Kieran missing daddy..

Daddy again flew off for one of his many business trips yesterday.  He actually asked Kieran to remind me like a million times not to forget to send him for swimming class. Yeah remember? I’m the slack mommy who can forget!

We went to KLCC for lunch and bought some groceries as I intend to cook spaghetti for dinner. No no..who am I kidding? Go all the way to KLCC for lunch and groceries? No lar..the real reason was that my favourite shoe store (Pedder)  was on sale..but unfortunately or should I say fortunately I didn’t find anything that suits me!

Mission accomplished, yes I DID send him to swimming class, thank God it was not raining. I quickly sorted out the groceries and got the maid to do some preparation for dinner. Went back to pick Kieran up. Usually daddy does this but since it’s me, he has to shower in the ladies!! He was not comfortable of course! But no choice la!

Dinner was great…(cheh..self praise), I made mushroom soup too but it was not that good…bleh..Kieran gobbled down dinner as he gets really hungry after swimming. Then I asked him to do some revision but he was cooking up excuses that he can’t find the book la, toothache la…got me really mad! Then as I was watching tv, he suddenly came down to tell me his mouth was bleeding but I didn’t even turn around to look at him! I was so mad and thought he was making a mountain out of a mole hill to avoid studying. Then I asked him to pack his bag then since he didn’t want to do revision. He was packing really slowly (as usual) and then suddenly he started crying as in sobbing!

Me- What’s wrong with you???

K-(in between sobs) i…i…miss….dad…dy….i…miss….him….

Me-he was away for 5 whole days last week and you didn’t cry or said anything…why suddenly now you miss him?

K-….sob….sniffle..sniffle…b…cos….he…cares….for me….

My heart dropped…must be the part that I didn’t bother to check his bleeding mouth! But being me, I just told to hurry up & pack up & go to sleep!

Then during the advertisement intermission, I went up quickly to check on him and he was still sniffling…

Me-It’s ok darling, don’t cry ok…mummy’s here..(ya right)

K-(started sobbing again)…but…but…I miss…dad….deee….

Me-come come mummy hug hug…sayang sayang…


Me-ok stop! Go to sleep!

So can you see why my kids don’t even ask for me when I’m not around?????


17 responses to “Kieran missing daddy..

  1. LOL! Kieran lau gai only la…

    But yeah, swimming makes you hungry and sleepy.

    yeah i knew he was in lau gai mood that’s why i didn’t bother about him lor!

  2. mmmmmmmm……still not too late to turn over a new leaf 😀
    Relax….it’s hard not having the other around to help….kids will be kids, they will sulk. Mine will ask me to go far far away…………LOL

    moi? i don’t think so….kakakakakakka

  3. kesian kieran…

    ayooo this guy very drama one..cannot kesian him one!

  4. mistipineapples

    Haha! You ah!! But I am sure deep deep deep deep very deep down, you love Kieran more than all the shoes in the world! Right?

    emmmm…emmmmm…ok ok la…of course i love him more than shoes…errr….errr…yeah that’s rite! 😛

  5. OMG!!!! That was me above! Don’t ASK! Long story!! 🙂

    hahahahaha..u know what, u didn’t have to say it, i knew it was u!!!

  6. I meant mistipineapples…

  7. You just reminded me that I’m liddat also. I’m also very short-fused and normally don’t layan the kids when they manja. It’s very often a case of making a mountain out of a molehill.
    But kesian Kieran also lah, he must have really felt it when you didn’t layan him.
    You leh? Got miss daddy anot jek? 😛

    of course not la…so used to him being away..the part i hate most is the fact that i have to pick kieran from school when he’s not around la!

  8. nvm..must tell him, scold means love, no love no scold keke…i think he merajuk oni lah

    told him a million times leow…but he’s really a drama king!

  9. kesian kieran.. this mummy har!!

    that’s how boys are trained to be tough & macho ma…

  10. Aiyo….. you arrr…. Better buck up! Amah!

    why??? hahahahaha..

  11. Aiyah…Kieran would be so tired after all that swimming and still kena forced to study meh?

    Psssst!….Got miss me anot? *wink wink*

    exams coming la…

    how to miss u? u appearing on my blog all the time ma…

  12. Wah! U serious or not…. Anywan, I’m sure there must be some reason that lead you to this behaviour… if my girls told me mouth got bleeding, sure my heart pop out first before even checking on them… hmmmm…. hardly heard boy miss daddy…sure daddy and Kieran have lots of fun time than study time ler….hor

    it’s just me,,,tidak apa,,or it’s just my upbringing cos my mom doesn’t care much about me..

  13. Melodramatic Kieran. The more you layan them the more dramatic they become. My 2 labs are that way too. Vomit blood!

    ahhh u r one of the few who could read right thru Kieran…he’s a real drama king alright!

  14. Aiks.. next time.. bring them to toys sales instead of shoe sales.. maybe he’ll love you kaokao.

    hahahahhaa..actually i’m the one who bought all his toys! we have enough to open a shop ler…

  15. poor boy. give him lots of TLC now lah 😀

    TLC? got geh….

  16. No worries, me oso liddat. Think of it this way, tough love, prepares him to be a tough boy in the real world out there. He will realise it later. In any case, I’m sure you sayang him sometimes also lor….so no problem!

    yeahhhh i have a supporter!!

  17. hahha you ah…no wonder la he misses his daddy..his daddy manja him more 🙂

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