So sad…… :'(

Got to take a break from Shenzhen-HK rendesvouz… cos on Monday I received the saddest news ever… I was at the saloon as usual having a gala time, chewing on chips and suddenly I received an sms from Angie (Oscar’s mommy). She told me that she has to resign to help her hubby. Meaning she’s going to be “si thau por”, so it was like a very weird feeling, as a friend, I’m sooo happy for her, but as an employer, I was devastated! The chips that I was chewing on just now suddenly tasted bad and I stopped eating it…The holiday I was planning for end of the year also scrapped leow….

Remember I mentioned before how thankful I have Angie as my assistant, she’s really been (still is) a great help and I can totally rely on her and she can manage my business very well without me around. So much so till I sometimes always take her for granted, always going away for shopping seeing customers & holidays till she gets overloaded with work. She has never complained nor voiced out and never fails to greet me with a smile in her normal cheerful self each morning!

So you tell me, am I going to miss her or not?? Of course la! We have been friends for more than 10 years woi! And we have been so close that we can talk about anything under the sun….I am really going to miss that and of course our hyena laughing!! We have grown to be so alike and at times, our customers cannot tell us apart over the phone! Even when they meet us, they ask if we were sisters! Yeah, she’s the sister to me that I never had…and I can totally share my deepest & darkest secret with her! Hey but then again, we will still meet la…right? Angie??

So to assess how crazy this has been,  King’s wife sms to me yesterday reminded me of something…

KW – “your favourite sale of all time is starting tomorrow wor 🙂 how’s things?”

KW was reminding me of the Ikea sale la..what else? I usually get very kanchiong (excited) over the sale and will plan ahead on the logistics and how I can reach the sale on time but somehow lost the enthusiasm until KW reminded me…so I went la of course! But since I was not as enthusiastic as before I only arrived there around 9 + am. (The last time I was there before 7 am!)

So, right now I am busy looking for someone new to join me, so if you are funny and willing to work while the boss is always away, please do drop me a note! No special qualifications is required, just a willing heart and positive attitude will do!


28 responses to “So sad…… :'(

  1. Even I am beginning to think that the tow of you are so alike in so many ways!! I can’t tell whose blog I am in, unless I look very hard at the banner! I bet you will miss her so much! I also miss her already! You know what? Today, I just received a HUGE BOX from her as well!!! Really HUGE!!! I will have enough Teh Tarik for the rest of the month now!! I am so sad that she’s not going to remain as your sidekaki..
    Meanwhile, I want to come for IKEA sale too!

    yea she was telling me about sending u the kopi and I didnt know she actually went ahead to do it! That’s her la..always thinking of others!

    so u want anything from the sale??

  2. Gimme tinker ok?

  3. auntie i m looking for a job…my heart is very willing to jaga pintu for u while u go shoping/….;p

    u sure or not???

  4. scare me only. i thought what happened so sad.. although still quite sad lar to lose a trusted employee. now u no more ikea-ing liao.

    wat no more..u didn’t read properly la.. I still went!

  5. I am willing to sit there and have a laugh with U can arrr lidat???? HAhahaha… yes bet U’ll miss Angie a lot.. Angie soooo good ahhh send kopi over to LB..Too bad me now can’t hv kopi..bad for BB..

    ayo u errrr a bit far wor..

  6. haha. I like the specs…”if you are funny”! Not only that, must understand all your jokes and laugh till cry one!! 😆

    You so garang….you never fight with her hubby over her meh? Heeheee….
    If she has to go, she has to go lor 😦
    Hope you find another competent assistant to replace her.
    I wish Angie all the best. Wei, I haven’t met her before also.

    ya wor…my jokes funny ma…sure must laf till cry la! kakakakakkaa
    eh fren fren cannot fight over her with hubby rite??? 😉

  7. Wah so sad…

    Yeah, Angie, all the best! Wah, becum si thao phor.. nxt time free, can go Ikea wt Amah liao! 😉

    hahahahaa…ya wor!

  8. NO more shopping outings during office hours. NO more curi-curi go yum char too!!!

    cham lor….save more money lor…abuden??

  9. Oh..just found out your bil staying at our old place…which is only about 500 m from my current place… so if you visit me…you probably got to visit him. 🙂

    aiya chances of me coming like very unlikely lor…but hubby going again soon wor….

  10. Wheyyyyyyyy
    hope u one leg kick for a while la… Save enuff money first, then get another capable asst… then u can use the saved money and do more shopping n travelling…



    wahhhhh u kejam skali!!! blek! 😛

  11. i guess it’s a hard decision for everyone….if i come across anyone cari work i’ll let them know


  12. sigh… this is also the saddest and toughest decision i have to make. like i said, i am torn between my best pal and loukong… i will surely miss all those crazy days we have and i am missing everyone here already…

    amah, we have never been apart like this (yr holidays dont count la), so i really hope my non-existance will not caused you any burden and also mar-farn….

    but hey, we can still go out together-gether right? remember our jalan jalan cari makan days? must do it la….

    *hugs x infinity………*

    oh at the moment got to put jln jln cari makan cos overweight leow!

  13. I guess if its the loukong who asked… whatever counter offer you make also wont be accepted… hehehehehe… anyway… the only thing that is change that you don’t get to see her everyday at work… but still can go do social activities together gether mar…

    yeah cos we bloggers sure have alot of activities one….no prob!

  14. work at home can? 🙂

    my kind of work a bit difficult to work at home leh..

  15. Hire ME! Hire ME!

    cannot afford u la…

  16. i’m funny, meticulous and willing to work…if you would allow me to bring ashley to work then do consider me 😉

    p/s: how come i didn’t know about the ikea sale eh? next time pls sms me lor.

    can can..bring her along so kylie has a playmate! u dunno that i have a playroom upstairs meh??

  17. you should be shopping for a new assistant not furniture. LOLs.

    i know i know…

  18. If I live there..I will apply lo….hahaha..Ikea sale agian…soon will be the Singapore sales right mid year…

    tooo bad u r sooooo farrrr awayyyyyyyy

  19. I apply..!! can..?? please..?? pretty please..?? you hire .. i fly home immediately… muahhaha!! how’s that..??

    aiya u si tau porrr watt….

  20. oooh Singapore? did anyone mentioned Singapore? I kicked myself cos the sale preview started at 8am. Wanted to get a cubby for my girls.. I’ll go this week before school hols or the crowd will be too overwhelming!

    u need assistant ka…heeheehee *wicked witch sniggles*

    by the way, i’m on a search for KopiSoh

    huh? spore sale not until June la…

    Kopisoh? can get to her in my links under Firehorse

  21. When you lose a right hand person, then it feels like the whole world just collapsed.

    Hope you’ll find a new assistant soon !

    YA LOR… hey since when ur butt became pimply???

  22. Alamak! I’m so slow!! Now i only know Angie resign! Hope u find your left right assistant soon.

    fast fast recommend me one fai tiiitt!!!

  23. You forgot 1 more sentence…..

    “So, right now I am busy looking for someone new to join me, so if you are funny and willing to work while the boss is always away, please do drop me a note! No special qualifications is required, just a willing heart and positive attitude will do…..

    …..and willing to work for peanuts!”

    MUahahahahahahahahahaha!!! *cabut*

    really gatal wanna kena whack backside!

  24. So before she goes, are you gonna frisk her body, make sure she leaves with only the clothes she came with etc like your indon maid?

    Oh dear, she’s gonna hate me so much.

    very funny! bluekkkkk!

  25. aawww…… *sob* *sob*

    I read lioa also wanna sob with you…. I can understand how you feel….

    Hopefully you can find another good assistant.

    searching..antenna up leow…

  26. you mean willing to work while boss is away shopping and at the hair salon? ai that i also want to follow the boss!:P

    liddat cannot la…. 😉

  27. wah.. went 2 hours later for the sales.. must have affected you really badly. 😛


  28. I want! I want! If you’ll sponsor my move to KL. Just kidding! Not farnee ah? Oklah, I knew I did not qualify for the job anyway 😛

    Good luck to you.

    wah of course not la..u r overqualified for the job lor…

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