Weirdest moment..HK Day Day 3 cont’d

Picking up from my last post re meeting with my university mate whom I found on Facebook! Ok this friend is quite a unique person, in fact weird..nevertheless, he was nice enough to meet me and buy me tea. Soon Kieran dominated the conversation and asked him all sorts of questions and this question nearly made me choke on my sandwich…

Kieran-When you sleep with your girlfriend do you take off your shirt??

My friend- *grinning & speechless*

Me-OMG! I DID NOT teach him this ok! Don’t think weird ah!!! Kieran! No manners, young kids cannot ask such questions! *smack!!*


I was soooo embarrassed ok..I really didn’t know what to say except that I don’t know where he learn to ask such questions. In fact Kieran did go on asking questions…and my friend kept turning to me and said this…

Friend-Your son is very interesting…intriguing…

*roll eyes* no comment!

My friend had to go off to another appointment (Thank God!) and we parted and we ventured off to shop and Kieran could recognise the place and kept pointing to me, there was the place we ate, that’s the place we stayed…bla bla…wow that was quite good memory as the last time we were there was in June 07. These kind of things so good memory, when it comes to more serious stuff like his music notes and school work cannot remember!

It was only a short while shopping as I was tired and decided to go back to the apartment. “Qu cheh” was busy and couldn’t have dinner with us so her maid cooked for us. It was a simple dinner with the chinese new year waxed sausage but it was best tasting sausage I ever had! It was from the famous Yung Kee at Central HK, next to Lan Kwai Fong. This restaurant is famous for its roasted goose.

We quickly took our showers before “Qu cheh” comes back as there is only one bathroom and/or toilet. Kieran was screaming once I turned off the shower as it was brrrrr cold. The apartment is on the 28th floor and is located slightly uphill…so that explains the cold..

When “Qu cheh” came back, I gave her a good massage after her shower. She was overworked due to the festive season and also the fact that Valentines Day was 2 days away. She said that I should come more often to massage her! My reward? Free stay at her place la!

The next morning we had the bestest homemade “Lorbak ko”. I asked “Qu cheh” to teach me how to make it but she said it’s pointless as we are not able to find the good ingredients back in KL! Potong steam nya!!!!

After breakfast, we took it easy and went down to the supermarket to buy some gifts as I was visiting my university mate. She gave birth to “Long Foong Thoi” (twins, one girl and one boy). She was located in Kowloon and we had to take MTR and then a taxi to her place. She gave me the English address but the taxi driver couldn’t understand me! So I had to call her to ask her again for the Cantonese version…..


17 responses to “Weirdest moment..HK Day Day 3 cont’d

  1. hehe… Kieran sure knows how to ask questions..

    that question eh not so appropriate don’t u think?? *wink*

  2. Ok. Now I know it’s not just my dotter who’s curious and asks these things. 😛

    alamak…girls also ask ka??

  3. Wah, very malu leh!

    I love lobak gou! Hehe…

    Btw the last pic very cute. 😉

    ya lor..malu max!

  4. aiyoh, from TV is it? now i oso wonder where Kieran learned those. Wah, Qu Cheh so nice hor, got relative in HK, its easier..

    the twins are so cute ler..

    hahaha,,that “Qu Cheh” is bluff mia aunty la..not really aunty…is my cousin’s good friend…

  5. he saw apah took off his shirt, izit? hehe..

    he saw it on TV la…

  6. it’s Wellington Street…
    i miss HK.

    ohhh yaaaa…that’s rite! hahaha..i know…who wouldn’t miss HK??? I will not miss the tight space tho..haha

  7. alamak! where did boy heard all these from? hope he dont go round town asking ppl embarassing questions like tis… sure malu case for you la…

    wei, dont kedekut ah, better spill the lobak gou recipe ah… cos i am also major lobak gou fan-c ah… yummmmmmm.

    not me kedekut la..Qu cheh only kedekut lor..she didn’t teach even ah yong che che ok!

  8. Woww..he is really pandai in asking questions hor? Very imaginative…hahaha. You must be very shocked to hear that. Where did he learn that from? TV perhaps?

    i was supershocked plus in front of the friend was like super embarrassed like u wanna find a hole n jump in type leh..

  9. Hey, they are very good questions! I say you ought to make a poll in here and ask everyone the same questions..

    That Lobak Koh…. *sigh* I am thinking Lormaikai suddenly.

    apa la….how to make a poll ah?? so u take out shirt or not jek??

  10. Children really asks questions we adults think of but are too embarassed to ask. Hehe…. I’ll be dreaming of the lobak Koh tonight…

    errr i don’t think i will want to ask this question even if i’m an adult wor..understood right?? hahahaa

  11. heheehe..kieran is cheeky. must have learnt those things from the tv i guess 😀

    definitely from tv lor..

  12. Kieran can appear in that Bill Cosby show liao….’Kids Say The Darnest Things’ kakakaka……

    alamak! but then again…it has to come out naturally…if put in a spot our lil friend will not say anything!

  13. He should’ve follow up with another “know-it-all” sentence…
    “My apah & amah not only take off shirt, pants also come off”

    oi sei ah?

  14. Then apah pour water! Wakakakakakakakak!!! Remember the toothpicks? Wakakkaakakaka!!!

    of course i remember la..i’ve been showing off this trick everywhere leow! LOL!

  15. Must be from all the HK drama you watch lar!! Bahahahahahahahaha!!

    errr the HK drama all very innocent one wor…hahaha…I think from one of the DVDs la…I can’t remember…

  16. Kieran is ‘maturing’ very fast leh … hehehehe … you not proud meh ??

    proud??? I think only men will think of that as a proud moment lor..

  17. Wah.. really must ‘wan long kuen’ that time. Actually come to think of it, arent they say we should espose our children to early S* education.. ??

    i prefer that the daddy touch on that issue! hahahaha…

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