Cheong Hei nya…HK Day 4 – 6 Very long post ahead…

I know it’s like taking forever,,,solly lor…this is like going to be the finale …I hope..



I think I even got the HK Day 3 – 4 mixed up..cos didn’t really check the photo sequence..the TST dinner is supposed to be after my shopping trip in Ap Lei Chau and the my visit to my friend’s twins should be the day before that. Nevertheless….

After the TST dinner, we continued our journey to Mong Kok. I’m not really interested in that crowded place but I wanted to get my imitation Epal charger & car adapter lor…sorry la LB, me buy not so original stuff…We had tong sui too but it wasn’t the best I had. They didn’t allow us to take photos and I actually answered back and told them it was their priviledge that I took photos. Many years ago I wouldn’t dare to answer back but now, it’s a tourists’ world in HK, “Man sui man sui man man sui!!!” (long live tourists! muahahahahha…) So since they pissed me off I’m not going to advertise them..and they were not that good also..blek..

Then I saw this…..wah…must buy some to try la…

Didn’t really like it as it was wayyyyy too sweet…and I ended up lugging it all the way back to Shenzhen and then back to KL! Siow max!

So now I continue the day before this..

The previous night we went to the Victoria Peak. We took a cab as I was too lazy tired to walk to the tram station. The can driver was kind enough to explain the various ways of going up hill and the charges and ended up it’s cab all the way up the hill. The tram is quite expensive but it would be worthwhile if you visit the Madam Tussaud’s Wax museum as well since they have a package deal. However, we didn’t want to go in since I was arrested the last time…

View from the top…it was sooo beautiful…I just love the nightview of HK…I can’t get enough of fact forgot how cold it was…

Altho we didn’t go in the wax museum…must die die take some photos also ma…

Shopping must go on eventho it’s a the Peak and after 9 pm!!

The final day at HK..

Packed up and went to buy my favourite Cocktail buns to bring back…and placed luggage at the concierge at the hotel my brother stayed in. We decided to go back to Shenzhen in the evening. So there are still a few hours of last minute shopping to go…and Amah haven’t bought a pair of shoes yet!!!!!!!!! I was looking for the Crocs Wedges but didn’t see any until I landed at Times Square. My brother had to meet up with friends for yum cha and he asked me for some Angpow packets. Meaning he’s meeting friends with kids. So I had the “brilliantes” idea and asked him to bring Kieran along to collect back angpows to balance back! muahahahaa…1 adv…I got rid of Kieran, 2nd earn back train fare to Shenzhen…isn’t it brilliant???

Ventured into Central and visited my “favouritest” shop and got myself a new purse. I really wanted the Monogram Vernis in bright red but they ran out of stock everywhere…so I settled for this…

love even the box that comes with it….

Then I got all excited as they swiped my credit card, they were able to show me the exact exchange rate for the transaction and it was really low!! I immediately wanted to get the bag but they ran out of stock for that particular one, despite me going to 3 different outlets..The salesgirl told me that the new stock just arrived that morning and it ran out by mid day! Dang those China tourists..they are the major buyers now..and even caused a queue outside the shop! Blek!

Then met up with the rest and we continued walking around Times Square at Causeway Bay. And I finally bought my Crocs wedges at RM10+ only while it’s selling at I think at RM165 here..Then I saw this and couldn’t resist…

My 1st Anteprima bag…

Wanted to get Birkis but since I didn’t bring my HSBC credit card I was not motivated to buy lor as HSBC card entitles a 5% discount…I know it’s so little but kiasu-ness took over…

 He was doing this at Lane Crawford Times Square and then a security personnel came to tell us that photography is prohibited and again Amah so fierce scolded him that I’m taking photo of my son..cannot ah???

Shopping continued..and my brother was getting restless and kept looking at the watch and kept reminding us to go off early..however both Aunty Fiona & myself told him we shouldn’t go back so early since the trains operate till late…We managed to buy more stuff at Sogo…good thing they had Nicholas & Bears there and I managed to get some lovely tops for Kylie. Aunty Fiona managed to get something from N & B since they have sizes from Age 2 – 16. I even bought a size 16 before that could fit me! This time round I was not so lucky so I don’t have a matching item with Kylie…

The repacking was swift and I had to stuff my stuff at Aunty Fiona’s bag as mine was full…While we interchanged trains at Central, I ran out to buy my absolutely last item from HK which was the Chinese Sausage from Yung Kee! The train ride back to Shenzhen was smooth and we were back in Shenzhen in time for supper…

The next day, we extended our check out time as the flight was 9 pm. We walked around Shenzhen. Nothing much really, concrete jungle just like HK but the shops of course not as appetizing as HK…not my cup of tea lor..  But this one must try la…

and photos of the lovely flowers…can u spot Kieran hiding? 


and a very funny sign indeed..and I’m guessing that the sign was trying to say something like this,,”Love the environment and help us protect it..” 

After a while I really couldn’t take it and wanted to go back early and catch a foot massage before we leave. The massage was very good and all my tiredness just disappeared! However the masseuse was very rude as he wanted to get some tips from me and I couldn’t understand what he wanted and he lost his temper! When I finally found out what he wanted I of course denied la…shiats..lost temper on me..mei sei kor…

Thought of having dinner at the airport to avoid being late. Wanted to check in first then have dinner but the check in counter was not open. Since we were there first, we thought better queue up first. And just minutes there was a long queue behind us! We thought, lucky us..if not it will take forever to check in. We didn’t realise that after checking in we were not allowed to go out but have to go in the boarding area! I was almost in tears as I was soooo hungry…and the officer told us there’s a restaurant in the boarding area BUT didn’t tell us the prices were overly exorbitant and major lauya food was served.

 Looks good??? Looks then can be really deceiving…not only did taste like instant noodles, it cost RMB120 per set, one main noodle/rice plus salad,watermelon and Chinese tea…

We were the only idiots patrons eating there and we saw a few people enquiring the price of the food and ran away at the speed of lightning… what an experience! So remember, eat first then only check in ok!!

Like not enough of food, Kieran insisted to eat something on the plane and they ran out of choices except for the roti canai..


I was sooo tired and wanted to sleep badly. I saw a few rows of seats empty and took over one row and stretched out to snooze…but I could hear Kieran running up and down in between my snooze…so irritating….

Overall, it was a good and meaningful trip..




26 responses to “Cheong Hei nya…HK Day 4 – 6 Very long post ahead…

  1. Dang! That was a really cheonghei post! Read read read, then I see my LB up there summore!! Kaka!! Summore so close proximity to you scolding people left right and center!! Waaaa, hair also almost rastafied. But that LV box is so good, eh? Such quality! Next time you take me along, I wallop the security guy for you, ok?

    kaakakaka..i know it’s so cheong hei but i just wanna get it over & done with! LOL!

  2. omg! so many things I wana comment. ok umm, let’s see if I rmb…

    So I had the “brilliantes” idea and asked him to bring Kieran along to collect back angpows to balance back! muahahahaa…

    now that was classic. kekeke… and oh, how come Malaysia don’t have Krispy Kreme de? would like to try that someday 😀 and, and… LV purse! Swishing silver Anteprima bag! shop shop shop!!

    one more thing Laundryamah. you very brave ohh, the taking pictures part hehe *salute*

    happy weekend! 🙂

    classic leh…next time when u get married n have to give angpows…u oso will learn of such tricks geh…

  3. the sign is so funny..hehe..

    well they tried but of course failed la…kakakaka

  4. wah…can I buy u coffee one day? u seem to know the in n out of hk, shenzen and all the faboulous shopping places…*i hope its afforable type*… now i just wait for my son grow up fast fast n go…ehehhe TGIF

    oh no problem…can meet up & I will have a guide for u!! hahahaha…

  5. How come these ppl like that one..?? cannot take picture..!!! can die or not..!! next time.. i donch go hong kong already.

    can one…i take take very fast then only they come n tell me..TOO LATE! blek!

  6. waaaaaa… memang cheong hei… but i enjoyed reading it!

    eh, yr Crocs is only RM10+??????? or did u leave out another zero? so cheap maa????

    the anteprima bag how much ah?

    and what was kieran doin’ to/with james bond? O.o

    alamak did i write RM10?? no no it’s anteprima bag i think it’s about RM1000+ only..

  7. Such a cheap crocs? Real one or not? If real one, will ask my friend in HK to buy for me wo.

    You really shopped till you drop. Envy envy and more envy. I have not bought any new bags for years… 😦

    no no the crocs are real one…i think i typed wrongly leow..hahaha,,RM100 la…

  8. I like that night scene. Amah being cheong hei normal la hor! 😛

    wei! i mana ada always so cheong hei???

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for so much of information about HK, I am going there too this Sept, with hubby and my little girl (will be abt 21 mths by then). It will be our 1st time there.

    We are thinking of a shopping trip as well and I will be glad if you could email me where you go to shop for all those good stuffs? I like Burberry and not sure where I could get it at a good price? I am thinking to shop for stuffs from Crocs, G2000 and etc…hehehe

    If hope you can give me some pointers as you are a seasoned traveller there. Thanks again and hope to hear from you yea 🙂

    ok ok no problem..will try to gather my info but got to give me time…errr…if u don’t hear from me pls remind me ya?? 😛

  10. bahahahahahahaha!! really cheong hei lor! 😛 i also duno what to comment on liao but super interesting also. makes me wanna go horniday now!!!!!!!

    oh, i saw the ban-ah-na pie and lmao!!!!!

    one time off ma…not all the time so cheong hei wat!

  11. wow…very interesting lah! I love your loot 😀

    actually didn’t show all my loot…if show all lagi long!

  12. Wa…you really bought a lot of stuff from HK man!!! Pui-fook! Pui-fook!

    so how was your trip?

  13. What a coincidence, I just had Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts as well…too sweet….

    Ahhhh….I see your LV….my favourite shop too lor… which reminds me, it’s time to pay it a visit…

    hahaha…we never get enuf of LV rite??

  14. wow…u brought the krispy kreme back!! keng LOL

    well what to do? didn’t have chance to eat it ma..& it was quite mai bring back lor…

  15. Hmmm…wonder if they have a replica of Edison Chen at the wax museum. I’m sure you’ll go there pose hiao-hiao in all the suggestive positions also. LOL

    aiya after that HK oredi so embarrassed leow..u think they will still have his waxed figure there?? seow! I think they wud have taken out the Pak Chi girl’s figure & burnt it!

  16. hi peggy
    how much did you pay for the LV wallet? Was it a good deal? Isn’t it cheaper to buy it from the HK Duty Free LV shop?

    aik..didn’t know that they had a duty free LV shop wor…

  17. you make me want to go hongkong….my sis also said it was nice…you very detail in writing your trip to hongkong…

    hahaa…me ambassador for HK ma…

  18. *salute*
    after the trip so long.. u can still remember the details!

    if not for the photos cannot remember so much la..

  19. Wey, how come you’re always going to HK arr??? Got boyfriend there arr??

    hahaha,,no lar…just like going ma…

  20. i miss i miss i miss HK food!!

    ya lor…it’s like so the best hor??

  21. Haha, this is so entertaining. We have shopping and some walloping story to hear. Looks like I must go HK liao.

    ooooo u must!

  22. wow… i really enjoyed the info you have. even right up to eat before checkin’ in. all very useful indeed. i’d keep that in mind. thanks for sharing!

  23. i missed going to HK…so far i’ve been there twice..

  24. Oooooh…. i miss Krispy Kreme….. wish we knew u were going.. got u to ta pau some for us!!

    Where’s Kit? Only the kids went?

  25. Yours really shopping shopping.. eat eat… shoping shopping and more shopping.

    Very seh tak la you.. buy all the expensive bags!

  26. wah, how many bags you bought in one trip? so keng..

    the ‘you and i’ sign…rofl..

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