Update on Kylie 32 months

Kylie turns 32 months tomorrow..

Here’s a  backdated photo of her dancing…she loves to dance…(too lazy to load the video..)


There was once she was bugging me to bring her swimming but I was too lazy bz .. she was already in her pjs & still wanna wear her swimsuit!

There has been new development in her vocabulary..

I wannn wimming…. – I want swimming

I wannnnn – I want

doe wannnn – don’t want

reee – carry me

i wan chor cho/cis/curt/kik/cher cher- i want chocolate/cheese/biscuit/cake/water

two, treee. four, five. siiix, seven, eat (8) … i think that’s it…notice that one is missing? Yeah she doesn’t say one! She starts counting from 2!

I wan mannn – I want either Spiderman or Batman or whatever man toy from Kor kor

(in fact she wants whatever that Kor kor has in his hands!)

Bad habit – scratching her head 

toast er door – close the door

o pennn er door – open the door

She’s able to complain if there’s anyone who actually beat her…

It will sound something like this..

tor tor/che che/daddy/mammie beeet..(shows action of beating)

She likes to ask where is either one of us..

Ahhhhhhh daddie?/mammie?/tor tor? – where is daddy/mummy/kor kor etc

Mom told me she said this while the maid was climbing a ladder to wipe the lights..

tatak b airfulll, ahh jatuhh – Kakak (maid) be careful, you will jatuh (fall down)

If she finds us having difficulty understanding her, she will pull our hand towards whatever she wants us to do or take for her. 

Attempts to eat on her own but it’s always a mess… 

She has a very unique way of talking and it’s quite contagious as I tend to talk like her too!! I know it’s not right as I’m supposed to encourage her to talk properly..but I really can’t help it!!

She gets all whinny & sobby at times (or rather all the time) and that can really get on our nerves as we know it’s fake tears trying to manipulate the situation. Other times, she’s quite a jolly lil girl, and she will always walk up to say goodbye to Apoh (grandma) to hug & kiss her before we leave for home. Yesterday she walked up knocking on Apoh’s door & kept calling her but Apoh was out..I kept telling her Apoh was not in but she insisted on hugging & kissing Apoh before going home! *slaps forehead*

Loves to bully my nephew, snatching whatever toy he has his hands on (same routine with Kieran, despite the fact that Kieran is older & bigger in size). If she doesn’t get her way, she will smack my nephew! Yikes…that’s why I dread sending her to nursery as I’m afraid the kids will suffer from this big little bully!

I have yet to work on her thumb sucking habit. She sucks each time she holds her comfort piggy bolster and it helps to keep her really quiet & to get into the sleeping mode so that’s the main reason why I’ve not attempted to remove that piggy bolster…






21 responses to “Update on Kylie 32 months

  1. Haha, such vivid descriptions of your cute lil daughter.

    Happy 32 months Kylie! 🙂

    got to keep this for records ma… 🙂

  2. She’s gonna be one dragonlady!!! 🙂 I am already scared. All my man toys will not be safe. And I can understand the contagious language ~ Italians over here start talking like me too (in kindergarten-style italian)..

    hahaha sked leh… ayoooo those Italians making fun of ur Italian ah??

  3. haha…. imagine really toasting a door, it will be like breakfast for jack and the beanstalk. hey amah, got tag for you wor… ahahak!


    hahahaha,,never thot of that wor… she has problem with pronouncing any word that has a k sound…

  4. Why scratching head is bad habit woh? Gatal ma..

    hahaha…cannot be gatal lor…hmmm but then again…her head always smell kinda funny… eeeee

  5. I must stop my 1/2 pail water speed-reading.. I read that your dotter is 32 years old!! 😆

    Follow after mummy.. assertive girl! 😀

    hahahaa…if my dotter is 32 yrs old I mai darn old Amah!!

  6. Now suck thumb also you want to reprimand her meh? Next time she grows up suck something else baru tahu! Muahahahahahhah!!!!

    sei cocka ah! 😛

  7. She got her music genes from her mama hor, likes to dance, soon she will karaoke oso izzit?

    i think so la…she just loves to sing cos she doesn’t even pronounce properly & yet she can mumble the words out!

  8. What food was she trying to cut there in the last pic? Air liur meleleh alreadi… *kidding* 😛

    we were eating dim sum at the Ming Restaurant at Bangsar…yuummy leh…

  9. She is so cute lar… gutsy little girl too.

    hahaha not when u have to take care of her 24/7

  10. Happy 32nd Months !!!!


  11. happy 32 months old! thumb sucking? both my kids are avid thumb suckers!

    oh dear…i really don’t know how to wean her off without both of us suffering..i think no such thing lor..hahaha

  12. opps….i forgot that ashley is also 32 months old…hehehehhe.. Happy 32 month old, Kylie.

    hmmm…what shall we do with the thumb sucking thingy eh? mine still does that and play with my hair all the time.

    hahaha our girls same age ma…. sucking thumb & playing with mummy’s hair?? first time i heard before la…hahhaha..

  13. hehe urs is scratching head, mine likes to pull her hair 😐

    oik? pull not painful meh?

  14. happy 32 months! my niece also has this habit of scratching her head 😀
    oh … when I was young, I sucked thumb until I go Pri 1 😛

    oh dear…how did u wean off your habit then???

  15. almost 3 lo..
    don\’t wean off her sucking habit la, you\’re more senang if she still sucking 🙂

    that’s what i thot… hahahaha

  16. she is beautiful! my 4 y/o sucks her thumb…


  17. All girls need to learn how to whine ma…

    too much whining would be like kinda ewwww lor…LOL!

  18. Happy 32 months Kylie!!!
    My sons also like to refer superman, spiderman, ultraman all “man man”.
    Still sucking her thumb? My sons also still on jut jut and carry their busuk bolster too! Alamak!

    suck jut jut better than thumb leh,,cos can throw jut jut away but cannot throw the thumb wor,,

  19. This one really “peang yann” of the kor-kor lah… It’s like Kieren in a skirt kind….

    kakakakaka..u said it so many times leow…but kor kor is slowly changing in his looks…

  20. i like the scratch head wan…like so…natural scratcher. heheheh

    eh dun take away her piggy bolster la.. so pity

    ok ok i too agree not to take her piggy bolster away yet,,

  21. Cute little Kylie, just like my Wen Wen…
    She is turning 3 this Nov

    she’s really not that cute at most times!! hahahaa

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