Another eating session..

Angeleyes was in town and of course we have to meet and eat!!! We gathered a few others, Angie, Nyonyapenang, King’s Wife & Angel came along and we met at Midvalley. We couldn’t decide to eat where and I decided to eat at this Taiwanese restaurant which I saw while walking down the escalator from the car park floor. The setting sort of captivated me and thought it was quite a good place to eat.

The place not only looks good, the service was excellent and the food was also very good. Well, only thing the menu had a few spelling errors which we were thinking aloud whether it was done deliberately or what..

We had a jolly good time eating of course and even continued our eating session at Alexis and both King’s Wife & myself couldn’t resist ordering the tiramisu!


9 responses to “Another eating session..

  1. Wei… Why you didn’t organise makan-makan in exotic places when I come home one???

    not enuf quorum wat…ok la next time u come back we go k??

  2. eh eh, u never tell summore abt the tiramisu… neh, abt the part eat until wat ah? πŸ˜›

    thx for the fun time! πŸ˜‰

    what ah??? eat until lau sai ka?? forgot long time edi…kakakakkaa

  3. walau! the tiramisu looks damn mouth-watering again! *salivates*

    hahahaa…i will try to make tiramisu again..but hopefully it will be with sugar instead of u hem…

  4. I like the Spare Rips..

    it’s so good we actually ripped em apart in seconds!!!

  5. and the teaputs very pretty

    hahaha…ya lor…sooo pweetyy! dunno whether they misspelled the menu on purpose or wat…

  6. Steamboat!! Ngo ho kwa ji nei ah!! πŸ˜€

    It’s that time of the month for the tiramisu ah?? Got ‘blood’ wan.. LOL

    hahaha…shud get the small single stove then can do steam boat at your place oso ma….

  7. You all were in MV today?? I was there also.. haha.

    oh no no…it was quite some ago leow….

  8. Wah..more food again….yummy…

    it’s all about food…and i know i’ve put on a lot since last Christmas as I nearly couldn’t fit in my new pants I bought last year!!! But then again…what the & be merry!!!

  9. Eh.. is this the restaurant on the MV concourse floor where they hang a lot of goose ducks near the entrace?

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