Shenzhen-HK Day 3

We ventured off further to find a breakfast place and found one descent ala HK style “char chan teng” (coffee shop) and the weirdest part was there was a waitress there that looks exactly like my previous maid, only fairer! So freaky ok! Anyway, the food was ok & cheap.

Before packing our stuff and checked out, I went for a hairwash and it cost me RMB15 only!! So the cheapest neh! We walked to the Luohu Checkpoint as it’s only 10 minutes walk and the weather was superb for walking anyway. They have separate entry level for overseas travellers from the local Chinese & HK travellers so the queue was not long.

There was this Japanese guy standing in front of me and I noticed he kept turning around and has this “yum yum sup sup” (horny) smile. Of course not looking at me la! I slowly turned around to find out who’s he looking at and saw this China Doll girl standing there waving and smiling shyly at the Jap guy. No need to ask la…must be eh hemm eh hemmm girlfriend la…Then the girl walked towards the guy and they whispered into each other’s ear, like so happy and se-weet se-weet..liddat lor…Amah mia interpretation of their conversation..

Girl-Last night u were great…

Guy-I’m glad you enjoyed yourself..

Girl-When are you coming again? I’ll miss you lots..

Guy-I will try my best and come down again next week..but you know..I can’t make it too obvious by coming over too often…my tigress at home may suspect ma…

Girl-yehhh..*twisting body and pouting lips*

Ok ok..the above conversation is purely fictatious and derived from Amah’s mia imagination ok!! Don’t sue me ah!

As they exchanged whispers, the Japanese guy started to sweat!’s quite cold that morning ok…and he was just standing there come start sweating geh? Anyway, the girl took out a tissue to dap on his forehead to wipe the sweat away..heeheeheeheee….”sei hum sup loh… ” whispering oso can sweat…blechhhh (sorry no photos…already eavesdropping…cannot be too obvious right??kekekekekke)

The crossover went smoothly, and we were in HK in just 15 minutes! Quickly bought our Octopus travelling cards. Kids are entitled half price fares so you must specify you want a child card. I called my “qu cheh” (friend) to tell her we are on our way to her place. She thought I was going to stay in a hotel but I asked her if we could stay in her place before we came wor! Wah,,good thing she didn’t have any other she had to tidy up her apartment to receive us like immediately! She lives alone so her apartment is quite small, can’t blame her la…

The train ride was about 2o minutes to the maid Kowloon East Station. We had to change to TST station which is connected to Kowloon East station. The system is HK is so super duper effiecient…they have walkalators to help us walk with ease. The MTR trains are frequent like every 5 minutes or less..and we were on our way to “qu cheh”‘s place at Tai Koo. Since our luggage were still relatively light and easy to handle, I decided to take the train all the way to save on taxi fare. The walk up to “qu cheh”‘s apartment was kinda tough as it’s uphill all the way! Had to start taking out my scarf then my windbreaker….in fact it’s warmer here compared to Shenzhen.

“Qu cheh”‘s place gets “smaller” each time I go there..the last time I went, she added a fridge in her already cramped living room and now with the festive decoration, the apartment somehow looks more cramped…

The above lovely peonies greeted us as we walked in the apartment. “Qu cheh” is a florist and she’s quite popular among the rich and famous…In fact she was supposed to come to Msia before Chinese New Year but she was not allowed leave as it was during that time where speculation of the death of the late Lydia Shum was going on..

After we left our stuff in the apartment,”Qu cheh” said she had to go as she’s busy so we made our way out too and met a long time friend in Causeway Bay…I haven’t seen this guy since 1993 after we graduated. I actually found him on facebook! Cool huh? Anyway..the conversation we had over tea was really interesting…will talk about that in my next post…


11 responses to “Shenzhen-HK Day 3

  1. only one photo!! u eavesdrop you!! and i think u watch too much drama lar u! LOL!! laugh die me.

    hahaha…sorry only one photo cos that day was like walking & walking…n i’ve been to HK like so many times didn’t really see anything interesting..

  2. Hahaaha!!! You psycho woman! Can write soft p0rn movie already, so talented. Start new blog la…Sizzling Stories by the Laundry Amah….. *fuah! make me sweat, man!*

    hahaha…cannot la…well just so happen that i bumped into these ppl ma…so what they say about ppl keeping 2nd homes in Shenzhen is like so the real lor..

  3. are too funny. i laughed so hard lah.

    really?? hahahhaa…glad u enjoyed reading the story…eh my guess could b rite ok!

  4. OMG!! LAmah!! That was excellent ‘reporting’! You got me all curious now.. so kancheong story..

    hahahaa..that kanchiong story coming up is thanks to Kieran la! OMG he so embarrassed me !!

  5. Sigh…let me guess.. it was a Japanese fei lo.. ‘chin lam yan’!!!!

    no wor,,,he’s quite lean..small slanty eyes as usual..greying hair…u know like richard gere type but only much much shorter??!!! hahahaha

  6. hair wash is cheap!! yer u so ham sup one, come out with ur own version of the conversation..hehe hum sup? no lar…it’s the Jap guy who’s hum sup la…hahahaa

  7. great trip u have! not bad mar…..can view some funny scene while enjoying ur trip, one stone kills two birds! haha 😛

    hahaha,,well it is funny only when we interpret it to be funny ma…

  8. hahaha u very notty eh…somemore can imagine what they talk LOL.

    wah nice mau tan!! Love those flowers

    mau tan ka those flowers? is it the same as peonies?? i oso not sure la…LOL!

  9. Hi Laundryamah,
    I’mRachel. First time I come to your site and I learn many tips n experience from you. 😀

    kids sure notti wan ma..but its ok. once grow up, they will be good boy n gal. 🙂

    have a good day

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for dropping by my humble mumbles…

  10. haha, the jap guy always very hamsup one..:)

    actually hor that guy’s face doesn’t look very humsup so there goes to say u can’t judge a person from his looks!

  11. amboi! you watch too much soap operas!!! 😀

    yeah i reckon too,,i think i can be scriptwriter la!

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