Slack-ier or rather Slack-iest Mom!

Just read about Mott saying how slack she was but I think I’m the slack-iest of them all lor…and I only have 2 kids! Gosh! In a way, it’s a good thing that I’m advised to not have any more kids after Kylie due to gestational diabetes. Cos if I have one more, I may even leave one at the mall without realising it! Sei em sei? (Am I so dead or not?)

Why so slack? Cos middle of last night Kylie was coughing very badly. Then she threw up and I couldn’t move her on time! So some went on the bed, her pjs & the floor mat outside the bathroom. She was crying and didn’t want to be touched or cleaned. So I just left her as she was! But I changed the sheet and put her back to the bed. However, she rolled down onto the floor mat (which has some of her puke) and I saw her from the corner of my eye and guess what??? I didn’t bother and left her there! *Smack*

This morning, woke up and quietly sneaked out so that I don’t wake up my princess and went down to take a peep at Kieran (who’s still sleeping) only to realise that the curtains in the room were not drawn apart! Poor Kieran sleeping in a stuffy room! *Smack Smack*

Then after that, I went to watch tv, surfing through the channels and of course lil princess heard the tv & woke up! She called out to mummy but what did mummy do? Just answered from downstairs and called out to her to come down herself! Then Apoh (grandma) came to her rescue. *Smack smack smack*

When lil princess came down, I was still lying down on the couch and didn’t move an inch even to hug her! That’s so bad…called out to mom’s maid to make her milk! Can u beat that laziness??? Then when Apoh came down, she purrred at Apoh and said this, “Doh away mammie…doh wann mammie…” OMG!! Apoh was of course very happy to hear that cos it’s another chance to condemn me! So of course she echoed..”Yes throw away mummy, lousy mummy! Say bye mummy!” And guess what? I still laid there motionless staring at the tv and didn’t bother! *Smack smack smack smack*

Then I received a call in the office..

Mom – Hey did you feed your daughter her medicine?


Mom – Aiya you ah..terrible mother…what kind of mother are you…..



Oh gosh! What’s happened to me?? So lazy (that’s what Apah & Apoh always say to me!)


40 responses to “Slack-ier or rather Slack-iest Mom!

  1. It’s good to be lazy once in awhile!! Not too lazy, ok? Not like me.. That would be a bad thing, to be as lazy as me… Not good. Now, go make Lormaikai..

    hahaha..going to make “lap mei rice” very soon…

  2. no la, not lazy la, sometimes i also like that…having said so, i never forget to feed my kid medicine lo…LOL

    see la,,,told u I’m bad! medicine can cure laziness liddis lor..

  3. it’s not u lazy, u are training them to be independent ma:D, so they will grow up mature and independent!:D right right right?


    oohhhh u so nice lor……I feel soooo much better now..hahhahahha

  4. I do that too sometimes. *sigh* but not forgetting the med la! eh…it’s ok to slack a bit or more. they grow up better…not so spoilt n dependant mah! me trying to think on the brighter side n not feelin guilty la at the same time! enough of SMACKS??

    I hate giving medicine cos she’s always struggling…

  5. LOL! I thought I am not doing good as a mother. But, you certainly make me feel so proud of myself. hahaha…..

    definitely no other mom like me!

  6. Fearles also having bad cough 😦 Hope Kylie get well sooon.
    Next time keep a small pail in the room, this is what i always did, in case they vomit, i manage to pass the pail to them instead of wet the whole mattress. pass 12am would like to wish u Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a great day! ( i know it’s out of the topic. hahahah)

    hmm good idea wor,,better get ready later..

    thanks for the out of topic wish!! 😉


    btw, Happy Bday to ya! HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS

    aiyak aiyak aiyak aiyak aiyak aiyak aiyak aiyak…

  8. Happy Birthday, Amah!!
    *Smack your buttocks for being so lazy*
    Wah! So fleshy geh? Muahahaha!!

    chok sei ah?

  9. Went to angeles’s blog saw she say it’s your birfday, so i kam wish u Hapi Birfday, oso bling u red egg from kopitiam 😀

    ten kiu kam siah!!

  10. WHALE! WHALE!!!

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y L A U N D R Y A M A H !


    hahahaha..WHALE?? huh??? thanks!!

    Whale Whale!!! Kakakakaka..

    Dunno apa itu Whale Whale? Go Batu Caves hahaaa!

    Aih.. poor Kylie… lucky I not a mummy… if not, sure I’ll be the slackiest-est!!! :mrgreen:

    Hope Kylie gets well soon! Hugs to mom & daughter! Enjoy your day, Amah! Hope no one make u angries today… 😉

    tenkiu Angel…errr Angeles!! hahaha…thanks for the Birthday post! Luv ya lots lots! and ohhhhhh yesss someone did make me so angeries yesterday…post coming right up!!!!!!!!!!


    today your burpday so you can be extra extra extra slack, ya? many happy returns, hope it’s a great one!

    no chance to slack lor…wait for my bday post..dahsyat one!

  13. not lazy..but just terlupa. me also liddat sometimes.

    eh happy bday to you 😉 always liddat wor.. hahahahahaa

  14. Happy Birthday amah..
    So today u can have the excuse to be slack, since it’s your birthday mah…:)

    errr….no lor… 😦

  15. happy birthday to you!!!!

    may all your wishes do come true!

    thanks dearie…. I wish,,,I wish,,,

  16. Happy Birthday!

    May your wishes come true. 🙂


  17. Happy birthday to U Amah!! May U year year also so leng lui ah!!! Muaks….

    thanks dear!!

  18. *brings rotan*

    ok, where’s the lazy one? 😛

    kekekekekekekekeke. eh, at least u openly admit lar. but u only picked the lazy moments to write about larrr. 😛 oh, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    aiyak..*run away fast fast*

  19. Its more amusing than being angry at you…. but anyway.. .HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    hahaahaha actually seriously looking at it, i could have my child taken away since i’m such a negligent mother! YIKES!

  20. happy bday Amah!!! and *piak*… why no jaga anak ah? ok la ok la… once in a while slack a bit can wan,me also lidat… will call out to hubby to do some house chores also! me lagi bad.

    eh u should know me better,,,i’m like all the time so slack one..hahahaa

  21. Wishing you a very happy birthday and ching chun seong jue 😀

    Aaahh.. I’m also lazy wat and I also hate feeding medicine but maybe because I’m such a panic pot that I never forgot the feeds… yet 😛

    wah your Cantonese very cheeeemmm…hahahha thanks!!

  22. haha. don’t worry. i’m also like that sometimes. when shern ask me to wake up, i always say ‘mommy so tired, give mommy 5 more minutes’.. so he just lie on the bed, wait and wait.

    but every time shern cough and cry in his sleep, i sure grab a towel or blanket, so not to dirty the mattress. after he vomits, just throw his blanky and the towel to the maid and continue to sleep. this one i pro already. haha.

    yeah i tend to be more teruk if maid is around..

  23. dont worry,,,i’m also slack at times…

    errr…i’m like not at all the time..hahhahahaha

  24. Happy Birthday.

    Sometimes ah…i think it is not lazy…but we are so zoinngg out to think properly or to act accordingly. It is like system shutting down.

    Hope Kylie is feeling much better now.

    how come my system always shut down geh???

  25. you may be slacking sometimes, but I’d still let you babysit my kids! especially if they were barfing!


  26. Waaaa….you d@mn cialat lah…

    How can you not change her? Summore she sleep so close to you wor… You kenot smell meh???

    cannot smell lor…kakakakakakkaa sleepy ma

  27. so not u wor….

    but i guess, being a working mother stressed at work, go home stress with Kieran Homework, then anak sakit…very stressed wan.

    alamak..u don’t know me well enuf…since when i gave such good impression?? hahahahha

  28. H A P P Y belated B I R T H D A Y, AMAH!!

    *big birthday huggies*

    *open arms wide wide to receive huggies!*

  29. No lousy mummy ler..just having a day off…hehe

    errrr my day offs very often one wor…eikksss

  30. BTW, your birthday ah? Oh I miss it..happy birthday amah!


  31. I don’t wanna admit this la….but I am exactly like that. I don’t know why leh….but I totally understand you lor…..we are very good moms sometimes also what!!

    BTW, I wished u HB on FB but the bloody internet hang and damn slow these last few nites – so damn pissed off. So Happy Belated Birthday fatty bom-bom! JUST KIDDING!!!! I am fatter than you, OK!?!

    u r very good…me really not so good…only know how to buy clothes for them!! hahahahaha

    eh die lor…me so fat now until zip pecah leow!

  32. Happy birthday Amah!

    hope kylie get well soon!

    thanks..kylie getting better but Amah sick leow

  33. I lent my bak ew kachng for grilling. LOL. *psst…you know where lah*


  34. Hahaha. You’re such a lazee mommee you should be…………SMACKED! Lol! Eh! Where was Apah at the time? BTW, Happy Burpday Late!

    aiyak…pain pain lor…hahahaha..Apah was not around lor..if not Apah sure rescue Kylie one.. 😛

  35. happy belated birthday.!


  36. Happy Birthday! Cannot read your birthday celebration post wor. What happened ah? *kaypoh poking around*

    I’m also a slacky Mom. Now slackier because my son grown up already and it’s pay back time for him to pamper me. Yeah!!!!!

    Thanks for your visit. Heard so much about you from the LB gang. hehehe…..

    oooo waiting for the day my kids will pamper me back…but will they???

  37. haha….biasa la tu…..i also memang Big Head Prawn

    wah i feel so relieved now that i’m not the only one…or r u saying this to make me feel better????? 😉

  38. Aiyah, proven that you can’t live without a maid. Go get one lor. You are so used of having someone around. No point torture yourself lidat.

    ya lar…hahaha…maid finally arrived today!!

  39. got here from angel’s blog. Just to wish you a happy belated birthday. 😉

    thank u!

  40. Sometimes it happens ler.. me too.. so blardy lazy at times.

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