HK Day 4

After leaving my friend’s place, we left for HK island as it’s time for my major shopping at the warehouse at Ap Lei Chau. I never fail to visit this place each time I am in HK. My damages were however shortened due to my friend (Mr D, the one whom Kieran interrogated the day before…obviously he didn’t have enough of it!) who came to meet up for a cuppa again. I was about to look at shoes and he called! Dang! Being Amah, the ever so polite and ultimate 8 poh friendly person…I sacrificed my shopping time to meet him lor..Nevertheless the damages were 2 tops and a skirt from Lane Crawford outlet store. That’s the place I got like at least 5 pairs of shoes during my last trip. Unfortunately, there weren’t many good finds and of course due to my shortened time there.

The cafe we had our cuppa was in the same building, it was quite a unique place, as there were not many tables but there was a big play area for kids. Kieran totally enjoyed himself there while we chatted..(thank GOD!).

Full set of Oven/stove, pots n pans, larder & Fridge!

The “chef” serving his dish… no…it was a pretty blonde girl!

She sat patiently waiting for Kieran to cook for her…

After the cuppa we left and walked out to the other warehouse which was SPACE selling off season Prada and Miu Miu. Along the way Kieran was chatting with Mr D. He again asked him funny questions and I can’t remember most of them except for this..

K-Do you have a girlfriend now?



Suddenly Kieran pushed me towards Mr D..

K-My mummy be your girlfriend la!

Me-KIERAN! Stop it! Don’t be ridiculous! Better not simply say things if not I will get into unnecessary trouble ok! *roll eyes*

I again was so embarrassed and wished there was a big hole on the ground that would just swallow me up!

Good thing the walk was not that long…so once we reached SPACE, Mr D waved goodbye…yeah goodbye…*don’t call me again!!…Please!!!*

The time at Prada was short and sweet and I bought a waistpouch, a bag and a blouse. Since the exchange rate was favourable, I bought the blouse. Usually I only indulge in the bags…ngek ngek ngek..

After Prada…went out to meet Uncle David and Aunty Fiona for dinner at TST. Didn’t want to go there really as the MTR fare was kinda pricey…actually it didn’t make much sense as we were staying on HK island, and where we shopped was on HK island too..but I guess it was ok after the dinner we had was quite worth it afterall…

We ordered a set dinner for 2 persons as the set comprised of a wide variety of dishes and just added a fried rice for Kieran. The set meal comprised of sharks fin soup, lobster baked in cheese sause, steam fish, vege fried with scallops, lotus leaf rice plus dessert. We really enjoyed the meal, especially Kieran who’s not a fan for food…he loved the lobster! We had toasted bread to dip into the cheese sause too…yummmz..

After dinner, the action didn’t end there and we made way to Mong Kok. Talk about it in the next post…










13 responses to “HK Day 4

  1. i like prada and miu miu. is it cheaper there? the SPACE is a warehouse?

    yeah it’s an outlet for off season stuff…really very dai one!

  2. kkakakaa.. your son really lei hoi…

    i know…that’s why headache!

  3. I think hor … your son hor … will be a playboy very, very soon !!!! Good for you lar !!! Can get grandchildren soon !

    oh noooooo…pls i don’t want to b a grandmother so sooooonnn!!! noooooooooooooooooo….*tearing hair*

  4. Little Kieran verry da cheeky! hehe

    ya lor…so memalukan!

  5. I wanted to write long long comment, but that last photo made me forget everything I wanted to say!!!

    hahahahha,,,that one not lormaikai la…LB LB…u must miss the lormaikai sooooo much!

  6. Aiyo.. amah, you should be a (shopping) tour guide lah! Go holiday with you sound so fun!! Next time, you organise a holiday with the bloggers, ok? Near-near like BKK oso can. 😀

    yeah i was thinking of one too that day while talking to Angel, NP & Cocka…but must time it well lor…

  7. Maybe Mr. D enjoyed Kieran’s questions so much that’ s why he ajak you again. Muahahaha!

    hmmm maybe hor…yerrrr…told u he’s weird!

  8. ooo prada bag…nice… I am a bag lady! aren’t we all?

    it’s nicer knowing the price is like much lower than normal price rite???

  9. omg. the holy grail. LOLs!!!

    laundry amah… this is… TOO MUCH. stop it stop it!

    how can I??? I can’t wait till my next trip lor…

  10. Dear friend,

    Your blog is looking pretty good. We would like to have one post in your Blog. I will pay for the post. Can you help regarding this?


  11. Kieran very terror lar! Next time he sure to interrogate Kylie’s bf! heheheheheh

    Very envy all your shopping sprees lar!

    hmm i’m not sure he will interrogate Kylie’s bf….maybe I can get him to..LOL!

  12. Who is D ah? Your old flame ah?

    no lar…just a friend…he’s soooo weird mana boleh be bf…oopss…sorry ah D…hahahahha

  13. i can so imagine you rolling your eyes. OMG, I cannot imagine how Kieran will grow up to be. LOL!! He’s just like you when you were young right? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    eh…last time when we were kids we were soooo innocent ok! (who am I kidding??? LOL)

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