Backdated – Holiday Activities

During the school holidays, I will drag Kieran to the office while Kylie stays with Apoh. I can’t leave Kieran with Apoh as he will just watch cartoons on Astro non-stop! So I can’t allow that even if it’s school holidays and with peer pressure suggestion from Oscar’s Mommy, I bought a few workbooks to prepare him for Standard 2. However, I had to go out at times and couldn’t monitor him, hence we were not able to complete the workbooks. It was not easy to get him to do the work and it was a lot of screaming (worse than asking him to practice his piano) and threatening (I throw away your toy ah…).

I will usually choose his clothings for the day but there was one day he quietly changed into something else and while I was not noticing he will be playing instead of doing his work…so there was once he got so tired and ended up liddis…



















Pengsan (fainted) or not?

By the way, the position he fell asleep was right in front of the door way into my office and thank goodness we didn’t have any outsider/customer visitors coming in at that time!!


16 responses to “Backdated – Holiday Activities

  1. How bout your pic in Catwoman’s suit? *grin*

    if i have it i will surely wear one… *double grin*

  2. wah wah… kesian itu Batman… must be got too many ppl to rescue.. hehehe…

    rescue?? u ask Angie la..disturb saja!

  3. Batman so clever, know how to put bedsheet on the floor to sleep…

    Try not to push him too much with workbooks la… Holiday shud be time for fun… Maybe let him draw more then nex time can be world top designer =)

    he knows the floor is dirty cos he didn’t vacum yet ma!

    no lar..this guy cannot let him have fun all the time one…

  4. No, no, you must get Kieran to appreciate his work ethics at early as possible! Use Carrot & Stick! All play & no work, even Batman will end up as Badman! Kaka! Get an Apple!

    huh?? all work?? ayo..he doesn’t even complete the few miserable pages i asked him to do but played all the time! he’s quite good leh, even w/o the tv he can imagine as if he’s watching one by role playing!! that explains the suit!

  5. hahaha..batman tertidur LOL

    this one aw-tar (lau ya) batman ma….

  6. Waaa… one word: GENG! Hahaha πŸ˜›

    huh? he didnt rescue any one or caught any bad guys wor…

  7. he seems to be very comfortable in ur office esp the floor..kelakar la!!! sorry..

    ya man…he can sleep anywhere one…

  8. Eh..where is the Batman mask? hehe

    hahahhaa..he took it off to sleep ma..quite uncomfortable to wear the mask to sleep rite? πŸ˜‰

  9. hahahahah… this “batman” sure give us alot of laughs…

    no lor…more like headaches!

  10. Last time during holidays … my dad would take me out to do hard labor with him … he was a tin miner. Wah … looking at Batman now … I’m jealous !

    wahhhh…tin mine “wong chi” ah u?? hahahahaha….

  11. BATMAN!! hahahaha..first time i saw Batman ter-sleep. So funny. Kieran like Batman very much? Lucky not superman, otherwise we will see red undie lo..hahaha

    this Batman slumber mia…


    ya lar! wanted to kick his butt but Angie so nice told me dont disturb him la..

  13. That bedsheet is the same one Ethan sleeps on…hahaha…. Batman must have been all tired out without the help of Robin!

    hahaha,,common baby bedsheet lor…

  14. haha..batman need a rest ma.. jaga pintu sampai tidur ha?

  15. kaakkakakak…. batman tertidur…zzzzz

  16. all right, Batman. even the bats had some education about how the world goes round, so why doncha get on down to the bat cave and do some work, yeah? Robin is waiting.

    hahhahha…funny la u!

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