Days without the maid…(backdated…)

Kylie woke up the first morning after the maid left and as per the usual routine she went downstairs to get her milk…

K-ta tak? ta tak? (calling out to maid)

Me-no more Kakak (maid)…mummy will make nen nen (milk) for u..

As expected, she didn’t bother about the maid and continued playing while waiting for the milk. I reminded Kieran there’s no more kakak (maid) for now so I warned him not to make a mess. I made him his milo and I noticed he took his cup to the sink on his own after finishing the milk. I was so proud of him. Then when I showered both of them, Kieran as usual dressed himself up without fuss and then after I dressed up Kylie, both of them started to make up the bed!

K-Mummy this is not the way to make the bed!

(I just covered Kylie’s comforter over the bed without taking out the pillow and placing it on the top)

Me-Well if it’s not right then you correct it la..

I didn’t ask for it but Kieran had the initiative! Oh wow! So unexpected!

I left Kylie at mom’s place and took Kieran to the office so he can do some maths & BM workbooks that I bought. But he gets distracted every now & then so I decided to ask him to help vacuum the floor! He quickly took out the vacuum cleaner & he vacuumed more than the floor, the shelves & stuff on the shelves too! Oh double wow! He’s so clean & meticulous! I really couldn’t believe it!

Angie warned I could be sued for getting someone under 18 to that but he was at it for like say 15 minutes? Or less? It was like a game to cannot be considered as child labour la…Well I’m not least he got rid of all the visible dirt! Bravo to Kieran!!


22 responses to “Days without the maid…(backdated…)

  1. Makes you wonder … if they kids can do so much without the kakak … maybe there shouldn’t be a kakak …

    I grew up cleaning the house and doing the cooking for my family … and while I don’t like it, I think it builds character. =P

    no kakak Amah will die la…the kids so maximum ok..very hard to get them not to mess up the place, dont even talk about getting them to help clean up the place!! good for u, I too grew up without the maid…but nowadays different la..

  2. Good for Kieran!

    Here’s wishing amah & family, Happiest New Year!


  3. Oh yeah, definitely child labor here!!! LOL.. I hope you’re paying Kieran ENORMOUS amounts of candy, yeah?

    hahahaha..i paid him enough ledi…for the sufferings i had to go thru from the day I conceived him till today!

  4. I think it’s good that he can help around…agree with moz monster that it helps builds up character…

    Happy New Year!!!

    hopefully i can get him to do more things..

  5. I would like to be like u, to be able to write something “life without a maid”…. but too bad, reality hits, we still need one 😦

    of course the life without maid is temporary.. 🙂

  6. i agree with moz lor, should train the children, but of cos, the mum should do more lar *ahems*. 😛

    wah apa la u! hahahha…we try our best to train la..

  7. clap clap clap good for Kieran! Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!

  8. Tomolo Kieran can start work vacuum you opis liao. kekeke 😛

    he was vacuuming the opis!

  9. wah wah…looks like kieran very very good eh..must give him a big kiss 🙂

    yeah,,,short term lor..

  10. Wow! Such a good boy, Kieran!!! *clap hands* Deserve more cartoon, hehe….Mommy, u lazy bum! That’s not how u make d bed lar! Even Kieran knows how! Tsk tsk….like me *shaking head*

    hahahaha…mummy never makes the bed!!

  11. hopefully everyone will start doing things for themselves and not relying on maids to do things.

    we have somehow the priviledge over u westerners to engage the services of maids to do the dirty work for us but it doesnt mean we rely on them..

  12. its gd that kids dont hv to depend on kakak.. so r u getting a new maid soon..?

    yes..coming soon..

  13. Did he get paid to do all those work for you? Or did he ask you to pay him? 😛

    Mine going back in 2 weeks.. I think Zara will really miss her.

    hahahaha he doesn’t know how to ask for money yet…maybe later..(dreading that)

    i dont think Zara will miss know they r just maids…no matter what..they know their parents r closest to them..therefore they will only care if parents r not around them!

  14. hehe… clever la…

    wa need to go school liow, can handle or not…

    we shall see how it goes…

  15. at least you had 2 little helpers at home, I got none… *sigh*

    Happy 2008, amah!

    i think it’s better u dont have my 2 helpers..more pening than help la!

  16. Kids become more independent when the maids are not around! Well done to your kids!!

    independent? only at few rare instances!!

  17. looked like u train ur boy very well, well done mummy and Kieran!

    Happy New Year 2008!

    He occasionally displays some good points like this…but it’s really on rare occasions!!

  18. Wah wah wah! Kieran is such a good boy!

    Anyway, here wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family! 🙂

    acting only…kakakaka Happy New Year!

  19. happy new year to u and ur family!!

    kieran so this gonna be hangat hangat tahi ayam ar? haha.i oso do housework like hangat hangat tahi ayam one leh. ..:p

    of course it’s hangat hangat tahi ayam la….u really think he’s going to help me with the hsework?? dream on…dreaming now…

  20. Happy New Year!!!! Happy Happy *jump up and down on sofa*

    now now…dont jump on the sofa….Happy New Year to u too! 😉

  21. Happy New Year to u, Kieran, Kylie and laundry apah!!

    Wow..Kieran such a darling, helping mummy to vacumn the office!

    Thanks! Kieran only hangat hangat helped for a while only…

  22. i msned u asking u what u ate after u found out that the nasi lemak is closed and yr reply in msn was : My sister is busy. Thank You.

    Muahahahahahahhaha yr new staff ah ?

    Anyway yr blog semua pics cannot keluar wan?

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