Sending Maid Off

Yes the day arrived to send her home came and gone…phewwww…..I deviated from my plan a little but nevertheless it worked! We confused her a little on the departure date and time so she was not able to know until we were ready to leave the house! I have packed her bag (with whatever miserable stuff she has, not much) and set aside the clothes she needed to change to board the plane. Someone told I should have kicked sent her home in a boat instead of flying but I was not sure how to get the boat tickets and how reliable it is, I mean as in security la…like in the airport, at least I’m assured she has like least likelihood of escaping once she enters the departure hall!

As I was checking through her whatever belongings, I found RM0.70 coins hidden in her sanitary pad. I was like, duhhhh..hiding things in sanitary pad is like the oldest trick there was and of course the amount is not that big but still I took it back. She probably nicked the 70 sen from mom’s place while we were away in Singapore.

I did a body check but of course I didn’t check if she’s hidden anything in the “holes” inside the body la! Wah so disgusting man..if she’s hidden some there, let it be la! Bluekkkk…uwek…uwek…

I told her again why she is not able to take anything else besides the things she originally brought from Indonesia. I usually bring the maid to buy whatever they want to bring back home once they are leaving me for good and also give them an angpow (monatary gift in a red packet) but for this maid, NO WAY! I made her sign a letter indicating why she is taking home less one month’s salary, just in case she comes back to me saying I have underpaid her. Reasons for deducting the salary was very obvious and of course it’s not able to cover whatever she’s destroyed during her 2 years here but I am sure it will affect her nevertheless.

As we were approaching the check in counter, I noticed her eyes were getting red & tears were welling up. I was actually at one moment did feel sorry for her and took out some money to give to her…but I hesitated and as we walked towards the departure gate, I dug into my pocket to take out the money but somehow my hand froze in the pocket and didn’t come out!! You guys must be thinking Amah is so cruel and cold hearted but for the things she has put me throught even to the very last day as she walked in the departure hall, it was stress all the way! Not worth it la! Even the spirit of Christmas did not move me to give her the extra pocket money! And after seeing that she left one piece of her dirty laundry hidden in the pails in her toilet & also some rotten food hiding in containers, I feel even better now for not giving her the money!

As we walked away seeing that she has passed immigration, it was such a relief…it was like a very heavy burden lifted off my shoulders! Boy suddenly we felt so hungry and wanted to eat at McDonalds but upon seeing the queue, we decided not to and went back to OUG to eat dim sum…somehow the food tasted exceptionally well, probably not because the cook was most probably because I was in an exceptionally good mood! Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (Not even the thought of having to do my own laundry & taking care of the kids can take this happy mood from me!!) :mrgreen:


27 responses to “Sending Maid Off

  1. So, any new maids lined up ? Or will you be playing maid instead ?

    mua? play maid?? NO WAY! I just told Apah I will not be doing housework! hahahaha…say only…just cleaned up a closet this morning! In fact I’m discovering more n more bad stuff she did…Of course I’ve applied for a new maid!

  2. Geez… your maid is really that bad ah???? She looked so blur and innocent….

    Hopefully the next one is better…. keep your fingers crossed!

    Looks can be so deceiving…she always potray a good & cheerful person when we go out or meet friends/relatives but in actual fact MONSTER in disguise!

  3. see got any ‘pig C horse jik’ left behind or not. and the fact that you commented that you are finding out more and more bad stuff, I am going to buy another pack of popcorn and a can of Coke, ya???

    i think she cried becoz she didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her bf. oh well, at least you have peace of mind now. and brace yourself for the next one. it is one big gamble all over again!

    hahahaha the ‘pig C horse jik’ is so darn funny!! hahahahahaha…..yeah will b in my next post..

  4. gua tabik sama you for putting up with her for 2 lonnng years!

    what to do…paid ledi cannot just let her go la..i rugi ma…

  5. yalor… can tahan 2 yrs… really ‘phui fook’ you lorrr!

    Happy Merriest Christmas, Amah!!!

    Amah very stubborn tough also ma…

  6. Quote:I did a body check but of course I didn’t check if she’s hidden anything in the “holes” inside the body la!Unquote:

    Amah, didn’t you remember to ask her do the ear pulling and squat method to see if got hand phone drop out anot? The police did that and turn to be effective! 🙂

    eh she did squat cos she wanted to hide her boobs breasts so nothing came out so I guess she didn’t stuff anything in lor…

  7. LOL at the squat!!! OMG! Oh well, at least you’re feeling much better now, and relieved that you don’t have to put up with the maid any more..

    yeah but I will have a new one coming next year….more stories to come!

  8. Muahaha….the squat…Glad that you are feeling better need to feel pity for them because maids are ..majority they don’t care about you one la…hokkien say…”bo cheng”..translate..I dunno..haha…besides I have worked as an agent before so I know la how the maids are…when my maid leaves I stripped them naked..wakakaka

    i know..they only care about the men! hahaha…

  9. the maid is gone and now that you feel relieved… happy ending la…

    *just in case no more post til xmas… SING TAN JIT FAI LOK…(merry christmas la!)

    hahaha…happy ending not yet la…see what else I discover along the way…

  10. eh since u know that she is leaving how come never get replacement earlier then u will get the new maid very soon now baru applied then mai need to wait lor…

    i applied earlier ledi but halfway I decided to change to Cambodian so delayed a bit lor..

  11. oh yah …forgot..Merry Christmas and Happy new year to u!

    thanks, same to uuu

  12. i totally understand how u feel.. wah, she stole food somemore ah? so when is ur new maid coming in?

    so now can hv merry christmas already lor…

    New maid some time in January…

  13. I cannot say that I can relate to your experience of this burden lifted from your shoulders, but I am certainly glad you did it. Merry and blessed Christmas to you!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to u too!

  14. a Maid can really effect your mood sooo much hor…even your appetite..
    Hope you get a good maid next…


  15. Amah, very interesing maid story! Finally she left! Oh..she even hide 0.70 cents on the sanitary pad? *tsk tsk tsk*
    Anyway, hope u get a new & good maid soon!

    *fingers & toes crossing*

  16. now.. ur maid saga gone liao .. hope you will get a good maid ler..

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Thanks! Blessed Christmas to u toooo!

  17. i think she got teary eyes becos she got no chance to say goodbye to her darlin bf …muahaha…
    luckily your hand got ‘stuck’ in the pocket. she’s not worth any sympathy.

    definitely not crying bcos of leaving us la..yeah I reckon it’s bcos of the bf too…tooo bad for her! ngek ngek ngek…

  18. I can understand how you felt without a maid. It was such a relieve. Like a heavy burden is off your shoulder. I think without a maid is even better. Get a hourly cleaner.

    hourly cleaner is not good enough for me as I need to lug a lot of stuff in & out…plus I’m really the lazy type..kakakaa

  19. Ahhh….at last 😀 I feel relieve for you too….hehehehee.

    hahahha,,,not until the next one comes…

  20. Good luck in the new maid, hehe… hopefully you will get a good maid.

    Merry Christmas.

    thanks! Hope u & family have a merry & blessed Christmas too!

  21. U really ‘sui wan’ (bad luck) to have got dat maid whereas Destinee and I really miss our maid leh.

    Hope u’ll have better luck with ur new maid. *keeping my fingers crossed for u*

    And ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ to u and ur family!

    good maids r hard to come by especially nowadays cos good ones have better options like HK, Spore, Taiwan & the Middle East…

    Merry Christmas to u & family too!

  22. wahh….hide money in the pad :S…liddat oso can think off, salute her man.

    anyways, all the best with the new maid 🙂

    I was hoping to find more money but I guess she already knows that I’ve been checking on her so often so I guess she would have passed the money to someone else..

  23. I miss your earlier entry about the horrible maid.. let me to chao and read.. how come so happy that she’s left geh?

    that maid was so terrible of course I happy when she left la!

  24. Finally… tai kit kok. Happy ending. I would have kept the money too if I were you. Who knows.. maybe she was ‘acting’ in hope you’ll get pity of her. I think Cambodian better. Since they have communication prob, that ensures they dont mingle ard with others 😛

    sigh…hopefully la..but then again hor…when it comes to s*x i think language will not be a problem! YIKES!

  25. pheww….can udrstd d heavy burden on yr shoulder, i shared your relief, hahaha…..

    why so ‘bodoh’ wan, hide 0.70…..what can she do with that amt of $$$ ???

    anyway, i foresee you will have another round of saga with yr coming cambodian maid and it’s going to be communication problems…….or maybe u r lucky to be getting one that speaks better english, good luck!!

    hahaha…that’s why i’ve started printing out simple cambodian from the internet…trying to learn to get down to her level! die or not???

  26. She must be really bad for you to do that. Oh well. .good riddance of bad rubbish.
    Have a merry christmas.. now that she is gone.. 🙂

    merry merry merry!!! *whistling*

  27. aiyo, lucky my maid is not as bad as yours, but sometimes she drives me crazy too…sigh

    well u never know…sorry ah so negative…

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