Eat eat Gathering & Picasso in the making..

Yesterday we had a eating gathering & it turned out to be more of a laughing gathering and my side hurt like mad from all the eating & laughing…

We had something different this time, away from the commercial restaurants, this restaurant is in a house, with no signboard..and dinner has to be ordered one day in advance subject to availability..they serve the Hakka Lui Char (some mixed vege & rice with tea) & Hakka “Pun Choi” (mixture of veg, meat, seafood, abalone, scallops all in one dish). We had “Pun Choi” and it was not bad…Location : No.67 Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya. Tel No.

We were supposed to have 10 people as the dish was prepared for 10 at RM420.00 nett. However, only 8 of us turned up. King’s Wife is missing from the picture as she was still stuck in the jam… 😦 So LB, now u know what is “Pun Choi” time u come back we bring u there lor..

After dinner we proceeded to Star Bucks to chat, actually laugh more like it. We laughed so loud I think we scared away the customers around us! Muahahahahaha..


My lil Picasso….

While Amah was out my lil Picasso was at work decorating the furniture and the walls!! Discovered it just now & it got Apah so upset and he was scrubbing away after I took the pictures!!


29 responses to “Eat eat Gathering & Picasso in the making..

  1. Hahahaha, I can imagine all the other customers at Starbucks running off with you guys there terrorizing the place! Bunch of Hell’s Angels, eh? Ok, thanks for showing the pic of the PHOON CHOI! So groovy! So sinful! So wicked! But where is the Lormaikai? Sounds like Nyonya Penang is a fun person too, since I know all the rest of everyone there is FUN, FUN, FUN!!

    wei Lormaikai is today’s lunch la..more updates next week k?? kakakakakaka

  2. cant see the tel no, can u give it to me pls? my last pun choi wasnt good and dishes were not on top of each other one, kena conned… was it really tasty and good?
    me oso got one picasso at home, luckily magic sponge works!!

    ooppss i forgot to put in the tel no la…hahaha 03-79571749

  3. Today I still LOL-ed inside my heart when I think of “Haimuttyehleika” and “Panana” kakakakaka!! And your kao-kao-kao… MUAHAHAHAHA! U are the bestest joke teller!!!

    I hope my niece won’t play Picasso in my house nxt time haha…

    hai meh lei ka???? kakakakaka….no not bestest la…

  4. Waaaaa AMah go eat Poon choi only invite LB ah?? Wat about Yerrrrr….. angry liao..

    no larr…u cum bek I oso bring u there lor…dont angeli k??? 🙂

  5. i still remember i was chewing a vege and alomost chocked..and i had to keep that piece of vege in my mouth until everyone stopped laughing, then only chew and swallow..haaa! yes agree with amah u are the woman!

    hahahaa…each time we meeet sure put on weight..not only eat…laugh so much somemore!

  6. Ya-lah.. only invite LB! Cis! Wenn!! Next time we synchronize our return and go pogeder-pogeder with AhMay and KW!! 😆

    Come in plate, not in a phun wan ah?? Hou em hou sek gek? Worth the money?

    in a plate easier to access the food ma…ok la worth going..

  7. Ya-lah.. why only invite LB?? Cis! Wenn!! Next time we must synchronize our return and go togeder-togeder.. call KW and AhMay oso!! 😆

    Hou em hou sek jek? How come served in plate, not in phun wan? Was it worth the money ah?

  8. Where did my comment go??

  9. Amah re-told the ‘HaMehleiKa’ joke to SK and Winn during the dimsum brunch just now and OMG….it’s sooooo funny lar…..KAKAKKAKAKAA…..aiyoh….KAKAKKAKA..,

    LB, we had so much fun…Amah laughed until she cried. We forgot the time…until Starbucks people have to turn off the lights one by one….it was already past their 1.00 am closing time.

    hai meh kei ka????? kakakkaakkkaa

  10. OMG OMG!! I finally get to meet the legendary amah and am I impressed or what?!! HHAHAHAHAHA!!

    America and banana will never have the same meaning to me anymoree.. 😛 It was such a GREAT pleasure to meet you, amah!!! GREAT GREAT PLEASURE!

    ayooooo what did i do to deserve the title legendary wor…*blush* great to have met up with u too Ehon!!

  11. Ehh… why wasn’t I there? I never eat poon choy before… LOL.

    oopsss…sorry next time call u k?

  12. the legendary poon choy. Always heard that dish from HK tvb drama series 🙂

    Quite pricey hoh? RM 420

    the ones in HK different cos in it’s less fattening..

    for 10 ppl, RM420 is ok la…

  13. wah…poon choi hakka version, 1st time i hear bout this

    next time we can try with the other mommies??

  14. “hai meh lei ka” is the best! I can still laugh just thinking about it!!! LOL!

    kakakakaka….. 😉

  15. Amah, you shouldn’t be in the Laundry business.
    I think you’ll make more money being a ‘stand-up’ comedian. LOL!!


  16. eh how come the phun choi looked like this wan? the one that i had really is served in a pot wan wor… next time i bring you there okie…

    we the next day had lormaikai also ah? not bad!!! hehe, i had lormaikai too yesterday.. wuarhahahahaha

    ok la..we all game for another type of Pun Choi, is it in Sg Buloh?

  17. u forgot abt the RO water part. the auntie chef told me she use RO water to cook and wash the ingredients..HAHAHA……

    hahaha…RO water..supposed to be so much better…

  18. Wah Angel! Can see your longkang liao! LOL

    yeeee asyik see ppl mia longkang!

  19. sei cocka… always aim THERE wan!!

    ya lor!

  20. My Mom has been recommending this to me for a long time, but it’s all vege only wor…nice meh?

    no no there’s loads of meat in it!!

  21. cocka cannot see properly la..u forgot to leave out the misai…that’s the trademark ma.. hahahhaha
    That one is a house ah? maybe shud try signboard how ppl know leh?

    hahaha…he damn sked ok after i told him i put up the photo! hahahaha the House No plate very big one!

  22. Why never invite me one? So many big casts? Hmmmph!! But Jalan Gasing on a rainy day.. can die!Btw, why the SK’s hand on the Winn’s shoulder one huh? Why not on your shoulder?

    If my house got Picasso, I think I’ll freak out!

    hahaha…errr next time we go sampat u can come along or not? me can dump the kids one wor..u can meh?? hahahaha…

  23. alamak…got to repaint the walls again!

    so nice u go out without your kids. Bila my turn ah?????

    that’s why I painted with Pearl Glo cos I anticipated this! Can wipe out….

    hahahaha,,,now only u r pregnant..not in the next 2 – 3 years?? oh dear…oopsss…

  24. wah so fun leh….
    *sigh* How I wish I stay in KL….. *sigh*

    Wah Kylie very artistic leh! 😛

    ya lor…but it’s ok cos u can come down once in a while…

    alamak artistic? naughtly la!

  25. much fun! Ya lo, how come this “pun choi” serve on big plate one ger? I had one is really in a big pot.

    this pun choi very the different ma…

  26. use mr. clean’s “eraser” to get rid of little picasso’s wall art! works great; at your grocery store.

  27. long time I no eat Hakka Lui Char and Poon Choi! a friend of mine makes pretty good Lui Char, that was the best I had ler… and though everyone says the soup is the one that gives the flavour, I don’t like the soup wan. I just eat all the vege! LOL!

    *picks up crayon and draws*

    weiiii,,,dun draw the wall & furniture ah…

  28. I wanna come hommmmmeeeee..!!!

    oopss…. hahahhaa…come back la…

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