Backdated – Holiday Activities Part 2

Went to KLCC one day (my quest was to complete visiting all the malls in KL to capture the Christmas deco…but I managed to cover the main malls only) to bring the kids out and do some Christmas shopping, saja la..excuse to shop only…and of course to try out my new toy.

Had to meet up MamaPumpkin on the way there to return her curtains but I was so blur and missed the turning into the restaurant she was eating so she had to come to KLCC to meet me in one of the drop off areas. So while waiting for her we camwhored outside..and it was really a nice day, not hot at all..

How? Ada (Any) potential as models or not??Β 

We went out to the park too to let the kids play. This was the first time ever cos usually all the time cannot be wasted from my shopping) but I thought the weather was just too good to let them stay in doors (finally the mom sacrifices for the kids..blek) The kids were so happy but Amah just had to endure the outdoor for a while until I cannot tahan (stand it) anymore…Apah was busy snapping pictures of them and suddenly my lil samseng (rough) girl climbed up one of the playground thingy…dun know what it’s called la..but it was like kinda high and Kylie of course has no fear of whatever!

The Christmas lights & deco inside the mall was really nothing to shout about so I’m not going to load any pics here…too many leow ma..



22 responses to “Backdated – Holiday Activities Part 2

  1. amah, really la… pics taken with a canggih camera sure is different from a normal point and shoot camera… got more “Feel” la…

    ya lor but me still a lot to learn lor…where is that Mozzie ah???

  2. Wa, your boy very the rap! And bless you for your sacrifice that day too!

    hahaha..u should here him say “Yo wassup..”

  3. Yo yo, wassup wassup!

    Only 4 pictures where got alot! U a lot of reasons to shop lor! I still remember your ikea reason!! LOL!

    yo wassup!! got a lot more la but wei damm hard to load one by one leh…

  4. Your kids are sure excellent models for you to practice on your new toy. πŸ™‚

    not easy to get them in the mood oso leh…got to bribe one ge leh…

  5. love that 2 pics…..very nice hehehe

    wah “si cheh” said nice…(*beaming with pride*) sure or not?? got to learn a lot from u leh..

  6. I kam here feel guilty nia becoz i see pikcher of your kids so nice, dunno when last time i take pikcher of my son, he almost teenager liao 😦

    ya lor…must take more pictures of them as they grow up…wah ur son teenager leow! me still a long way to go lerrr…

  7. So photogenic and really colorful those pictures!

  8. miss kylie tim….

    hahahaha…she’s beginning to use her tears to get her way around nowadays…dangerous girl!

  9. i like the first 2 pics… so berpotensi…lol…

    hahahaa…that’s why i’m not worried if Kieran is not interested in his studies! πŸ˜‰

  10. Ok, must try that fried swordfish steak this weekend! Must! Must! Lots of fried garlic too, right?

    yeah add on the garlic!

  11. wow, in that first pix your son has that ‘HK badboy heartthrob’ look going…

    hahahaa…i was hoping maybe he can go to HK to get into entertainment industry since he hates studying!

  12. hehe…can see the potential wor…!!

    hahaha thanks…

  13. yeah…klcc has been using the same “old” decor (d very tall xmas tree) for a few years edi….kind of boring looking at it now…..
    but it’s nice to bring the kids to the park coz it’s the best i find so far….

    only if it’s not too hot….

  14. Love the photos of the kids, especially the first one! Kylie looks different now eh…like a big girl already..:D

    hahaha..she appears to be bigger on photos…

  15. wah very pandai bergaya..must be the mother teaching them how to posie at the back leh?

    no wor..all natural poses by the kids themselves!

  16. ur new toy looks good, all the pictures look so nice and clear! And of course the two little model also know how to pose la, got potential wor.

  17. they looked very hip-hop in the 2nd photo

  18. very potential indeed! if there is competition, u can send in the photo…..btw, their pose are like dancing….very true like hui sia mentioned earlier.hehehe….

  19. Really nice to go for holiday with family.. The kids sure had a lot of fun ya πŸ™‚

  20. wah..their poses are very canggih!

  21. wah… definitely ada potential!!!! Amah gonna be seng-Mah soon πŸ˜€

  22. sure potential lar!
    When u become famous mama next time don’t forget us hor!

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