Kieran again?

For 3 days in a row he has things for me to write about! I had to write it down before I forget!

What now?

We were driving back after I picked him up from school and suddenly I saw him hanging yet another new mechanical pencil on his shirt.

Me-where did u get that pencil?


*quickly took the pencil and hid it*

He had the most guilty look as we have talked about this issue like a million times. He has like a million of these pencils and yet he keeps buying them! Not only pencils, he has like countless rulers & erasers too! It’s like why does he need so many? I told him he has only one had that can write, why does he need so many? I really don’t mind if he does well in his work but for the way he does his’s like what for??? He doesn’t like to do his homework but he needs a million pencils….

Me-Where did u get the money to buy this pencil?

*silence and his face is turning into a more guilty look*

Me-Who gave you this pencil?

*still in silence*

Me-You better tell me and don’t lie to me as God is listening…

K-I took the money from the cupboard.

Me-Is the money yours?


Me-If you have taken something that doesn’t belong to you, what does that mean?

K-*whispering* stealing..

Me-What? I can’t hear u..

K-I stole the money..

Me-I’m so disappointed with you many times have I told you that you do not need so many pencils? And now you have actually stolen money to buy another! You are definitely going to be punished..I want you to kneel and pull your ears when we reach home..

The moment we reached home, he zoomed upstairs to shower without me screaming at him. Then as I was serving dinner, I suddenly saw him already kneeling down & pulling his ears! See how guilty he was! I told him to eat first & then complete his homework and then continue his punishment. I made him say “I will not steal again..” repeatedly till he got really tired!

see the little girl..kor kor kena punished and she thought it was a game!


26 responses to “Kieran again?

  1. I was going to ‘seriously’ comment on theft, and punishment, until I cracked up at your daughter!!

    she was actually trying to immitate kor kor saying “I will not steal again!”!!!

  2. wat is kylie doing there? teman korkor? so cute hehe…

    at least kieran sedar diri and punish himself first without u forcing him! 🙂

    yeah,,,i know he’s not that was fairly easy to get him to admit that he took the money without asking.. kylie of course doesn’t realise that kor kor was being punished! LOL!!

  3. wakakakaka, yeah, i was like LB too, wanted to put up a serious comment abt stealing, until i see kylie… wakakakaka, so sayangz kylie la.

    ok, second, wa amah now taking black and white picture liow ah… not bad wor..

    third, ……. hug the kids for me la!!!

    that’s why it’s difficult to get angry with the kids sometimes!

  4. its good to teach kids now if not when they gets older, they wont be able to correct themselves or change..
    so sad…..

    yeah,,,got to punish, no gib chance!

  5. amah…. i m feeling scare now le…i worry my son grow up to be liddat……*stress stress stress*

    y not punish him to write lines? at least can improve on the hard writing and make him remember words for spelling? just kidding la.. but last time when i was young, my mom do that to me.

    oh yea i’ve asked to write lines before…

  6. sigh…every Mom needs to go annual blood pressure check to make sure we stay alive for our children for as long as possible…joking yea 😛

    Kylie seems to be a wonderful Sister…will go thru thick and thin with the Brother…very adorable…hehehe

    yeah u r right! they r the reason why we have lines on our face!!!!

  7. I think there should always be a reward & punishement. I think ur son is stealing b’cos he like to buy mechanical pencils but yet you dun alllow him therefore he has to resort to stealing.
    Why dun you try to get him to do his work & then reward him with a mechanical pencil in returns?
    By the way i think patience is also very important in parenting.
    All the Best!!

    i think u missed out the part i mentioned that he has like A MILLION mechanical pencils already…really i don’t think there’s anything he needs that I didn’t provide already, it’s just that he wants like a new one all the time!

  8. at least he didn’t answer back asking why you need so many handbags and shoes… hehehehehe

    wahhhhhhhh better not let him read this!! u ah…smack your bottom!! PIAK!

  9. Awww……that sight is kinda pityful to me…….poor boy, hopefully he learnt his lesson this time !! anyway, u hv done right, stealing is no joke !!

    pityful??? no way la…this guy…die hard one la…

  10. aww…kylie so sweet yah…it’s hard to explain why we not suppose to steal, they can’t seem to understand sigh….

    for Kieran’s age, i’m sure he understood leow….that’s why he felt guilty…

  11. *Laughing at notmummy’s comments*

    Reward him with mechanical pencil when he does his work??

    Oledi say he has a million of these pencils lo… 😛

    Besides, rewarding him will only encourage him to want rewards everytime he is asked to do work.

  12. Slowly teach ba…

    yeah…long & full of hurdles journey ahead…

  13. Darling dear….
    Mmm……..I am shocked, because I see myself as the reflection. But honest…….I think you are too hard on him. When I was young, I have this facination over stationeries. I swear….I just love buying erasers and would keep them till they get hard and useless. Crayons unsed till it has to be thrown, just name it. Yes I was/am a stationery fan. I still have lots of stationery stuff at home unused and I would still go out and buy them despite the fact I have more than 10 scisors and lots of coloured paper, bunchos, colour pencils and I remembered last I bought another set of cute crayons last week! Ha! I think Kieran would love me……
    Maybe you could do a reward chart for him – as in if he completes his homework, he can buy something. After all stationeries are cheaper than toys! Food for a thought…

    aiya he has a lot of stationeries till i hv problems with organisation la…my house so small…i dont have space leh..

  14. way n mommy can take photo somemore ah?? 🙂

    hahahaha…got to take the photo for remembrance ma…

  15. I can’t help but laughed! So cute to see Kylie was kneeling down!

  16. Kylie is already prepping for her punishments in the future!! Just kidding 😀

  17. hmmmmm…now i get worry about my am i going to deal with this when they grown up. *sigh*

    hehehehehhe..Kylis cute enough to make u laugh, so don get angry la. 😉

  18. Aiyoh…reminds me of my childhood days liao….kneeling and pulling ears.
    Only thing is , my mom made me kneel on bottle caps. Ouch!

  19. muhahhahah….kylie is so funny lah. How long did Kieran kneel there?

  20. kudos to u for being a good mummy! =D

    parents nowdays always spoil their good that u’re punishing ur son! and he’s a good boy oso for punishing himself before he’s told. i’m sure next time he wun do it again!

    and ur daughter is soooo cute!!! =D

  21. If it makes you feel better, my boys also have MILLIONS of mechanical pencils…plus another FEW MILLIONS of colour pencils and what-nots. And still not enough one.

  22. If it makes you feel better, my boys also have MILLIONS of mechanical pencils…plus another FEW MILLIONS of colour pencils and what-nots. And still not enough one.

  23. Lots of parents out there would want their kids to grow up fast… after reading your post…i really don’t wan my kids grow up so fast… coz dont want to crack my head to teach them.. very headache lah

  24. Kylie so cute leh. still play play around kor kor, not aware of what’s going on.
    I’d do the same if I were you. Never think kids are too young to learn or to be punished. Else, he’ll just take other people’s things and thinks it’s ok. And when it becomes a bad habit, sei lor..

    You’re doing the right thing, nothing too harsh.

  25. I couldn’t stop laughing seeing ur daughter voluntarily joining in the punishment session. So innocently cute ;p

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