Backdated-New Carseat & update on Kylie 35 – 36 months

I have decided enough is enough and got Kylie a new carseat. We tried to psycho her to accept it since it was really quite a girly & beautiful carseat. Saw it at Mothercare and asked her if she liked it. She said yes and sat on it with a smile. The carseat has a label, “PRINCESS” and I told her that the seat was specially made for a princess! I doubt she knew what was princess but I guess she thought it was something special!

So far, she has been sitting in it with certain occasions where she will refuse to be belted but I will threaten to throw her out of the car whenever she kicks a fuss. The threat in  words are not enough and I actually have to stop the car by the side of the road to show her that I am “serious” in throwing her out!

Doing a monkey face

cheeky face

she seems happy on the seat…

She’s getting quite demanding lately, and has not been finishing her milk especially the after dinner milk. I am wondering if I should wean her of the night milk since she can’t finish it..but then her intake of food during dinner is not very balanced. She refuses any kind of vegetables and I doubt she will eat it anyway if I blend it in,,,besides it’s so difficult to blend a small quantity…sigh…Kieran is definitely easier to handle in this area…

Most of the time I will not bend in to her demands and daddy will usually intercept to rescue her! Blek!

She’s having a slight cough at the moment and she’s enjoying the Combivent puff that we give her. “roll eyes”. However, the paed prescribed a tablet form of the usual powdered medicine (Singulair) for her cough and she immediately rejected it! I had to wrap it in either a cake or give her chocolates to make her eat the medicine! This medicine is more expensive but definitely more effective than the conventional cough syrup. She usually recovers from the cough in a few days. Since we have no worries on the costs as all are claimable on Apah’s company benefits so I usually opt for the more expensive and more effective medicines la…

Her weight – 14 kg

Height – About 91 cm

She’s overall quite chubby and she’s wearing 4 year old sizes!! So I guess I shouldn’t worry on her food & milk intake. Her shoe size increases very fast and I think it’s faster than Kieran as I remember Kieran could at least wear a pair of shoes for slightly over a year but Kylie has to change shoes in 6 months or less!!

Her birthday is drawing nearer and I haven’t any plans…me being a little bias now..cos I remember I did have a party for Kieran when he turned 3…so should I? Should I not???


31 responses to “Backdated-New Carseat & update on Kylie 35 – 36 months

  1. Awww, how can you even contemplate throwing Princess out of the car?!! Ok, wait, make some lormaikai first ok? Make a Lormaikai Party for Kylie!!! And invite only me..

  2. Wait, please invite Angeline too..

  3. Waaa…so big girl liow.

  4. i have seen that car seat at Mothercare too.. only for a princess…

  5. nice pink seat! how much is it?

  6. Must have party for a Princess!

  7. Your Kylie like my Ian la…picky on food…so headache!! But at least she is growing so no need to worry..

  8. eh picky on food but still 14kg, better than mine leh…

  9. picky eater but wearing age 4 clothes when she’s only 3. Very keng!

  10. Wow..very girly car seat!! So pinky. Nice!
    Happy 35 months!
    Start planning ur princess birthday now lo, still got enough time. 😉

  11. LB-hahaha liddis oso can connect to lormaikai geh…

    NM, Sue, Jazz, Sasha-I oso kinda puzzled how she can grow so big lor…

    wen-exactly cos they don’t have one for boys!!

    angeles-ya can buy one for ur niece,,but must wait till 2.5 – 3 years old’s about RM250..i think..

    nyonya-aiya…party ah…leceh la..

    annie-should I?? really?? u guys will come or not??

  12. wahhh!! look like mummy lor – photostat ar! u should make cute cute things with your veges to make her eat ler. can go online and search, or go to

  13. picky with food but still chubby wor…..
    ashley used to kick up a fuss when we place her in her car seat…thank GOD those days are over….:)

  14. hihi mom2ashley,

    Hope to be friend with u, how am I going to see your profile. My email is Please advise. Thank you.

  15. Hi girl, Looks like you have been busy! Discplining a child to seat still isn’t an easy job. I sometimes ask myself how come some are so lucky to have quieter and more obedient children who can `LISTEN’ and SIT STILL, while for me it has been headache since day one. So I often ask and wonder if I am doing it all wrong? Well…………………………..?
    At least if you can get her to sit still and fasten the seat belt, that would save you from having to scream on top of your lungs. What I do is to get some toys/books to entertain them. Found it helped and always `promote’ the kid (the naughty one) to sit with you in front. Separating them helps.
    Girl, you should continue to give her milk. That’s where she gets the calcium and supplements, never ever wean her from that one.
    I found using the stringe helped in giving medication to my kids. Zap it in and then reward with something nice like vitagen/yakult …sweet…duh??? up to you la… long as they take the medicine. After a while they will get the hang of it. Trust me. mine are anti medicine kids.

  16. am looking for a booster seat for qiqi too. That looks really pretty, but can’t afford to spend a bomb right now since the boys are arriving soon. So just got to belt her on our normal seat (so kesian)

  17. She is so adorable in the pretty princess seat. Like a real princess alright!

  18. She looks like a princess on the booster seat….
    Jeriel also got booster seat n he is happy…because he can use adult belt like an audlt

  19. ah there’s always the reason to throw a party!
    hire a party planner la!!! you just have to seat back and relax. 😀

  20. ooo…a very nice carseat. even i love it. hmm…should i get one for my princess??? i love the cheeky photo of kylie. so cute leh. i also have not planned for a party for ashley. dunno how ler.

  21. That’s a very nice and pretty car seat! Hahah… I think I will burst too if I scold my boy and he show me monkey face..

  22. wah, princess car seat. shh..don’t let princessZara see this.

    cut those veges into very tiny pieces might help.

  23. Chloe has been strapped to her car seat since she was a baby.. i think she is a creature of habit.. she never goes no where without strapping in.. and we never ever did have any trouble with it.. except for the initial part. So i am believing that your princess is gonna grow into it too.
    Oh .. LaundryAmah.. please double check about your Singulair.. because there was a huge announcement here not too long ago.. that Singulair.. caused side effects. .major ones.

  24. Kylie is sweet with her dimples & she’s chicky tooo! Parents know best how to make their own kids happy, if Kylie is happier with a birthday party, then go ahead, else just have a warth family get together party, tat’s not bad too with a lovely cake, iguess…

  25. Wah.. princess Kylie.
    She’s growing ok la.. Zara was about 11Kg only when she was 3.

    Party.. 2nd child syndrome meh? Cannot.. must throw party.

  26. You certainly should have a party for her….look at her cute dimples!!! What about a pink birthday cake with frills and ribbons??!

  27. ehon-aiya she very clever one la…her mouth very terrer can filter out the vege geh..

    mom2ashley-i wonder where the chubbyness came from..

    flowsnow-thanks for your suggestion!

    chinnee-there’s a cheaper alternative, can just buy the booster seat, i think it’s available in Jusco…

    chanel&andie-i doubt she knows what’s a princess..

    danielh-aiya..for a 3 year old? no need la…

    chumsy-how? we join party? princess party??

    yvonne-that girl is full of surprises lor…mostly kek sei yan!

    shernsmom-the moment she sees green she will say “noe wannn”

    mamabok-i too strapped her in since she was a baby but she got really naughty and could wriggle out on her own!

    kelly-i doubt she will know if we had a party for her or not…

    zaramama-throw party? u come or not??

    keeyit-cute? wait till u live with her..ngek ngek ngek..

  28. Hi amah,

    I can’t believe Kylie is almost 3 liao. Time really flies…I’m finally, officially a blogger now. Such a laggard hor?

  29. wei wei, may i be allowed access into the protected post ar?

    oopss…on the way…

  30. d car seat looks interesting, no wonder yr girl was smiling so sweet, ya i notice d dimple too…..i’m sure there is also boy’s design which i can consider…..been trying to discipline my boys to buckle up…..problems too as they can’t sit still, sigh!!
    but i wonder if it’s expensive….as i need to buy 2 ma…..? party party go go go…..
    btw, can hv d password for d next post ar??

    there’s of course a boy version but it’s slightly more expensive as it’s a diff brand..

    ok password on the way..

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