Shenzhen Day 2-Part 2

The first picture below was where my paternal grandfather used to live in. It was so small! I can’t remember how many siblings he had but I know that he did have a tiff with one of his brother(s) and guess what? This incident repeated in my dad’s generation and now I can actually see that happening to my generation too. Is some kind of generation thingy repeating one generation after another…scary….

I don’t think the brothers reconciled but thank God my dad reconciled with his brother when my grandfather lapse into coma and didn’t stop breathing for over a day despite the oxygen tank we brought back from the hospital was used up. It was so sad seeing him struggling for air but he was still breathing nevertheless! The moment my dad shoke hands with my uncle and assuring him that they will always be brothers, it was so dramatic as all the women around were sobbing (so was I) and all and I will never forget that incident ever! And believe or not…my grandpa passed away shortly after that happened…Sorry side tracked from my trip…

Back to my grandfather, I felt it was appropriate to share his story since I visited his homeland. My dad found out the reason he left his homeland due to arranged marriage. And strange enough, that was the reason why my paternal grandmother left her homeland too! Saga leh….It’s like the typical TVB drama huh? Well my grandfather’s family due to some weird reasons “married” a girl into the family (meant for my grandfather) when she was only 12 years old!! I guess it was due to poverty since in those days as families who were not able to feed another mouth it’s better to give them away so they do not suffer….

Anyway..when the girl reached the marrying age…the family was going to prepare for the wedding and my grandpa got cold feet and ran away! The poor girl still had to go through the marriage ceremony without the groom and when they bowed to the ancestors a rooster was used to replace the groom!! OMG!! I thought roosters were used to replace the groom when he dies before the wedding day! So I guess they actually thought my grandpa died when he left! I dare not ask my relative about this incident to clarify as I thought he may have forgotten about it since it happened soooo many donkey years ago..


This the living area of the house maybe the poor lady married the “rooster” here…

There were some parts of the ancestor houses that were demolished and the residents there used the spare area to plant vegetables. There were spring onions and “choy sum”.

Then some village kids came round to look at us with curiosity and I couldn’t help taking photos of them. Notice the first one and can you see what he was holding on to?? Cigarettes!! One thing about China that I so absolutely hate is the people smoke so much and there are no restrictions in smoking indoors! *Cough Cough* The next picture is an older kid carrying a younger kid and notice the hole in his pants bearing his buttocks! Well they don’t have the luxury of wearing disposable diapers and besides, if it’s cold weather, it’s not condusive to change their diapers as the pants would have to be taken out…brrrrrrrrr….The last picture shows how dirty the clothings they were wearing and from looking at their living conditions there, I doubt they have their daily baths!

See what’s in his hands!!

Hole in pants for convenience….

Dirty clothes…


24 responses to “Shenzhen Day 2-Part 2

  1. Waa, I was right in my previous comment! Really a bestseller Saga!! Summore got rooster plot, and sibling conflict, and you sobbing non-stop! Many ingredients! True Life Drama!! πŸ™‚
    Then, got Airy Pants!.. and in the middle of all this, choi sum!

    hahahha….really it’s kinda rare to catch me sobbing lor…

  2. what?????? A rooster???? LOL!!!!! How funny is that??? Poor girl!!!!
    and the whole in pants things… Won’t their butts freeze in the cold?? I guess that’s where the term ‘ freeze your a** off’ comes from:)

    oooo that happened in China and I’m not sure if the tradition is still being practised now…I hope not!

  3. *hole

    oo that hole is actually not visible when they are they can keep quite warm..but in that pic he was being carried so the hole was visible when the pants was stretched..hahaha

  4. What?? Rooster? Tot only happens in TVB.

    and the kids… aiyoo.. so charm. 😦

    ya lor…that’s why we should always appreciate what we have here..

  5. Oh..rooster…I only saw on TVB la..when the groom is dead…didn’t know they did that in mainland as well..
    Airy butt…hehe…

    yea meaning TVB does have some true real life stories geh…

  6. LOL. i was reading you page when you comment on my page. LOLS.
    the butt crack is hilarious. LOLs!!!

    aiya hilarious at one glance but to think deeper quite cham lor… 😦

  7. oh that is the HIO LONG FU my grandma used to tell me last time. Eh the children hold but he got smoke or not? So bad influence la..

    ahhhh that’s the name for it!! u sooooo crever!! i didnt see the kids smoke la..

  8. I always feel sad when i see children in these condition. Makes us feel that we are so privileged to be where we are. Good for u to expose Kieran to this at such a young age. It will help to teach him not just on his ancestral roots but also to appreciate what he has.

    yea…but Kieran is too comfortable in his life to know what’s happening even when he saw the kids face to face…’s so hard to teach city kids..

  9. Those kids look so pitiful. Like my parents said those China folks in the cities look so well to do, but once they are in the rural areas, their hearts opened up to them.

    yea the rich is like mega rich but the poor remains poor as they r usually exploited with low wages and is never able to survive in the big city as the cost of living is so high..

  10. the kids seem so pitiful….i can then see that our kids are spoilt here by their parents, including me!

    anyway, i tag u here….

    aiya another tag ah…me didnt do one tag which was quite some time ago oso..yikes! or was it 2? can’t remember leow…

  11. I saw the hole in the pants even in the most modern part of Shanghai.. Haih.. eco friendly ma.. no need diapers!

    yeah i saw in Shanghai too..and one mother was cleaning up the mess out on the railway waiting hall! hahhaa,,

  12. look at the kids really so ‘kesian’…..
    i dun wan to go shenzhen edi….haha

    no lar..shenzhen not that bad la….hahahahahaa…

  13. some even smoke inside the shopping center..*pengsan*

    some? is understatement la..most of them la!

  14. The ‘airy hole’ hor… but the pants still can get wet, right? 😦 Aihhh… when we see ppl liddis, oni we realise we r so lucky…

    i think so…but then choice lerr..yeah we are so blessed..

  15. yer..u so ham sup one ler…hehe… actually i hv seen kids with pants like this too in china too, and cambodia during hot weather, babies dont wear pants at all ler, so when they carry bb around, can see the ku ku bird..
    hope ur generation wont have such tiff

    aiya me no humsup lerr..hahahahaa…quite funny ma…

  16. How come you suddenly go back to China to Ancestor’s village one?? What was the push that made you do it?

    hmmm actually my dad told us before that we should go back one day..n I really wasn’t like planning it until my brother decided to go so I mai tagged along lor…it was a good thing..

  17. wah..u ham sap eh the hole oso u can take pic kekeke…

    where got..not purposely ma…hahahhaa

  18. kesian seeing all the kids there..wearing dirty and torn clothes. 😦

    ya lor…I just reminded Kieran about them this morning..

  19. I heard those going back to their ancestor homeland bought a lot of stuff like food, bla bla for them and not forgetting the cash too. So do you?

    errrr soooo embarrassing lor cos we didn’t buy a lot of things back summore got back good welcome plus good hospitality!

  20. New generation of cloth diapers eh? Your story is very intriguing – can start writing a book or make into a movie liao.

    that’s what LB suggested…but who’s going to buy this story wor…hahaahaha

  21. actually ppl in china only bath once a year… that’s what most people said… πŸ˜€

    and yes… very young kids also smoke..

    what???????? cannot la….once a month oso cannot no no in fact once a week oso yucks man!

  22. Dat veedio u ask angeles to ask me to make wan, got peepul make liao lar, datz how i learn, kekekekeke.

    wahhh cheeemm…show me where the veedio faster la wei!

  23. wah Amah! That was an awesome story…
    Your dad was really superb! Go all the way to track all his roots…

    It must be nice to see how are the rest are doing hor? I think we have some in China still and some of my uncles actually went to meet them.

    Don’t think my hubby likes that kinda idea! πŸ˜›

    yeah my dad is strong believer in respect to ancestors & elders…

  24. thanks for sharing this. i wonder what happened to the rooster after the ceremony….hehehhee
    anyway, I feel so sad to see those kids leh 😦

    they proly killed the rooster & ate it!

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