Random Conversation..

Been busy and I mean really busy till no time to blog woi! Terrible! So die die me staying up burning the midnight oil to put this up before I forget..

One of the many conversations I’ve heard from my customers…

Consumer – Here’s my 2000 over dollars jacket, be careful with it ok. It’s very expensive!!

The Launderer proceeds to mark down the items and attach the prices for the cleaning..

Consumer – Wah RM18 to dry clean this jacket (the 2000 over dollar one) ah?

Launderer –Β  Yes, this is big jacket..(stupid answer lor..cos if it’s me I will charge double the price and tell him it’s bcos the jacket is sooooo expensive, hence extra care & precaution is needed)

Consumer – eh I give so many things to wash, comforter and all cannot be cheaper meh??

(Warao eh,,, owner of 2000 over dollars jacket wanna bargain meh??)

That’s what I hate most. I wonder if that person bargained when he bought that 2000 over dollars jacket? I mean, like he expects the launderer (poor guy who’s probably earning like say maybe RM8 (or less if he sends the dry cleaning to another contractor) from cleaning that 2000 over dollars jacket and having the stress of taking care of it and making sure it doesn’t get damage or lost! Is that worth it or not? I actually have customers (dry cleaners) telling me they suffer from so much stress and sometimes have nightmares because of having to handle expensive garments.

It’s high time that people give us people in the laundry business the due respect man! Hey first thing first why did he send his 2000 over dollars jacket to a laundry to wash? If he’s so smart, and not willing to pay for the laundry charges, why did he not wash the 2000 over dollars jacket at home? I mean, there is a freaking good reason that dry cleaners exist in this world right? Meaning, they are professionals too because they do what most people can’t do, that is dry clean their 2000 over dollars jackets la! Get my point by now??? WTF!


18 responses to “Random Conversation..

  1. Haha, yes, this is one of those Must Blog About topics that needed to be blogged even if it’s burning midnight oil, before it slips the mind wan!

    Typical, isn’t it? 2000 over Dollah Jacket still also must yim yim chimm chim over 20cts!! Same like Ferrari car asking for discount at Carpark.. One dollah lah!

    just had to get it out of my system…was sooooo irritated lor…hahaahahaha

  2. amah, dun so angries liao… nxt week sang yat.. must be leng leng, no wrinkles, okie? πŸ˜‰

    those kind of ppl, ask them go fly kite high high!

    hahaha,,,amah angries then very fast very happieee one…no worries!!!

  3. Hie,
    WTF la, can afford to buy 2000 dollars jacket,cannot afford 0.1% of it to pay for laundry?! Talk RUBBISH ah!? Like that still want to bargain! If you can afford 2000 why not 20 ringgit?! HAIZ!! Human being…!

    that’s the thing, most of the consumers we have here are like that! How to make money liddat??

  4. I hope that the customer spills all over himself when it gets it home and has to come back for a second cleaning…

    LOL!!! Yeah man!

  5. LOL @ shuey6’s comment!!

    well, only me and you know idiots like this will kena somewhere else lor…

    we should take turns to post up such situations…

  6. my guess isthat the expensive jacket has to be dry cleaned? why he teruk one ah, ask him to wash himself la

    yea of course dry cleaned la…but these ppl ah…wanna pay for dry clean garments but refuse to pay for dry cleaning charges!

  7. Hahaha. I can see that you’re really pissed! This type of ppl really makes you feel like saying “Nah! Take it back and wash it yourself! We can’t do it here.”

    yeah but we are supposed to be professionals ma..so we cannot be liddat one geh…..kakakakaka

  8. hahahah..cool it babe!:)
    eh….rich people doesn’t necessarily are generous…they are even more kamsiap!

    that’s the thing..no wonder i’m so broke la…

  9. haha…so rich and yet wanna complain for RM18 hoh

    i wonder if he does the same when he eats at a fancy restaurant…

  10. Ngam to apply this Chinese saying….’Can buy the whole pig but cannot afford the spring onions. ‘ ar?

    ya wor….didn’t think of this saying tim…so irritating lor that guy…

  11. Humans are so funny sometimes. If you can afford items that worth few thousand ringgit, then what for fuss over a small amount of $$? It’s just like a Ferrari owner complaining that fuel is expensive… you can buy Ferrari then surely you can pay for the fuel? -_-

    Anyway, happy weekend!

    so the right lor…yeah happy weekend to u too!

  12. Oi! My 2000 over dollars jacket ready anot?
    Make sure you iron it with the correct temperature setting, ok?. If burnt, you ganti ok?
    Don’t forget to put a plastic sheet over it once you are done.
    For RM18, please include a good hanger, ok?

    pigi la u!

  13. Same like those who come to drink coffee where I work. The prices are like Starbucks. They come and drive in luxury cars like Beemer, Mercs , yet still can comment/complain expensive price, why always go up….as if I own the place…people’s mouth like that la….I just smile and curse them under my breath…go drink air longkang la like that!

    hahahaha…but somehow most of the time people are more tolerant towards food prices but when it comes to laundry…it’s usually not the case..

  14. Just like those irritating beemers and mercs – can buy expensive car, but kenot pay parking charges and must park on the roadside!

    LOL at the numerous highlighted RM2000 over dollars jacket!! πŸ˜†

    One laundry here lagi better – they gave back my husband the wrong jacket (no, it was not RM2000. It was a cheap one luckily) when he sent it for cleaning. So we took it back after a few weeks (didn’t notice because we didn’t take it out from the plastic) hoping that someone else brought back our jacket by then. But the fler say no one brought back any jacket! So we are now keeping someone else’s jacket, which incidentally fits my hubs and it’s of a better quality than his previous one!!

    Conclusion is: ppl here are so damn rich, jacket lose already mai lose already. Just buy another one, no need to look for the lost one! πŸ˜€

    wah liddat oso can! hahahahaa,,,if it’s here, most of the time the customer will chase back la..happened before to one of my customers..the other party didn’t bring it back but one insisted of getting back his own & refuses the replacement so mai have to compensate cash lor…

  15. Yeah..WTF??? I tell you, rich people are damn kiamsiap. Ok, most rich people are. My sis used to have a restaurant in TTDI (where the rich reside) and they come in, expect everyone to treat them like VVIPs, and complaint abt the price of a $6 prawn mee (big prawns!!!!) being too expensive. Go eat at home lah!!!

  16. Hi Amah, my story similar to yours.

    Got this guy who came to my shop with bag of shirts. I was not around so my Indon worker attended him. He gave this loong look at my worker, then proceeded to slooowly take out one-by-one his shirts and proclaimed to her, “Thiz shirt cost RMXXX, is a original Polo. Theeeze shirt cost RMXXXX and is a original DKNY…. etc, etc. All must be dry cleaned and prezzed wiz starch. Take care or I sue you ok!?”

    I must say that being a ‘wet cleaner’ myself now is very enlightening!

    hahahaha..enlightening now cos u havent come across one who threats u with a gang of ppl in front of your shop!!

  17. My family has been running a laundry business for more than 20 years now. This is such a typical rich people behavior…….drive fancy cars, wear bling-blings, always bargain when it comes to laundry …’ Wah!! Ironing increase 10 sen? so expensive……Dry clean one tie oredi Rm3?? (these prices from 90s)…..and the typical…..”Aiyoh, I drove from Subang/Ampang, etc to come here……cheaper lah!! And they expect to be treated like Datuks & Datins……Siow!!

    i hate the part that they can’t accept price increase of a miserable 10 sen while all the food price increase can be accepted without any noise made!

  18. sure mah…..all money use to buy that 2000 jacket liao…no money for other thing liao lor….

    cannot liddat lor…

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