Why am I MIA??

Hi I felt it was appropriate that I explain my absence from updating my blog…

Firstly, I’ve been busy with my maid, meaning:

I still do my laundry as I can’t trust her with it…

I have to monitor everything she does…STILL after 2.5 months..

There has been quite a lot of external laundry to do of which I can’t trust the maid to do also…

Then there’s the kids that that drive me up the wall during my mornings…this one is partly due to inefficiency of the maid also…

But actually the real reason is….





















Oh gosh….Amah is mesmerised by yet another actor and this time is this China mali mia actor called Chen Kun! He’s sooooooooooooo derrrrrrrrrrrrr cute lorrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Blek! The drama is so the lomantik and unreal but then again..if it’s real who will like wor?? Right???


24 responses to “Why am I MIA??

  1. buay tahan. i thought u still busy playing playcards with your maids or stressing trying to find pictures for your playcards, mana tauk u busy drama!!!

  2. Amah…your maid from which country? if from Myanmar, maybe I can help you. =)

    Astro on Demand got another lomantik show…call something something on the 7th Day. Which one more romantik?

  3. is it china movie or HK one? title title is what eh? next time i go buy dvd to tengok…

  4. Ahmah still go goo-goo-ga-ga over lengjai actors one ah? Poor Ah Pah..

  5. lengjai ah? i din watch… dun like the dubbing wan ler…

  6. You and TV leng-chais lah…. AIYO…. beh-tahan!!

    Your poor hubby…got to measure up to all these heart-throb of yours.

  7. wei…M3Angels…give birth liow izit?

  8. aiyer…..don’t tempt me with AOD dramas 😛

  9. I can just picture you, glued in front of the TV, eyes glistening, fingers sticky from the bakkua, trying to mop your eyes with tissue paper, or blowing your nose with the bottom of your blouse, while your maid is running around the house, chasing the chickens.

  10. eiyer… don fren you jek, last time hor, me and you gila-gila over Patrick Tam… now you tukar channel ledi! hmmpfff, you where got loyal?? i bet now you like this china ah beng more than leslie right??? confese now amah…………………………..

  11. hehe…hope u enjoy the drama …

  12. Aiyoyo, luckily I no Astro at home….

  13. shiats wordpress has changed its settings and I can’t reply below your comments!

    ehon-I did start doing the picture instructions but then got too lazy, so i just open the dictionary and point to the words lor!

    rachel-maid from Cambodia lerrr, hmmm the 7th day one oso lomantik but this one is different lor..

    wen-this one is a China made series but collaborated with HK stars & director.. Title of show is Cest La vie mon cheri (sin pu liow ching)

    zaramama-eh that’s the secret to eternal youth…kekekekeke

    angel-ya lor the only thing i hate about it is the dubbed voices..what to do?? watch la..damn leng jai one

    nomadic-kakakaka..that’s me! no lar mom23angles haven’t given birth yet..

    Jazz-blame it on Angie lor..she was the one who subscribed to Astro on Demand first!

    LB-aiya Amah watching tv lie down on the sofa like a queen one…no eat eat one…hahahhaha & btw Amah hardly cry during sad scenes unless it’s like super duper the sad one…blek

    Angie-aiyah Leslie forever remain as the top priority one…others come & go ma…

    Martini-hmmm the drama is ok but the guy is the motivation!

    mumsgather-no Astro??? i will die lerrr

  14. amah! I tot we oredi over the age for crazy over idol??? guess I was wrong…hahahaha!

  15. Nice show? I dare not to start, once i start to watch..i cannot stop!!! hahahahhahahahahhahahah So avoid to press number 901 – 940??

  16. so the maid i saw you with at ikano is your new maid??

  17. Amah! You signed up for AOD ah? Can I bring my Ethan along to watch?

  18. kelly-Amah sampat ma…

    annie-ya lor…once started there’s no stopping!

    mom2ashley-yeah that’s the sotong maid!!

    giddytiger-yup i signed up for AOD..yeah come along n join me!!

  19. no wonder so busy la….

  20. Whatever you tell your maid to do, she responds with a very loud ‘YESSSSSS’, right? Lidat, you still cannot forng sum ar? hahahahah…

  21. wah, so syiok! enjoying series….i didn’t do this long time lo…..

    btw, a linky love to u

  22. wah…..still got time to watch astro on demand ah? very geng lah!!!!!

  23. eh…. no more Korean dudes???

  24. do u weight 20 kgs and able to fit into a luggage? if so, then u can fit in my luggage and i can bring u to melbourne!!!! 😀 for free!!!

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