Kieran’s 7th Birthday Bash

Before I go into the birthday….would like to wish Apah Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary! He’s going to take me out for dinner tonite which he started to tell me since last week and every day reminded me till last night!!!!! Yes la I can remember la! Well 9 years have gone just like that..and of course it has not been always happy la…but I guess we have our ups and downs but we have worked thru it…(and still working at it!!) šŸ˜›

Ok back to the party…Kieran’s actual birthday is on 7th December but we celebrated earlier since the actual date falls on a weekday.

Preparation for the party began a week earlier. We went to the supermarket like 3 – 4 times to get our supplies and to sum up the bill..I think to have it catered by e.g. fast food place or restaurant would be cheaper!!

I decided on Batman theme and I decided to make a bat for the pinata. It really didn’t look like a bat according to Angie (looks more like a cat’s body!! LOL!) but it was the best I could do….hahahahhaa the expert is not around to help me.. Kieran was supposed to help me with the paper mache part…but he only help to start it off and then said he hated the glue part…so I had to finish up myself!! I blew up 2 balloons, one smaller for the head and the bigger for the body.

Sorry I didn’t get the finished product’s picture! Maybe can see one at Jazzmint’s site!

Since I was like hero trying to do everything myself I dare not invite too many people…just in case…..true enough I ran out of time and on top of electric fryer decided to give me a heart attack and decided to die on me when I set it up! I called my technician who happens to live in Klang to come and save me! Thank God he managed to fix the problem (which was quite minor..phew….) But due to all the ding dong ding dong…the food was served late la…apologies to everyone who was waiting…Then my Kenwood died on me…so I didn’t have cream on the cupcakes!!! Blechhh…

Thank goodness Aunty Fiona (my sister in law) helped to finish up the batman labels for sticking on to the cupcakes and also came early to help! That’s about all the photos I have since I was soooo bz and Apah was bz entertaining the kids. Thanks to Jazzmint & Barbara for taking so many pictures and posting them up! Muakssss!!!

I think I will never do this again…I should have at least got the food catered so I can spend time with my guests!! A lesson well learned!! Apologies to my guests for having to endure my grub..another sad note is Angie who lost her camera in the party! I feel so bad as it was her wedding aniversary gift and it’s only 2 – 3 months old!! I can’t find it as yet but I somehow know who did it! So, a reminded to all who’s out to parties even in friend’s houses, there are visitors of all sorts…so better be careful of your belongings…



34 responses to “Kieran’s 7th Birthday Bash

  1. No wonder u were practicing making cupcakes earlier šŸ™‚

    An early happy birthday wish to you Kieran!

    hahaha..ya lor..practice practice sampai the mesin oso rosak leow!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and early Happy Birthday wish to Kieran.

    The balloon..emm..made me recall my 12 years old..hehe..i did one that time.


  3. Happy Anniversary to U Amah & Apah!!! Happy birthday to Kieran.. Wow he share the same birthday with my eldest sister lor.. She is on the 7th too…

    ooo really?? Happy Birthday to your eldest sis!

  4. Happy anniversary, amah & apah! Enjoy the lormantik dinner! After that can……………… :mrgreen:

    Happy burfday, kieran!!

    tq tq…see la how the dinner…eh u wouldn’t believe where the dinner is la…sure no lormantik one!

  5. hey we totally enjoyed the birthday party…and your in-house balloon blower was fantastic šŸ˜‰

    happy 7th birthday Kieran


  6. Happy Birthday, Kieran, and Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! 9 years is a long time!! Can almost get a mortgage leh.. Too bad about Angie’s camera though, especially by another guest.. That sucks! But glad everyone had a great time..

    we are only halfway paying our mortgage la..long way to go!!

  7. oh kieran the tarzan!! happy bday ya!! grow older canot be notti anymore

    apah and amah happy wed anniversary! faster say i love u to each other!

    aiyah…old fu old chai leow…no need la…

  8. happy 9th anniversary !!! Happy birthday to Kieran too….so cute spiderman cupcakes n shirt !!! haha…

    thank u thank u…errr…where was spiderman ah?? It was Batman la…

  9. Happy 7th b’day to Kieran !! U really got to thank yr mumy for her hardwork on the party, salute man…….i can never do that myself !!!

    anyway, i suppose u had a good experience/lesson……..good sharing !!

    I’m not sure if he will appreciate or not as he was complaining a few times and kept bugging me to give him a present…I was like huh? the party like not enough ah?

  10. Amah, I wish you and Apah “wing-kit-tung-sam” and “yan-yan-oi-oi” forever ah…

    Dont worry too much abt my camera la… I got a new one (which I am still struggling how to use!!) so… the only regret was the photos in it…

    Have a nice dinner and blog abt it eh…

    tq tq..dinner was ok until Apah had to start talking n then irritated me!

  11. Happy Anniversary to Apah & Amah!!!!!

    Wow poolside party. Saw the pics at Jazz’.. so much yummylicious food and everyone sure had a good time. Happy Birthday Kieran. Tai kor cai!!! šŸ˜€

    aiya that rubber pool how to say poolside party la.. LOL

  12. Happy anniversary amah! Wow wow wow..lomantic dinner envy..
    Happy 7th bird-day Kieran!! Sorry, aunty can’t make it that day. Eh..Kieran share the same birthday as my husband lei. 7th Dec. hahahaha

    where got lomantik la….we are not into wine & dine lor…

  13. Happy Wedding Anniversary to Apah & Amah!

    Not forgetting, happy birthday to Kieran too! šŸ˜‰

    thank u!

  14. Happy birthday to Kieran. Those kids sure had a blast in that pool. and your cupcakes look so yummy.

    looks only…not that great la…

  15. Happy 9th Anniversary to you and Apah šŸ˜€ Thanks for having us that day. It was great fun and the food was yummy.

    Aiya…u being so polite only lor…

  16. Happy Anniversary Apah & Amah! So….2nite got make baby #3 ahhhh??? Cluck, cluck!

    ayoooo…of course not la!

  17. yeah…read so much about this birthday party from other blogs. U really can cook huh?? *salute*

    If qiqi sees the pool, she will surely be the first one to go in, last one to come out…haha….

    no lar…not really a lot of food..

    yeah most kids love to play in the water…

  18. errmm tht red color shorts kid looks abit over-aged to be in that pool leh…

    happy anniversary amah and apah and happy birthday spender-clad tarzan boy..!

    hahaha u r sooo cleber lor..that kid is the oldest among the kids…

  19. Happy 9th Anniversary to you and Apah!!! may you two live white head till old…. LOL

    And you are really a super mommy to do that all by yourself! I’ve learned my lesson last year that’s why I do it in McD this year! I hate the cleaning up part!

    And a Happy 7th Birthday to handsome (Batman) Kieran! ur direct translation…thanks!

  20. keng lah uu..i salute u and i love the food hehe…my hubs oso say the mee sedap ;).

    happy bday to kieran, we totally had a great time, esp. my girl, go hunting for batman boy

    thanks so much for your nice comments! yeah maybe next time we can be “chan kar” kakakakkakaa….

  21. Happy 9th Anniversary…n many many more to come!

    Happy Birthday again Kieran!


  22. oh yeah…the food’s all yummy!! right now i m craving for that delicious kuih talam!

    can get in all Cold Storage & Giant outlets! (my cousin supplies to them) hahahaa

  23. Happy 7th birthday to Kieran



    *psst psst, u share the same birthdate with Auntie Tracy (heehee)*

    hahaha..HAPPY BIRTHDAY Auntie Tracy!!!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday, Kieran.


  26. Waaaa… thank you for complimenting me!! But don’t think that I am such an expert lah…

    Happy Birthday Kieren!!

    ya wat..u r the expert in bdays!

  27. happy anniversary to you and ur hubs and a happy birthday to kieran!


  28. Happy Belated Anniversary to you & your hubby and Happy Belated Birthday to Kieran!

    Read the birthday celebration in some other blogs. It would definitely need a lot of time to prepare all the things, u did a great job …:)

    thanks & welcome to my blog!

  29. Happy Birthday to Kieran and Happy Anniversary to Daddy n Mummy….


  30. happy belated birthday to kieran and happy anniversary to u and apah!! wah double celebration.. nice pool!!!

    err, may i guess who stole the camera, ur maid ah? sorry for being nosy..


    no i dont think it was my maid..we suspect it was a friend’s maid as she was stationed near Angie’s bag the whole nite!

  31. he looks good in his Bat suit! let’s go get some cake, Batman…

    Happy Birthday, Kieran!


  32. You really took so much trouble to do all these..
    Terror.. and i salute you.

    yeah i kinda regret cos didn’t have time to catch up with friendz! next time cater la!

  33. OMG…one of your guest stole the camera? Cheapskate friend…..

    i don’t think it’s the guest la…it’s the maid….

  34. Dear friend, I think you are right. I have always trusted my maid – seems so sincere and honest. Even if we accidentally took something from the supermarket w/o paying she would insist in returning it even if it was miles long walk. So there…how could you suspect an innocent 16 year old stealing? No…..they still steal no matter what.
    The best part is when confronted, she said she did it deliberately so that I can send her back home. She took the ugliest/oldest handphone from my mum’s cleaner’s pouch and for crying out loud, God was good and made me open my car boot. She hid it there. I was surprised to find an old ugly phone and thought it was the car mechanics. Then…….hubby confronted her, she actually packed her bag already and even willing to go to the police station, thinking after that she can fly home. Right! Raped, maybe! Dumbo…so there..I am not surprised that they steal anything……for the sake of a MAN.

    ayoo…liddat she’s a time bomb leh..u still wanna keep her in your house??

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