Birthday cont’d…and CNY preparations-Backdated of course

My birthday didn’t end at lunch & a burst zip shopping. We had to cut our my shopping short as Apah had to go back for a tele-conference with his colleague. So he dropped us back at Apoh’s. Therefore…… I decided to go to dinner at Genji @ PJ Hilton to continue my Japanese food hunt for the day. And best part Apah was not around, so no black face but unfortunately Apoh spoiled it a bit by complaining that the food was not fantastic and was so expensive bla bla bla…(actually quite true..blek)

But…I can’t blame Apoh though cos the bla bla set I ordered was like a fraction of the one I ate at Sushi Groove but tripled the price, the katsu don was kinda mushy but the tempura and soft shell crab (sorry no photos cos the kids dug in immediately) was pretty good.

Monkeying around

Good thing the kids behaved relatively well and didn’t make a lot of noise or threw their food around, except for Kylie who did spit out some on the floor! She has this bad habit when she doesn’t like the taste of the food. Want to smack her but I’m afraid she will hate food more if I do so! She’s already not eating much.

Chinese New Year Preparation

I’m really not into the CNY mood except for the baking cookies part so my deco in the house will not be as elaborate as Christmas. Besides I will not be here for CNY!

However, a visit to Ikea ended up buying some deco and I was soooo happy that the meatballs are back!! A visit to Ikea is not complete with their meatballs!

Irrisistable eventhough I know the plant will not last….

It’s going to be the year of the rat….hence the rat table mats and some hanging deco..

I baked cornflake cookies yesterday and some peanut cookies. I don’t know what happened but I’ve lost my touch in the peanut cookies. Somehow didn’t turn out as what I have baked before in the past. But I’m sharing the recipe nevertheless..

Traditional Peanut Cookies

500g peanuts

500g plain flour

250 – 350 g icing sugar

Cooking oil (sorry never calculated how much)


Fry the peanuts and remove skins then blend till fine (the finer the better the taste) (I couldn’t find my small blender, that’s why the peanuts were not as fine)

Mix blended peanuts with flour (sieve & sugar then add in oil to mix and make a consistent dough, errr able to roll together and doesn’t break la…

Then roll into desired shapes, brush egg yolk over the top & bake in 180 deg celc oven.




15 responses to “Birthday cont’d…and CNY preparations-Backdated of course

  1. Hey Amah!!! Thanks for sharing the peanut recipe..will try it one fine day..and hopefully, it’ll be able to pass off as edible…ha ha ha!!!

    Anyway, I dropped by to wish you n ur family, Gong Xi Gong Xi!

    Have a happy, healthy and wealthy new year ahead!

    Take care!

    thanks for the early CNY greetings! Hope u have a have a good one too!

  2. I LOVE IKEA Meatballs! And I miss them.. (not as much as Lormaikai).. IKEA is so difficult to get to over here. Busy, no time, and I don’t even want to contemplate going on weekends. Can we have IKEA Party next time in KL?

    hahaha..nothing will beat ur lormaikai lor…hmm should i have lormaikai later??

    Ikea party? of course la..we must have lormaikai party la, mamak party la…party all the way la!!!

  3. Kong Hei Fatt Choy!

    Sun lin fai lok!!

  4. Wei…your man come back already…got better mood or not?

    Don’t say I tell you arr… after my driver picked up the barang-barang…your Apah asked my driver to drop him off at some nightspot wor…

    I sms-ed him lah. He said “checking out the night scene with some friends”. I told him to BEHAVE himself, and he replied that He is always a GOOD boy.


    yeah he told the first day he got back leow! he said where got bad mood wor…yea yea deny deny…

  5. Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you and yours..:)

    thanks thanks..sun lin fai lok to u & family too!!!

  6. Ikea’s ambassador. LOL! I think on average u go ikea once a week lar! 😛 lar…got meh?? hahhahaa..ya wor..cos me went again yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yes! I’m glad those meatballs are back too! They were serving the not nice meat patties for a while. Blek!
    And tengkiu for those yum yum cookies!

    no problemo..thanks for having us over ur place!! hope there’s no damages anywhere!! hahaha

  8. Those cornflake cookies veli ‘ho chiak’! Kamsiah…

    tenkiu tenkiu!!

  9. Since you didn’t make cookies for me, I’ll settle for a big fat angpow.

    huh? got ma…u didnt eat meh???

  10. Happy Belated Birthday yah… Gong Xi Fa Chai in advance… I’m coming back soon!

    thank u! so any chance of meeting up??

  11. that’s such a cute card, 2 rats joined together making a heart in the middle… awwww.

    my family loves peanut cookies, especially when they melt in your mouth. mmmm. I wonder if they made some this year?

    from Ikea must b cute la…hahaha but i think only available in Asian countries…

    yea,,,i used to make those that melts in the mouth one…really one…but dunno why this year cannot lor… 😦

  12. Amah, wish u & your family happy chinese new year & Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

    Same to u too!!

  13. Wah Amah, you b’day so extended one ah???

    Anyway, just wanna wish you and your family a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS LUNAR NEW YEAR!

    Gong Hei Fatt Tai Choy!!!!!! 😛

  14. Me too, Wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai here!!!

    Thanks for the receipe.. will try it when I get back to boring SG…. 😀

  15. Japanese food in Japan is the best! 😛

    Ikea’s deco not bad man.. too bad I have no time to go.

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