Short getaway to PD

We went for a short getaway during Cheng Meng as Kieran’s school had the day off and Apah too applied leave. We decided to pack up and went to Tiara Beach Resort upon reading this pretty mama’s getaway there. I was not too impressed with the place but the kids were overjoyed! Since I was told the food was not too good there I decided to cook our own dinner! I brought along a small stove.

The weather was kind to us and the rain was held back and the kids could immediately jumped into the pool. They really had a good time.

It was time of the month for me so I couldn’t get into the pool with the kids…so can you imagine how bored I was? I started cooking early as I figured they will get hungry after the swim. It was a simple dinner, fried spaghetti with eggs and the kids, especially Kieran gobbled it down.

We had bread & eggs for breakfast and again the kids were so excited to rush into the pool again. We let them swim till 10 + while we packed up and got ready to check out. The kids were so disappointed to leave but we really had to as I don’t think I can survive another day there!

We stopped over at Seremban to have lunch. I wanted to eat my favourite Teochew Kiamchai stew and as usual we turned into each street to search for that shop. I can never remember which street it was but this time I told myself to pen down the address! It has like the best kiamchai stew ever ok! We bought takeaway to bring back but the price has increased quite a lot…


15 responses to “Short getaway to PD

  1. its mainly for kids there and i wasnt impressed with the resort too. legend water chalet is good!

    heard about it but ppl said that it’s not as good as Avillion ler…

  2. Aiyoh! Why cook on a holiday?????

    The Kiam-chye is the choy geok issit?

    hahaha,,,cos the resort is quite deep in and restaurants are quite far away ma..mai cook lor.

    the kiam chye is the teochew porridge kiam chye stew not the choy geok…

  3. I also wanna ask the same question as Angeleyes leh. Cooking your own at a resort?!! LOL! First time I heard of such a perk!! Especially with own stove.

    HAHAHA..the food at the resort not good too lazy to drive out too far oso..the stove is a small small one..actually i think it’s not allowed to cook…thank goodness didn’t get the smoke detector working!! sssshhhhhhhh

  4. You mean this is a service apartment with furnished kitchen?

    This kiamchye stew is the plain green color one with no meat one, issit? Damn I so gian wan to eat harm choy now!! 😀

    it’s not a furnished kitchen but they have a sink & kitchen cabinet lerr…so i mai brought my own tools lor…hahahaha

    yes it’s the plain kiamchye without any meat one

  5. Worse thing to have is your “aunty” on your holidays. This resort comes with a half furnished kitchen?

    only the cabinet but no equipment or accessories provided…

  6. kylie gonna grow up looking like mama liao 😉

    yeahhhh..fierce like me too!

  7. Hmm…PD is really a nice place for short getaway for city folks like us ….especially with kids….they simply love the pool, sea and sand there yea 🙂

    actually hor these kids…just bring them to any pool oso ok one ler…no need to go so far!

  8. I just realise i have not bring my boys to PD for a short holiday before..:(

    it’s really not that great la…malacca better lor..

  9. we adult wont be impressed with the resort but the kids love it. So we tahan aje la… hahha

    ya lor….

  10. kylie so cute…………….
    the dimple make me go gu gu ga ga…

    well the kids had fun! good break!

    the dimples & the smile is just a mask!! living with her…is like OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  11. you actually cooked during your holiday?:) o’d be too darn lazy…

    since i can’t get into the pool..why not lor…anyway it was really simple one..

  12. Little girl very cute.. The picture that you took very nice..


  13. Wow..!! so stylo malo.. !! can bring stove some more.. 🙂

    hahaha…kiasu more like it!!

  14. My old company had one of the company trips there. I took the boys there…even boys find the room and toilet unimpressive. The moment the necessary work get-togethers were done, we cepat-cepat left.

    Anyway, can’t believe you took a stove to cook! Aduh!

    hahahaha….cincai cook ma…

  15. wahh keng lah u, holiday can cook somemore!!

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