It’s a happy happy day…hoooray hooray..


Apah is awayyy & awayyy & awayyyyy…yeahhhhh yeahhhhh….and for 4 whole days! Can you beat that? No nagging, no grumbling…yippideayea!!! ok ok..calm down…calm down…it’s only 4 days!


My maid has arrived!!! The agent did deliver as promised, meaning, she said January, means January even though it’s like end January! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meaning training begins tomorrow afternoon when I pick her up! YIKES!

Let’s pray and hope that she doesn’t can get car sick, she doesn’t smell weird, she’s a pleasant girl and most of all, willing to learn. I can take it if her English is not good, cos I already planned to talk to her with signs & pictures and some Cambodian which I picked up from the internet…So help me God, please grant me patience…and i want it like starting now…no no no just kidding! :p

Meaning……don’t mess with me the next 2 weeks, as I’m going to be ambitious, we will start spring cleaning & baking cookies!!!!!!!!!!

Gong Xi gong xi gong xi going zi nii yah

Gong Xi gong xi gong xi going zi nii yah…(Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year!)


23 responses to “It’s a happy happy day…hoooray hooray..

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Cookies for me? *brings empty bowl*

    hahaha…sure sure…bring la container!

  2. kakaka… usually it’s the hubbys who’ll sing the hooray hooray yippie song.. mana tau, u pulak is the terbalik wan… haha

    all the best with your maid!

    hahaha,,amah is the sampat one wat! 😉

  3. Happy New Year to you and may you derive much pleasure from your baking adventure. lol

    What biscuits are your specialty? Post the recipe up lar..

    my specialty? hmmm I would say it’s the peanut biscuits..will post the recipe soon!

  4. gongxi gongxi… happy training your new maid! teach her how to make all the yummy CNY cookies and send some to me ok? a dozen boxes please!

    ahhhhhh I may send u some in April….hahahahahahaha…

  5. Aiseh, wrong timing! Why your hubby goes away now and not in July when we have the Sampat Pageant?!!
    Ka… ok, best wishes with your new maid! I hope she’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a Good Maid! 🙂 And plse, teach her to make Lormaikai now…

    if he’s around pun we can still go on with our Sampat Pageant…yes will teach her to make Lormaifan first..CNY ma…

  6. Best of luck with your new maid. My friend told me her Cambodian maid beats the Indo maid a zillion times.

    thank u I really need it!!! *fingers crossed*

  7. good for u just in time for cny hehe

    yahh Thank God!

  8. hope ur maid is a good one!

    hopefully lor…

  9. Aye…actually hor…when your hubby sms-ed me yesterday …he like even sound GRUMPY in his SMS wor. Is it he is really grumpy or is his way of writing texts or he’s not too happy to be “courier boy” arr???

    see what i mean???? i no lying right?? he’s liddat one lor….soo irrriitatingggggg!

  10. Good lar you. Me have to do my spring cleaning all by my lonesome self. Waaaaah!

    ooooo sorreeee….get ur hubby to help la…

  11. wah..didn’t know you are so happy when your hubs is away…heheheh..

    good luck with the new maid 😀

    me bad ma…kakakakakkaa

  12. please share later whether helper from this country is better than the previous one. i wanted to hire one but still undecided on the country of origin. *sigh*

    btw, gong xi fa cai! 🙂

    ohhhh yessssssssss there will be stories!!!

  13. your maid came just in time to help you with the baking and cooking and cleaning.

    so right now, you must be knee-deep into your training liao hor?

    gong xi…gong xi…

    wah siong…cos her command of language very bad…so it’s like sign language now, my hands & legs flying everywhere pointing here & there!

  14. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family Amah! Sure got maid’s story to come…haha..wish you luck!

    thanks & yes maid stories coming soooooooooooonnnnn!

  15. happy spring cleanning and baking! eh, can I just have one piece of the cookies? 😀

    sure! sure!!

  16. just in time for cny 🙂

    yeah…thank GOD!

  17. hope the maid will be a good maid to you…
    pls email me your password for the previous post…to

    ok ok will do!

  18. amah, i miss ur cornflakes cookies…….
    Wish u good luck on your new maid, share the story ya, i have yet to share mine. hahahahaha
    Really a happy day for u, maid just arrive on time for the cny! gooooooooooooddddddd lucccccccckkkkkkkk!

    oh ya hor…ok ok i try to make some ok??

  19. Been served any ‘picture food’ yet? Wakakaaaa!!
    So, do I get some home-made cookies on Friday? 😉

    yeah! cos Friday is a holiday ma…so I sure start baking lor!

  20. Yay, Amah and cookies back in action. 😀

    Here’s to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best with the new maid.

    okok now Amah under pressure leow..must bake something tomorrow!!

  21. Good luck with the new maid.. and your new found 4 days freedom.. muahahha!! 4 days of freedom ends tonight… 😦

  22. my gradma and maid everyday having WW… urghs!

    alamak…i reckon older ppl kinda difficult to please I guess…

  23. and u better hope really hard that she doesn’t cook you pictorial meals!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


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