

    Your cupcakes look beautiful, But, eh, too early for X’mas, not? Or are they fruit cake cupcakes?

    no no didn’t bake for Christmas, just baked for fun only..kakakakaka

  17. wah really all geared up for this weekend eh 😉

    ur christmas tree very nice!!

    hahahaha…ya lar…

  18. Aiyo.. so tempted to get a Christmas tree now!! But no place to keep the tree after Christmas leh, so mrkat say no.. 😦

    Glad you liked the cake recipe! 🙂

    So now you know how to use all your phone function redy or not?? 😀

    The balloon making is not difficult, it’s the blowing up the balloon I have problems with!! We bought a packet of those long balloons and it came with instructions. So now my ger can also make poodle!! 😀

    aiyaaa…why not wor mr kat??? so bad one…..

    so loving that recipe, me made so many times!!! kakakaka

    dunno leh cos Apah kept saying it’s difficult and his fingers pain pain after twisting…n he kept bursting the balloons!!!

  19. Your cupcakes looked so yummy. Making me drool.

    very nice Christmas tree.

    thanks….when r u coming back to KL? when u come back I make some for u k?? or i can make some when i come down to spore!!

  20. wow….love yr x’mas decor very muche!! i thot i’m one of the crazy one over xmas decor, but with u, i ‘kalah’ lar…… will show mine too later !!!

    yr cup cakes looked lovely….so ‘yau sam kei’…yr kids lucky ….some more with a baloonist dady, kambade !!!

    thanks!! so have u put up the tree?? will chk it out when i’m free….

  21. wah very nice!! really into the mood leh.

    dun blame kylie- i also would curi makan ur cupcakes

    yeah i went to buy more christmas deco today!! gila or not??

  22. Aiyak.. I was late, so no more pretty cup cakes for Zara liao.

    no lar..those cupcakes featured here were baked a week before the bday la..

  23. u looked bz… nice xmas tree..i like it


  24. the garlands so pretty…even the bookshelf also kena…LOL

    me thinking of more places to decorate somemore! gila or not??? LOL!

  25. I am gonna steal your recipe 🙂

    eh…dont say steal la..I also got this recipe from another blogger ma…we all share share recipes la…

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