Going bananas…MAJOR RANT!

Today I had to go to Mid Valley to collect my notebook from the service centre and had to bring along the kids and the maid. I already started my screaming session in the car as the girl wants to lie down straight and refused to share the space with the brother and of course the brother cannot take it la! He shouted at her and the the lil cili padi of course fought back. I have yet to locate my missing cane…the boy must have thrown it away!

Once I parked the car, the boy opened the door and came down with the sister and of course I screamed as I know he can’t handle her and the sotong (blur) maid is of course still inside the car! Screamed at her to hurry up and then screamed at Kieran…ayoooo..

Then the girl refused to hold hands..and I had to repeatedly threaten to throw her in the big dustbin..yes I’ve been using this to threat her whenever she’s not obeying..I’ve even stopped the moving car to show her how “serious my threat is”…

I had to stop over to buy a new pair of school shoes for Kieran as the “sotong” maid washed his last dry pair of shoes before the others were dry! So yesterday he had to go to school with his sneakers! I don’t know what he does in school but his shoes get dirty like black after 2 days! So he has 3 pairs of shoes, so if he changes every 2 days, the shoes should get dry BUT only if the maid washes the shoes immediately la! Of course she didn’t as she waits to be told what to do all the time! So when I notice the other 2 pairs were not washed, of course I scolded her…but there was this last pair…but before she washed the other 2 pairs…she washed the last pair the next day!!!!! You say bananas or not??? Then I asked her if she washed the last pair..what was Kieran going to wear and she was so freaking smart and gave me a smart ass answer and pointed at the sneakers and said this, “THERE!” in very loud & confident volume. Oh yes, I’ve not told u guys that she is very bold, she answers me “YES” very loud and in that very confident manner each time, same goes with “NO” etc etc…

Back to the school shoes buying process….I was choosing the shoes and then got the size turned around…

Me-Kieran try this…

Oi? Where is everyone??? All gone leow..the boy was dashing about and of course the girl wants to run after him but she can’t catch up of course! So she’s like tripping and falling down and all over the floor! I screamed of course! What was the maid doing? Dreaming in one corner la!

The walk towards the computer service centre was not smooth either..Kieran dashed off as usual and the same process repeated..kids run, crazy mom screaming…people staring..ayoooo

Me-So what’s wrong with my notebook?

IT guy-It’s a virus..

Kieran-Blog somemore la…(in the teasing tone..)

Wah this time I really blew it leow..

Me-Do you want me to slap you in front of everyone now? (my face all screwed up and gritting my teeth at the same time)

He really tested me to the max. I quickly dragged everyone out of the shop and put in RM1 of coins in one of those musical moving cars thingy to shut them up entertain them.

We quickly made our way back to the car park and along the way of course I had to scream a few times and the final straw was when Kylie laid down flat like sleeping on the floor while waiting for me to pay for the parking!! Fainted! I give up! I really cannot take the kids out together anymore..I think I will go mad and by standing people may report me to the authorities!


27 responses to “Going bananas…MAJOR RANT!



    Manyak kesian lar lu. But what to do lar. Kids ba. šŸ˜›

    wahh ppl so kesian u still lafu at me…blek!

  2. heee…i think they really want ur attention lorrrrr…

    huh? not only did they get my attention, the whole shopping complex attention oso got leow!

  3. wow wow..so havoc ya..
    Eh, my boys sometime is both also lying on the floor on shopping mall, me lagi stress!
    cool down amah, don’t angry so much lo..

    ya lar..at that time sure gila after that ok leow lor…

  4. Wah …. damn geng lar your son in his response … “Blog somemore-la” …

    That’s maybe why I don’t plan on having children yet. Sure very kek sim one !

    no no no…not all kids liddat one…

  5. the car incident and running around in malls, sounds exactly like my kids!! me sometimes oso cannot hv some peace buying things. but i dont have a maid, u got one and how come she is like that one? she was supposed to help u watch ur kids while u talked to the service ctr ppl. ya she is very blur sotong…hehe…

    sigh…meaning i not only have to take care of 2 kids plus one more that is my sotong maid la!

  6. oh man..i can understand how stressful you are. our kids really drive us insane eh? sometimes just wish that they would go back inside our tummy huh?

    errr..back in the tummy…i don’t think so oso cos me suffered nausea for both pregnancies till they were born!

  7. alamak… no wonder so stressed… nvm, tonite we destress u, okeh? šŸ˜‰

    yeah definitely de-stressed after that nite!

  8. hahah ya ya.. i agree. the kids really test our patience! my younger one sometimes really very cranky in the mornings when she wakes up.. what a day to start my day.. and yes.. maids.. i also sometimes grrrr…..

    wat do hor…that’s part & parcel of being a mom..

  9. wah they really testing ur patience eh…..

    my boy too loves lying on the floor aiyoo

    the lying on the floor part i noticed a lot of kids doing it too..did they go to some place where they discussed to do this to make us parents mad???

  10. hahahahaha, sorry as i cant help LOL too! you filtered the funny part when you told me the story…. ayo yr lil cili padi ah, want to send to my ahpoh place to be ‘trained’ ah…. hahahaha, “step-mother-style”…….

    huh? ur apoh place where got trainin wor? the cane hit the floor only geh..

  11. Sell them all to the Mangali… that was what my mother used to say to me. Didn’t work, because no Mangali wanted to buy..

    wahhh cannot la…racist leh…i now use throw in the big big dustbin trick leow…so far working la..but have to keep remindin!

  12. wah, your kids so uncontrollable meh?
    Kieran’s retort really sharp lah. Now I can laugh, but I can imagine your anger at that time.

    ya lor…even the girl oso so naughty wei…

  13. Never mind lah….tonite your anger all gone liao and you laughed like a mad woman! hahahahaha!!!

    Teach you a trick…
    I used to wash my school shoes on the 11th hour and placed them behind the fridge to dry. Guarantee will dry by next morning.

    aiya the fridge so near the wall how to put the shoes there wor…

  14. Wah your son dares to throw your cane away? When we were kids we never dared to touch the cane. So scary if our mother finds out. šŸ˜”

    Chill amah, kids will always be kids. Soon they’ll grow up and you’ll be missing those times you can shout at them (or maybe not?). Haha.

    hmmm…miss these crazy moments? i don’t think so..

  15. brought along kids = hurt your throat

    ya man!

  16. Oh my..!! poor laundry amah.. šŸ˜¦
    But kieran so cute.. can say .. “blog some more” .. muahhahahaha!!

    cute??? wahhhh….no big no small leh!

  17. LOL! Peggy you sound so stressed la! I aslo feel stressed when reading your post! hahahah….I know how you feel..I get that too!:)

    i was stressed to the max alright!

  18. Walaueh, if I were you I slap adi! Hahahahaha. I can almost “see” the smoke coming out of your head.

    i so wanted to slap but in public so i controlled myself!!

  19. i certainly know how stressed u were!! all the shouting n scolding n sometimes beating doesnt seem to work…n like u everyone will turn to stare, the bad mother! it definitely spoils the day n wht i do now is keep quiet n ignore my boy, the silent treatment until he behaves!! if he’s throwing tantrums…i’ll just let go of his hand n walk away(kena look out la a bit for him!) it works la, still!

    actually i oso use the silent treatment plus the laser stare….works only for short term la…sigh…

  20. wah
    This Kieren really know how to ‘chat’ you..
    but funny la.. the way he ‘chat’ you.

    Hahaha.. kesian Amah..

    learn from the father la!

  21. yr kylie also like to lie down flat when angry wan ah? hahaha same like my son…stress damn stresss…..

    errr she was not angry when she was lying down on the floor…it was like a game! die or not???

  22. *add to cocka comment

    I put mine underneath the fridge. Sure cooked i mean dried by tomorrow morning. It works, try la.

    huh? where got space wor???

  23. Kesian…haha..I also can feel the havoc..reading your story…
    Wah “sotong” maid, can say “yes” like that, if say to me sure kena slap one..

    cannot scold her when she says the “yes!!!!” cos i’m sure she innocently said it that way….

  24. Wah!! I can imagine the decibels! Kieran! Kylie! Must maintain your image, k? Act lady, go back then scold. er… you can tahan tat long anot? hehe….

    that’s the problem…cannot TAHAN!! hahahaa

  25. HAHAHA. omg. it’s funny. sorry. but it’s funny. LOLs.

    laugh la..hmmmph…

  26. dear darling..sounds like the many episodes I face with my boys. i think it’s quite common esp with hyperactive children (speaking for myself!). you can’t keep them in the house, so you just need to find ways to keep up with them. I found it `compromising’ to take them to the toys department and then you can get your chance to do your own thing (hopefully). If need be, try to make little stops now and then to give them some space. It’s not fun going shopping with adults, looking at stuff (other than toys and books), so they will tend to make a fuss eg. run around, find trouble, beating up each other…etc. I know it doesn’t help employing a maid which is good for nothing when you initial reason for hiring one is to take care of the kids (assist you!!). Instead you end up getting all worked up because of the ADD look. Instead of taking care of the kids, she ends up either dreaming (not moving or dazed) or whatever you can imagine. I have my share of it with my maid too! Sometimes it’s even better to let them stay at home – since they are good for nothing and wasting time and energy walking in the shopping complex and come home looking dead tired and can’t work. Try turn taking. It works with my little one. As for the bigger one, maybe you can let him play at the indoor kids place while you do your shopping. Picking up stuff, no need la…just keep it short and sweet. As for fighting, it will be a continous journey of tug of war…you and the kids. šŸ˜€ Cart along some toys to keep both occupied. Throw a doll for Kylie and a car for Kieren and for the maid – save the cane for her…LOL. Joking………..just remind your kids to wake her up! FYI mine sleeps in the car even for a ride to Midvalley which is only 15 minutes. So there…..what is there to say about taking care of your kids in the car? Who takes care of who? The yelling and chasing the kids in shopping mall….just remember to be thicked skinned. After a while you don’t feel embarassed anymore..because you just learn to cope with the situation. Nothing much you can do about that.

    leave the maid at home????? u must b kidding…she’ll be sleeping on my bed with the air con on!

  27. I also use that ‘dustbin’ threat! It works but dono for how long lar…. šŸ˜¦

    Aiyoh, I really scare to have such situation one day… screaming all over the place… *sigh* it is tough to be a mommy hor?

    really maximum tough & i really feel it nowadays…so tired la…

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