Part 2 of our Short Trip..another long one…

Before I get into the trip, would like to thank dear Kat for sending me a Christmas card all the way from the middle east! Wow, so surprised to received a snail mail card since it’s kinda rare with the internet cards, Facebook..etc…Thanks again!

We went to the Singapore Zoo quite late as Amah & Apoh wanted to do last minute shopping while the kids spend some time at the pool. Amah miscalculated and didn’t bring enough clothings for Kylie and brought too many for Kieran! Really last minute mia pasal (reason).

The zoo’s car park system broke down so we paid cash for the parking. It was a good thing cos Autopass cannot pay for parking (so claimed by that Autopass staff at the Causeway). We parked and got down in a hurry as we wanted to go for the animal show which the hotel concierge told us that it was at 1.30 p.m. After we got the tickets and the Zoo map & activities flyer…we realised that the show started at 12.30 p.m. instead! Shiats…of course couldn’t make it la! Then later we realised the later show at 4.30 p.m. was cancelled due to renovations in the zoo. Huh?? If they could have a show at 12.30 p.m. what’s the renovation got to do with the 2nd show? Doesn’t make sense lor…bad excuse to cut us short man!

We then walked around since the next show was at 3 pm and then suddenly realised I left my laptop in the car! So I had to go back to get it and told the rest to wait for me at the restaurant. When I came back to the restaurant, I couldn’t see the gang! Oh no!!!!!!!!! Not again! The distance for me to go back to the car and come back to the restaurant is more than enough time for them to go to the restaurant from where we parted so it really didn’t make sense why they have not reached the destination! I again began to wonder if they went to the wrong one, there were only 2 places to eat inside the zoo, but the other place is like so far away! Then I just sat there waiting…waiting…then I thought I better get some food. As I approached the queue, I saw Apoh!! Yeah!! They just arrived and were sitting the other side so they didn’t see me. They took so long as Kieran stopped along the way looking at the animals..

Food at the zoo was relatively ok and the price for the quality was more reasonable as compared to the crap we ate the night before at Din Tai Fung, Wisma Atria. We ate at the Din Tai Fung branch here at the Gardens, Midvalley the week before and found the food really bad and over priced. Then a friend told me it was better in Spore, hence I tried it and found it to be even worse! According to another friend, the Din Tai Fung at the Paragon is the best but I’m not convinced and I don’t think I wanna try it even if given a chance… πŸ˜›

Back to the zoo…after the food, we went to the aquamarine amphitheater for the next show and it was really full. We managed to find some seats but the maid had to stand with the stroller…Halfway thru the show…it started to drizzle….pitter patter…pitter..patter…blip…blop…blip..blop….bisssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..argghhhhh!!!!!!!!! The rain was so heavy we had to run for cover and we were stuck at the shaded area for quite some time. We didn’t purchase for the tram rides as the tickets were already so expensive…so I thot of saving some $$ and didn’t get it…drats…it was SGD5 more for each adult & SGD2.50 for the kid…so Amah was a scroodge saving money so didn’t get lor..So we just waited…and then the rain began to subside and we decided to walk on and then saw the polar bear so decided to go in to have a look but then it started to pour again and began to flood too!!

See the crowd at the covered area…then we were getting so tired and fed up and went to get the plastic rain coats at SGD3 each irregardless of size!! So cheating lor! Blek!

As we walked back towards the entrance of the zoo the rain subsided but we were all so tired and the kids were complaining and wanted to go home…..

We left and went round looking for a suburban shopping complex. Wanted to buy some stuff from the supermarket. I was told that the frozen turkeys are much more cheaper than KL so we wanted to get 2 back for Christmas! We stopped at the first one I saw not too far from the zoo, but it was a cash card payment only car park so I parked at the side of the road and told them to wait there while I go in to get the turkey. However as I was checking it out, I overheard a Singaporian couple commenting the price was on the high side. I asked them if it’s cheaper over at NTUC Fairprice and they said it was so I decided to go there instead, since it was just on the opposite side.

I drove off and saw the sign at the car park entrance indicating SGD2 per entry and no cash card payment system was indicated so I was overjoyed and made my way in. At the ticket dispenser machine I realised to my horror it was a cash card payment system! Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I had no choice but to just take my chance and stuffed my Auto Pass in and the barrier miraculously opened up! Aiya that woman at the Causeway really gave me a scare for no reason!

We loaded up our trolley in no time (almost forgot that we are not shopping at home!) The turkeys were at a steal price of SGD5.50 per kg only! So one turkey at about 5 kg was only about SGD28 or about RM65 only!! Cheap leh!!!! Here’s a peek of my shopping loot…(there’s more…couldn’t fit in la..)


17 responses to “Part 2 of our Short Trip..another long one…

  1. How come you in Singapore don’t look me up ? I think I was there during the same period.

    Anyways … Singaporean taxi drivers are always very proud to tell me that it doesn’t flood in Singapore. I’m going to tell them to read your entry here about how it flooded in the zoo ! >=)

    how i know u were there wor…

  2. You need a new camera with W I D E A N G L E lens!!!

    errr..LB I think wideangle lens also cannot la..cos when Amah shop it’s really SHOP…kia si lang (scare die ppl) one…

  3. turkey cheaper there compared to wat the paper said nice ler, i wanna go singapore zoo too wit the kids la, very clean there compared to ours. yucks!

    actually don’t go now as the zoo is renovating la…was kinda rip off..wasted money there

  4. Kylie so “yau yeng” with the sunglasses..

    Turkey expensive ah in M’sia..I didn’t MIL bought one yesterday, frozen one…6kg costs about Β£17. The fresh ones costs sabout Β£40 and more!!!

    wah if u r earning the pound that should b quite fair prices hor?? it’s just that here we have to import the birds in & the freight costs from US is very expensive plus the duty…

  5. wah after i read the paper…turkey really cheap in s’pore lor…maybe my mom will make us carry one back too!!

    ya man! Go to NTUC Fairprice their prices damn fair man!

  6. What! You bought a turkey home from S’pore? You sure the price is cheap ah?

    yeah it’s much much cheaper lor…

  7. ya lor LB, you belum tengok amah shop la… she is no amature in shopping ok… she is the QUEEN of shopping…. its like she second no one dares to be no. 1 hahahahhaa….

    aikes, the zoo trip so potong steam la… raining ish!!! and its darn exp. here in MY we pay like RM12 also we grumble…..

    hahahaha….errr here the zoo charges RM10 only la…

  8. Wah.. turkey really cheap wor. Here it is sold at RM39.95 per kg at Carrefour!!

    Glad the card arrived in time. Aitelyu, here everything is big – cars are big, roads are big, even the stamps are big!! πŸ˜€

    In KL it’s about RM35 per kg…not much diff from ur side…

  9. Wah, wah, wah, u shop really means u shop hor? No need to ‘pei min’ (give face) to ur ‘hor pau’ (purse) one hor? Hahaha.

    Aiyo, where’s the pic of the turkeys leh? Too big cannot fit in the pic ah?

    first thing we arrived in KL we dumped the turkeys at my cousin’s place forgot to take picture lor…see if i can get a picture tomorrow..

  10. what? :O Went to Singapore to hunt for Turkey?

    Amah I really salute you loh.. Like those cake tins! How come they don’t sell such things in KL one huH?

    hahaha…me not purposely la..since we were in the supermarket and we were driving, and the price is soooo much cheaper…why not wor?? yeah msia always lack in a lot of variety of goods….u want? next time i can buy for u oso

  11. Huaaaaaa, an experience in Sing… we are going to Sing 26-29 dec also… hopefully no rain by then!

    the weather looks pretty good the past few fact very hot! so I guess u should be more fortunate than us…enjoy ur trip there!

  12. fast fast show us ur turkeys if u ever cook them! πŸ˜‰

    the turkey will be roasted tomorrow!!!

  13. Heheh.. why Kylie all covered up there.

    Yea.. Singapore zoo is much more well maintained than the one in KL.. and the animals are not like “siu miao yat liong chek”. Weather is really bad these days.. rain rain and more rain but glad to see the kids had fun.

    Merry Christmas…….

    kylie all covered up cos she was feeling very cold…the water was really cold…brrrr
    as for the zoo…. somehow i was disappointed this time round..bad weather i guess…

  14. hmm, I actually dunno how much a turkey costs, I always thought they’re the same price as chickens wor. ok lah, I trust you, you shopping sexpert! heheh!

    wahhhhh turkeys are like way way way more ex than chickens leh..even ducks are more ex than chickens…May May May…

  15. When we were there last week, it was raining daily too. Lucky we bought the tickets, including tram rides if not I think I die already. Walk like mad.

    ya lor…bad timing…thanks to me so stingy didn’t buy the tram tickets….

  16. wah more baking stuff!

    ya the collection is growing!!

  17. OH! It’s been some time I never visit Singapore. May be I should go with you next time ( since this time we cannot go to Hong Kong together) when I feel like Shopping! πŸ™‚

    hahaha…shopping in HK is much much better than Spore…so don’t purposely go down to Spore la…

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