Maid Saga..

10 days more till I kick send the maid back to her homeland. Yet she still has to create problems. I think it was just last month that I accidentally came across her charging her mobile phone in my office building. Where did she get it? Her boy friend it seems…Nothing comes free cos I have a mobile that is missing and she must have nicked it and passed to her so called boy friend in exchange for the cheaper mobile and phone card.

But her RM50 & RM20 prepaids are never enough as I know she has been harrassing my office staff to help her get the prepaid cards to send her endless love messages to her “Ayank” (sayang-ku/my love). I have kept the mobile phone locked up..and never left her alone at home again since then..Apparently my neighbour has seen her boyfriend come to our house and they were holding hands outside. Whether they went in to make out we are still unsure.

HOWEVER….she was able to get another mobile phone again as Angie found her message in tiny weeny piece of scrap paper to one of my staff requesting to help buy her a prepaid card. So this morning, I went into her room to search for the phone but as I was digging into her stuff, I couldn’t find it. Then I noticed my deep fryer machine. I just wanted to check whether she has cleaned it properly and when I opened the box, there lies her new mobile phone, an upgraded version of course! I quickly hid it and then locked it without her knowledge and then quickly said this from upstairs, ” Lets go!” (meaning to leave the house now..) I can see that she’s been inside her room to take her change of clothes and I was wondering if she knows that her phone is missing. I plan not to confront her this time and pretend like nothing happened.

Upon reaching the office, she quickly asked to use my staff’s mobile as she has to urgently message someone. Who else?? Must be to notify her lover to get her another phone! I can’t believe that she’s so daring. Aparently she has a lot of cash to spend as she’s been trying to shove them to my staff to help her get the prepaid card. I am not sure if my staff has helped her but of course they said to me that they have denied to help.

I have planned how I can surprise her the day I send her to the airport. I will make her wear marked under garments & clothing the day before and place her in a place where she will never dream of sleeping in (meaning not my house or my mom’s house or anywhere she would think she will be sleeping in) and then will bring fresh under garments and clothing the day she leaves. I will make sure she returns the under garments that has been marked to me before she goes into the car. Her bag will not be with her of course! So there’s no way she can hide anything anywhere! I will pack her bag only with the things and clothes she brought her from her home and will not allow her to bring back any clothings that we have given to her here. Weyo? Maybe some of you will think I’m so cruel, but for the stress she has put me through, I think she doesn’t deserve anything extra other than her monthly salary!

So what do you think of my plan? Do you think it will work?? But the thought of it also make me so the happy lor….Muahahahahahahhahahaa…..(majorly evil laughter)


35 responses to “Maid Saga..

  1. wah…! that is a good and correct move of not letting her take anything back that does not belong to her….i blog about my maid a while ago….still a long story… that gives me a lot of fustration and stress also….these dishonest and ungrateful maids deserved to be sent back with only their belongings and nothing else……

    i’m sure if we all compile our maid stories we will have neverending stories to share each & every day!!

  2. I understand your frustrations. My mom maid did the same thing. Lagi daring than yours. She brought her BF to our house during the night when my mom was sleeping and hide him upstairs. He was hiding upstairs the whole time while my sister took her to work in our office. God knows how long this has been going on until one day a neighbour saw them and informed us. Called the police but the maid already alert him and he jump out through the balcony. I can’t imagine what will happen if my mom go upstairs and bump into him. I think your plan is a good plan and not cruel at all.

    oh yes she has brought the BF to my house too but I haven’t got the proof that he’s been inside or not la…

  3. kind of scary when i read your blog about your maid. maid is the last thing on my mind now. i will consider to hire a part time cleaner instead.

    part time maid oso got to be careful leh

  4. OMG, how could you live a peaceful life, without extra stress, with all this messy Maid business going on?!! I would freak out! I would not be able to leave anything unlocked in my bedroom! The entire house would be empty, and everything would be in the bedroom! LOL!! *takes salt*

    ya lor…but without the maid oso very difficult wor…

  5. hey buddy, take it easy.

    easier said than done… bluekkkk

  6. Wah, your maid’s face skin so thick!

    Hope the hellish days with her are over soon.

    Happy weekend, amah!

    maximum elephant thick skin la…

  7. Just bear with it for another 10 days. I pity those people with bad maids. That’s one of the reason I don’t have maid, cause I don’t know how to treat them, if you treat them well, and they never appreciates, then we employers mah very kek sam. Have a great weekend.

    BTW, got a tag for you.

    i must have the maid due to my work…what to do???

    tag ah…oh looks easy…will be done soon…i hope…

  8. hey, you’re a freakin genius. like people say, they’ll hide cash and jewelleries and sew them in their sanitary pad and mana mana possible. so im thinkin your plan is incredibly good la. go ahead. let her go home with a torn and stained clothes, cos you can be sure she’s not goin to say any nice things about you to her family anyway.

    yeah so no sanitary pads man! bluekkkkk!

  9. muahhahaha….you really plan well. Pity you lah, getting stuck to a gila maid like that. Soon…everything will be over ;D

    one over but new one leh??? another new ball game lor…

  10. Wahh… hope she or the bf dun read your blog… if not, die…

    I dun understand about the marked undergarment part woh…

    hahhahhahaha…chances of them reading my blog like zero lor…

    hmmm neh i mark the undergarments so when she takes them off i can see that she returns the same to me ma….

  11. I wouldn’t even consider hiring a maid, don’t see the point to and your not even sure if you can trust them.

    lemme put it this way…we can’t trust anyone actually but then we just got to practise precaution & care…

  12. Amah, you PRO in handling maids wan lah. Wakakaka!!!!:P

    if amah pro then wouldnt be having so many problems lor…

  13. wey, miss u la. one more month *wink wink*

    hahaha…no worries…before u know it u’ll be back & we will be gila gila-ing together gether!!!

  14. aiyo aiyo…..10 more days and she still wanna make trouble. eh come to think of it she’s not that pretty leh…but how come like so many bees around her :S

    sigh..that’s the thing lor…not pretty nvm, but smelly & dirty with 5 sen 10 sen marks all over her arms & legs!

  15. You are so clever to think of such a plan. Presumably, she doesn’t know when she’s leaving? Otherwise she would be up to no-good!

    Yeah, I also don’t understand about the marked undergarment part.

    i didnt tell her when la..when i asked apah if he told her he said he can’t remember but looks like he did!! bodoh or not??

  16. It would work but let her go back one day earlier lo..that way ha..she will be more surprised and won’t expect it..haha..

    cannot la booked leow the flight…

  17. Friend…what can I say?? I come back first then only I *tsk* *tsk* you…. Call you when I get back.

    Anyway, as for maid’s uniform… I don’t think I will go Carrefour lah. Anyway, the expat supermarket selling even cheaper than Carrefour for the uniform. But the size for the long pants one is XL. You wanted M, right?

    ya lar u sure got stories for me one….

    eh XL i think cannot la cos these flers all small size one la…

  18. i kind of like and enjoy it!! why? i dont think i am cruel too coz i experienced the same frustration as u b4. i kicked my maid after 14 mths of working for us, no no bf but i tak boleh tahan already, long story. anyway, do update us on d-day, i am so excited la!! crazy me!! eh, ur maid doesnt look like the person who has the maid type ler.. cant judge the cover… she oso looks like she is afraid of u but still daring enuff.. why not tipu her that she will be extended and then on the sudden day, just send her to airport and that’s it!! me so bad…. but the more i think of my ex maid, the more i got pissed off with her…and so many stories i hv heard of..

    didn’t want to kick her home until she completed her term simply bcos nowadays the agency fees are so blardy expensive…so must as well stick with her since it’s no different with new maid oso wat!

  19. Hey, it is a very good idea… !!!!

    thanks…lets hope it works!

  20. fuiyoh…..such elaborate plans you have here. hahahaha….can join the FBI liao lor.

    but gua pun don’t follow that part re: the marked undergarments. How leh…to nab her in the marked undergarments?????

    hahahaha…read re undergarments explanation under angel’s comments…but then hor…hmmm may not be necessary after all…

  21. First time here and I get to read your maid saga. Interesting! Aiyo, I don’t know why-lah maids back home so troublesome. Oh sorry, b4 that let me tell you first that I’m in HK. Here, there are also plenty of Indon maids but I hear less problems. Perhaps, those over here are higher quality maids while those lousy ones are sent to KL because of the lower salary.

    ya lar…all the lousy ones came here cos all the good ones gone to HK, Taiwan, Spore & Middle East!

  22. Wuah lau eh! I can see u ‘ngek ngek ngekking’ with those evil grins. Hahaha.

    Ur maid thought she could outwit u but for all she knows she doesn’t know whom she’s dealing with. Kekeke.

    So, where did Angie’s camera go? Hmmm……..

    ya lar she always underestimate me leh…mei sei gor…

    dunno about Angie’s camera lor cos I can’t find it..must b another maid since some guests brought their maid too

  23. maids and their bfs .. sigh .. same old thing ah. most of them are all ‘itchy’ for bfs. heard loads of stories from everywhere. hmm maybe the maid took angie’s camera huh.

    no lor cos I’ve searched in most places leow…I suspect another maid…

  24. Waliou eh!!!! I have always envied a lifestyle with maid…but no such a luck cause I live in USA. But now…..after reading your blogs…erh. Not so sure anymore leh. Die lah…got maid like that. Shout and frustrated until wrinkles all show up. Also, I will super paranoid maid will poison my family. So, the next time I cuci tandas and iron baju….I no more complain. Hang on there….and good luck.

    envy??? no need lor…if it’s a good one, like one in a million only good lor…then only u envy la…

  25. Many of my friends got a maid after they have kid #2, but me, I don dare la. Scared of maid problems. But your plan sounds very good la. I will share it with my friends 🙂

    yeah if u can manage dont bother taking in maids….expensive also nowadays…

  26. Wakakakakakak!
    Amah… you very keng!

    From the look of your maid I really cannot believe she can do all these… well, never judge the cover!

    Yeap, that’s a good plan. It was the same thing we did last time when we found out that my uncle’s maids were doing all those hanky-panky stuff to send them home without them knowing!

    hahahaha…but then nowadays the maids all very geng la…

  27. you should put one of those countdown clocks on your blog !!!! then we can all countdown with you !!

    btw … that’s why if ever i hire maids … it’s those that will only come for sometime during certain days … no live in maids for me … ever.

    aiya now u say liddat only…then after u have kids it’ll b different la…

  28. oh, gosh, i always think my maid is terrible, but seems like your one is much more horrible than mine. Amah, bear it, very soon you can kick her back!!

    ya lor…counting down….5 days to go!!

  29. amah, i can imagine when u type this out, u must be smile “evil-ly” urself. hahahaha
    You very geng la!! I njoy reading ur “plan” and ur maid juicy story.Eh, where r u going to sent her to sleep? I’m so curios…count down count down!

    ngek ngek ngek…

  30. how come never ending one the maid problem..haiya…

    ya lar…one after the other…

  31. good riddance, amah. save yourself more breathe to chat with us over a cuppa rather than losing it, and your sanity over her. if she can be this cunning now, never know what she’ll do later.

    she thinks she’s quickwit, haha, she had never met the master, until now! wakkakkakakaa!!

    i kept warning her it’s not wise to fight with me as she will only fight a loosing battle…but she’s just too stubborn!

  32. since she has a bf here, juz make sure she won’t run away before u send her back, hehe…

    i was hoping she runs away for so long but she didn’t cos I’m still holding her salary!!

  33. u are really scaring me with these maid problem…what m i going to do without a maid in future? *sob sob*…

    no maid cannot got maid pusing kepala….duhhhhhh…I think just got to exercise control..

  34. I’m so kan cheong as I read this post. Look forward to part . 😀 to wait a while cos now I dont have a maid!!!

  35. boy friend problem with maids is the most difficult to solve maid problems. Thank goodness you got rid of her already.

    impossible to solve..unless she’s matured enough to be able to handle her work plus keep the man at the same time..but she couldn’t!

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