Christmas dinner (backdated la..)

Remember I bought the turkey from Singapore? It was frozen hard like a rock and it was still very frozen when we reached home!! (cost of frozen turkey at only SGD29+ converted to RM should be around RM80+ for a 5 kg bird!! We can only get like 1 kg + with that amount here la!!)


Then it was taken out to be thawed over two days (since it was so frozen!) and was roasted and ended liddis…

It was the yummiest turkey I ever eaten thanks to my cousin Madam Yong who happens to be bestest cook in the family! She also baked chicken pies & made the mushroom soup (mushrooms also from Singapore and according to the cookspert aka Madam Yong, the turkey & mushrooms were of the bestest quality which we can’t get here in KL).

The cupcakes were baked by my friend’s daughter..delivered just on time for the occasion but we were just simply too full to eat them…

However, the dinner did start off with a bang, I mean BANG as in BING BING BANG BANG….well, as usual we have a certain family who never fails to turn up late for any family gatherings so that got Apoh kinda agitated and of course someone has to irritate her and “fireworks” exploded till a point of no return and for all who knows how Apoh is like when she starts cracking was quite a scene…nevertheless, the arrival of our lovely cousin Madam Yong did lighten the atmosphere up and we still managed to enjoy the dinner of cleaned up the turkey till there was only bones left!! Burrrpppp..


25 responses to “Christmas dinner (backdated la..)

  1. Oh my!! Oh my!! I do love jumping up and down on your Ikea sofa, watching all these goodies flash before my very eyes!! So yummy looking!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, LaundryAmah!! Love ya!

    Sei lor…Ikea sofa not so good one la…cannot jump one wor…afturds pecah how?…but then..if don’t pecah no chance to go buy new sofa hor??

  2. Amah, when can u cook the turkey for us? wanna eat la, hungry already…

    Amah Happy new year to you and family, may your ur wishes come true, brings u lucks, healthiness and happiness as well as prosperous… πŸ™‚

    Got ang pao ar? πŸ˜›

    u come visit me during CNY sure got angpow one!! Happy New Year!!

  3. I want to join queue for Ang Pow too…. Can book now? Take ticket?

    hahahaha…can wor…u come back la!

  4. the xmas cupcake is so pretty!!
    m sure kylie and kieran love them.

    the mall starts playing the ching chong ching chong songs now..sighs!

    no wor…they saw the snowmen like so sked liddat…so they didn’t eat! hahahaha

    ya lor…i heard the songs in the mall too…kakakaka

  5. Happy new year to you ya πŸ™‚

    The xmas cupcakes looks cute.

    thanks…Happy New Year to u too!

  6. happy new year!


  7. Haha! You are right about the turkeys sold locally.
    Besides, there was a hoo-ha about the birds not being halal….wtf!

    Happy New Year to the laundry gang!

    so I guess every year I have to get the turkey from Spore lor….

  8. Happy 2008! May you have more laundry to wash!!! πŸ˜‰

    no lar…pls no more laundry pls…amah sure die la…

  9. The snowman cupcakes looks yummy..can I have one ah…haha

    errr…they were kinda sweet…too sweet for me la…

  10. wei lidat cannot la, you and apoh take turn to ‘chi-kik’ me with the turkey!!!!

    ok, i also take ticket to q for angpow… hehehehe..

    hahahaha..sorry lor…

  11. turkey, gosh, i didn’t have any here…
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    it’s like tradition to have turkey for Christmas…so mai go with the flow lor…

  12. wah..lucky u..madam yong’s daughter hasnt even got a chance to try her turkey. hahhahhaa..

    hahahaha so faster come back la Madam Yong’s daughter!

  13. wow…took 2 days to thaw the big bird?? Sure looks delicious!!!. What sauce did you make to go with it? The cupcakes are lovely πŸ™‚

    the sause was pineapple juice & i think chicken stock…

  14. slurps…the cupcakes sure looks yummy πŸ˜‰

    merry xmas & happy new year 2008

    hahaha…looks can be deceiving..

  15. stay-at-home mum

    Those cupcakes are so lovely. 1st time I hear things in Singapore are cheap!!

    errr I guess generally imported stuff is cheaper there…no duty ma…

  16. happpiiii 2008 to all of you!!

    wah looks yummii…forgotten lah all the initial bang bang after stuffing yourself silly!

    have to admit that the food really took the heat away!

  17. Happy New Year!!! Unfortunately I using library komputer kenot load any pikcher so dun get to see anything except tiny X in the corner πŸ˜€
    But have a prosperous 2008!!

    aiya…wasted…nevermind la..that turkey oso from where u live one…nothing special la..

  18. Merry backdated Christmas and happy backdated New Year!

  19. I also had baked turkey and mushroom soup ( I cooked both) for Christmas dinner, minus the chicken pie and cupcakes. The chicken pie looked delicious.

    wow! i don’t know how to cook the turkey lor…but will try to learn how to do it on a chicken first…

  20. lovely christmas dishes u have there!! too bad i didn’t get to enjoy turkey this year……love d cupcakes!!!

    actually the turkey is not that great but it’s just tradition i guess..

  21. Waaa…. looks yummy!!!!

    Happy 2008! πŸ™‚

  22. Mana dia phoon choi?

  23. So good your Madam Yong (why so formal one?). Actually you bought two, how to store in your fridge huh?

    Mushrooms also from Singapore? How did you bring back? You put in ice box?

    hahha..Madam Yong cos her business is called Madam Yong Delights la…

    Cos the turkey so big I stored at Madam Yong’s industrial fridge la! hahaha

    err short journey like 3 hours no need ice box…

  24. wah…those PIES really makes me drool wor….so long din eat those liao 😦

    hahaha…homemade ones really the best!!

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