Shenzhen Day 1

Flight out was really early and it was not only on time, it arrived earlier than the scheduled time! I’m pretty impressed with AirAsia! The moment we took off, I had Kieran’s homework out. He still has a couple more pages to complete. This time I asked the teacher for the homework in advance and he completed most of it during the CNY break. Didn’t want to repeat the ordeal as per last trip to Hong Kong last June, couldn’t handle all the backlog homework!

The flight was very smooth except for Kieran who made some noise while taking off and when we were about to land as he couldn’t handle the cabin pressure. Upon arrival he was jumping cos of the cold wind. We had to walk down from the plane and board a bus to the terminal so the cold wind kinda got to the small boy! hahahaa.. He was screaming when he washed his hands in the washroom on arrival as the water was like icy cold

The moment we got out of the arrival hall there were guys approaching us offering taxi service. The first guy offered RMB350 to our hotel but we thought it was kinda high so we walked on. We tried asking for advise but didn’t really get good ones. Then we settled with an unlicensed taxi for RMB170.00. The ride was about 40-45 minutes as the hotel was in the Luohu area (near the HK border).

The hotel reception was really slow in checking us in and we got kinda irritated with the guy as he spoke in heavy northern accent mandarin and didn’t make any attempt in speaking slowly! We noticed that most of the workers come from the north, even the taxi drivers, that’s why we couldn’t get any advise from them on where to go for good food or shopping areas. The hotel room was bearable, quite big and clean.

We were waiting for my uncle to come down to meet us so we started unpacking and I discovered I forgot to pack Kieran’s pyjamas!!! Warao! I had to run out to get some for him so we walked towards the train station and saw a shopping complex there. I knew it’s going to more pricey since it’s in this area but I didn’t want to go too far. So bought 3 sets at RMB100 (actually still quite cheap after conversion and also the quality was very good!). We had this lady who was recommending me a manicure following me and she helped me ask around for the pyjamas place! Then I was obligated to get a manicure done!! Had a nail extension done at RMB100. Pretty good deal even though I know I can get it done cheaper elsewhere!

Our uncle managed to find us and we went out to Dong Men on recommendation by the receptionist. This uncle is Apoh’s 3rd older brother who was innocently sent back to China due to some reasons which I can’t disclose here. He was separated from him wife and 2 daughters and I really feel so sorry for him now…living all alone…

The shopping here at Dong Men sucked big time, really pasar malam type and really not worth the time to come at all! And we had difficulty finding a place to snack as Kieran was complaining he was hungry! We actually had a meal after we checked in but he got hungry so fast! Must be due to the cold weather.

We had to pay upon ordering meaning, before the food arrived! And the food sucked too! Blek..


21 responses to “Shenzhen Day 1

  1. Beware the Cold weather, for you shall Eat, and Eat, and Eat!! 🙂
    At first, I thought you had some strange fruit for dinner, looking at those fingers..

    that’s what exactly happened! we ate more than 5 meals per day!!! hahahaaa

  2. welcome back, missed u for a week..hehe…kinda miss granduncle also la… actually wish i had gone with u guys…. anyway, have some good news for you…tell ya when i see u…and waiting for u to shop together-gether with meeeeeeee….

    ya lar u…ku cheh kept asking why u didn’t come along!

  3. But you had fun in HK right???

    HK?? yeah,,,it’s always fun!!

  4. so nice of you to visit your uncle 🙂 love your nails 😀

    actually we didn’t go to uncle’s house, asked to come to meet us in Shenzhen lor…

  5. Where was Kylie??? I thought she went too.
    Wah, the weather really looked cold ya… can see you guys shivering.

    no leh cannot bring Kylie la..cos it will not be a holiday after all! It was kinda cold in Shenzhen..

  6. wow..amah u went for holiday again..envy envy..

    amah need to recharge one if not sure haywire leh!

  7. aiks why never show me yr nails yesterday?

    em toong go around & show ppl nails meh….

  8. So.. Shenzhen not worth it?

    Btw, you and Kieren went alone? Ahpah leh? Kieren is the lucky one, always get to tag a long.

    It could ve been better if I did more research b4 I went..yeah I left Apah & Kylie behind…. 😦

  9. you shd let me know that u will be going to sz
    then i can recommend you nice places to eat 🙂

    yeah I wanted to but was soooo bz before the CNY…

  10. Wow..!! shiong ah..!! go holiday also gotta do home work.. poor Kieran..!! luckily he is such a good boy hor.. 🙂

    have to la…in fact the situpided teacher didn’t give the complete homework and we still have to suffer now!

  11. have a good holiday!!!
    your boy sooo his homework…clever boy..

    ahh?? I went n came back leow lor…

  12. SYIOK BETUL! HORNIDAY LAGI!! You forgot to pack me in your luggage lar oi!

    hahhaa..cannot la..cos Amah wanna shop woi! Not enuf luggage space lor!

  13. wah he actually can do homework in plane…not bad leh.

    ok waiting for day 2 kekeke

    got to wait some time cos me been bz bz bz… 😉

  14. wah, how nice. went holiday again. just the two of you?

    yea two of us with my brother and his wife

  15. i tink i wana open a laundry shop as can travel everytime…very untung ho!!!


    no lar..doesn’t cost a lot to travel to China & HK ma…

  16. nice…always go hols….

    always? no lar…about twice a year la…short short one ma…

  17. Dong Men only good for buying pirated DVD, XBOX and PSP games…just so so on other things..

    oi how come i didn’t see the dvd shops geh?? maybe not in the mood to shop oso la..

  18. Wah, holidaying again ah! Dem good life la you. Make sure you post more pic on Day 2.

    emmm no lar…try to take life easy ma…

  19. Ha! I only manage to get a few pieces of those silk type chemises that I like from Dong Men when I went for my Hong Kong trip. Good quality and it’s quite cheap. 😛

    That’s it! Hong Kong better! hehe…

    at least u got something u liked!

  20. After reading this article,I want to go out to see the movie with my boy firend.
    Goodbye and Good Luck.


  21. omg. shopaholic!!!!!!!!
    you go and come back… my barang from hk still not here yet! LOLS!!!
    your nail… looks like you just killed someone… 😛

    hahahaha..aiya the red bits were the shiny sprinkle dusts la…

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