CNY Break

Hi all! I’m now blogging in a free internet station in Central MTR Station in Hong Kong! Hahaha…Anyway, today is my last day in Hong Kong and we will be going back soon…sobz!!

The holiday so far has been relaxing and good, and Kieran has been pretty good but of course with the occasional hiccups here and there…

The cold weather was bearable, the only time that Kieran couldn’t handle the cold was during the shower and when dressing up!

Shopping was (and is still) good but this time I haven’t bought any shoes!! But then again…I’m off to shop somemore adios folks and see ya really soon!!


10 responses to “CNY Break

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Shopping (You know you NEED more shoes!!)..

    See You Soon!!!

  2. WHAT?! Since when you’re in HK?! Why I duno gei? Not IKEA? You sure?

  3. Wow..!!! envy..! take more pictures ya.. πŸ™‚

  4. Is this your GuangZhou trip??

  5. I hope you got your shoes by now. Otherwise, very sat-pai lor… πŸ˜‰

  6. Happy Valentine’s day, Amah!

  7. Kung Hei Fatt Choy !!! Happy VD !!!!

  8. Wah…syiok ler…..remember to post your loot…

  9. Aiyah! I don’t know you are in HK or else I can tumpang you to buy some wife cake from hang Heung. GOD! I miss the wife cake so much.

    nice meh?? quite sweet lor…

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