Shenzhen Day 2-Cont’d

Our relatives were gracious enough to not only accompany us to the Windows of the World Theme Park, they drove us there in their new car! The park was really crowded despite the fact that we it was kind of late in the afternoon. The car park was full and thank goodness there was another car park nearby so . We quickly bought tickets and off we went in.



That’s the entrance of the park. I was quite impressed with the many imitation & miniature wonders and famous landmarks of the world there. However, we couldn’t complete the whole park as it got dark by 6.30 pm….what a pity..

Our little friend of course enjoyed himself very much in the park. We left the park and went to dinner at a Hakka Restaurant. Again our relative got lost along the way but we managed to find the place to eat..We tried to pay for the dinner but they were just too quick and managed to pay first!

The food was very tasty but I found them a tad too saltish, in fact the food so far in various restaurants we’ve been were quite saltish…made me eat more rice than usual! blek…

The bowls and cutlery are sterilised and wrapped when served to us. But there is an extra charge for this service, I think it was about RMB2 extra for a set!

After dinner, they drove us back to the hotel. We were so tired and full of course from the meal and we exchanged telephone numbers and hopefully we will be able to return the favour when they come visit us here in Malaysia!


10 responses to “Shenzhen Day 2-Cont’d

  1. the food is very salty because its winter time and u tend to drink more water ma. thats according to the beijing tour guide on beijing food

    really???? ooooooo so des ka nehh….. but then drink more water only one to go toilet…which I tried to avoid lor…

  2. Can you bring me along the next time too? I want to eat all that salty food!! wanna go ah? can airasia very the cheap ma…book now la…when u come back we all can go together gether blogger gathering in Shenzhen!! was just talking about this with angel, nyonya & cocka last week!

  3. the park looks fun and kieran veli ‘lek’ do all the acting woh… 😉

    sigh..that Kieran learn from who else??? me la! wakakakakakaka…

  4. my hubby oso posed at that dragon thingy and pretended to be a dragon LOL…..then we were at this place with dinosaur, he actually pretended attacked by dino and asked me to video *roll eyes*

    hahaha,,,actually i started acting around first then kieran & my brother started to follow,,,so now u know who r the big kids huh..hahahaa

  5. eh, i also wanna go lerr!! got siao ma ma got siao son also! bahahahahhahaha!! i can imagine u going, “kieran keiran, do this do this!” “kieran kieran, like this liek this!”


    eh i didn’t ask him to pose liddat one wor…he wanted to and kept asking me take photo of him! blek!

  6. hahahaha..i about to said, your little friend really njoy himself with full of expression and acting on the pictures. Now i know who teach him that lo…hahahaha

    he’s quite a drama king…definitely inherited that from his mom!

  7. Nice cooling trip you have there. I heard their public toilets are very awesome wan. Correct ar?

    awesome?? what do u mean?? awesome as in good or bad?? BAD LA of course!

  8. I went to this theme park too, my son enjoyed it but not me. So crowded, have to fight with the young and old Cheenas for rides and photos.blek…

    Shenzhen has very nice food – dimsum, steamboat, Cantonese cuisine…. wah! I’m going next month.

    I want to go blogger holiday too! jio me ah! I’ll remind angel. hehe….

    hmm somehow i wasn’t too happy with the food I tried there..went to all the wrong places lor…

  9. For a moment, the Red Indian statue reminded me of S2’s PINATA! Hahahahhaha…

    hahahaha…errr i think the pinata uglier la…

  10. wah…not bad yeah the food there 😛

    so so only ler…

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