Day Trip to Ipoh

It’s been ages since I’ve been up north and since my cousin from Sydney is here I drove him up to Ipoh for some good food and also to meet up with our 2 other cousins who lives in Ipoh.

We left quite late as we dilly dallied we were on our way around 10+ in the morning. We stopped over Bidor for the duck leg noodles. The noodles is very different from the ones here, crispier and doesn’t have any boric acid after taste. I drank all the soup as it was sooooo yummy! Sorry was too excited and gobbled up the noodles before taking a photo!

Arrived Ipoh at about 1.30 pm. First stop has to be Old Town Kong Heng Coffee Shop lerr…

Again I forgot to take the picture of the noodles but here’s the empty bowl…

We also had popiah also, it was so yummilicious lor…

As if not enough, we walked next door to this coffee shop called Thean Chun, it’s actually right next to Kong Heng.

We had the famous steamed egg custard caramel & egg tong sui…

Then my cousin said the kuey teow soup at Thean Chun is better than Kong Heng so I mai try lor…(yes 2nd bowl…ok ok la…not that bad cos the first bowl was shared with Apah..and so was this one..)

After that only was I satisfied! Burp…

Actually not lor…we continued our journey to search for Funny Mountain for the smoothest, softest tau fu fa. This place is just opposite the famous Foh San Dim Sum.

After that only were we satisfied to the max and off we went to visit our cousins (daughters of the uncle in China).

Thanks to cousin Yong for her excellent memory we were able to find all the food destinations and of course the Ipoh cousins’ residence

After that we left to get the famous Ipoh Heong Peah from Gunung Rapat, which is the factory. I usually buy from the shop in town but according to cousin Yong, it’s more fresh from the factory..naturally lerrrrr…There was this unique display in front of that shop, displaying the items that the Chinese traditional wedding requires. Sorry the photo is not so clear as I took it thru the window…

After that I met up with my customer as he has the jalan(way) to the sweetest pamelos from Tambun. When we arrived the shop was already closed but thank goodness the shopkeeper lives there and we were able to ask them to re-open the shop! By that time it was time for dinner and off we went in search of a place recommended by cousin Yong’s friend. We have only very vague description of the place so we had a bit of problems looking for the place. We made a few rounds and finally gave up and went to another place which again have only very agak agak (rough) knowledge where it was!

We finally found it and indeed it was a popular restaurant as it was full house!

The kids fooling around while waiting for food…

One rapper and another violinist…

By the time we were about to finish I realised it was quite late. I immediately thought I should bring the kids to my family friend’s place for a quick shower so they can change into their PJs and let them sleep in peace all the way home. I walked out of the noisy restaurant to make a phonecall and before I could end the phone call I saw the family friend’s grandma, then the mom, then the father! wahhhh we were practically squealing! They were “scolding” me for not calling them to inform that I was in Ipoh. Then I realised the whole family was in Ipoh. What a coincidence! Ipoh can’t be that small?? Anyway it was really a great reunion as I haven’t seen some of them like for donkey years as some are living in New Zealand. We quickly rushed back to the house and showered the kids in a jiffy and had some catch up time with my childhood friends but we couldn’t catch up for long as it was already 11 pm!

All in all, it was like the most fruitful trip ever to Ipoh accomplished in one day!!


24 responses to “Day Trip to Ipoh

  1. can u give me the directions if i ever go to ipoh? i think i tried the noodle on the first shop u went..
    and i wanna try the shop next door’s egg custard. geez, can i hv ur phone no in case i lost my way..hehe..

    one day trip ah, not tired meh..i rather stay overnight if i tag the kids along..

    wah die lor…me oso quite bad with directions….i usually just turn here & there & then ask some ppl then sampai lor…

  2. Everytime i go there, the egg custard sure finish liao one. U very lucky.

    U diden try the satay at Kong Heng ah?

    yeah we were actually quite lucky that day considering it was quite late leow…i don’t really fancy the satay there…

  3. All that in 1 day?!!! I must go to Ipoh too!! The best chee cheong fun in the world. The best ngar choi kai!! Waaaa, talk like this, die die.. tummy growling like crazy at 5:45am!! All your fault.

    hahahaha..too bad i didnt get 2 eat that canning garden chee cheong fun u always talk about….

  4. Wuah… sounds very very hectic wor… But it makes the trip all the more worthwhile right? 😀

    it was really quite a relaxed trip and we took our time…that’s why ended so late la! hahahaa

  5. next time I also want to follow you to Ipoh lah!

    sure! we must organise a trip!!

  6. Wow! Day trip! Fruitful but tiring huh? heheheh
    Kylie look so cute in the picture..cheeky rapper.

    looks can be deceiving….

  7. so jealous! u keep going here and there!!!

    u oso ma….u went to melb recently leh..

  8. The Ipoh Sar Hor Fun looks good. Now make me hungry liow…and I just had dinner!!

    hahaha…it was not only good it tasted darn good too!! 😛

  9. The popiah looks good man!…

    The rapper looks so cuteeeee…..haha

    yeah the popiah was good but not as good as the one i had before in Penang!

  10. wah…i wish I can go Ipoh to makan now kekeke

    well u went to malacca..ipoh is just 2 hours away…i’m sure photography can b interesting too near the caves

  11. jalan jalan pergi makan. so syiok!

    u should go before u pop!

  12. I miss Ipoh food…was studying there for 3 years n enjoyed myself there a lot…

    wow! u lucky girl..get to stay there for 3 whole years!

  13. Eat and eat and eat and eat and eat eat eat.
    That’s what I do best too. Haha…

    hahahaha…arent we supposed to be watching our diet?? oopss! what diet???

  14. The Bidor duck leg noodles, izzit in the PUN CHUN shop wan?

    yes yes Pun Chun Bidor

  15. wah..making me hungry le!

    hahaha,,,food posts always liddat one lerr…

  16. ahh…memang pergi ipoh to eat eat eat & eat but we always planned well but only d stomach couldn’t take it………LOL !!
    btw, i’ll take note all d jalan u recommended, haha

    yeah that’s rite! we were too full and couldn’t eat anymore but forced ourselves to finish what we ordered la!!!!

  17. Waaaa… so torture leh… to be a Ipoh native reading this in PJ… and bearing in mind the fact that I can’t go back to my hometown this sem break. *cries*

    oopsss so sorry….there will be another time geh…

  18. ipoh is THAT small lar…. go everywhere 1/2 hour JANJI sampai!!

    no lar…quite big ledi la…

  19. Thanks for this post of my hometown and the familiar makan place. I miss the yummy food so much. Now…I must makan at all these places when I go home.

  20. ooooooo….now i miss ipoh lah. i didn’t even go to kong heng the last time i was back. i soooooo love funny mountain.

  21. Nice eating trip you have!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Amah! 🙂

  23. That face of Kylie so macam you..

    makan makan makan trip la.

  24. I ate the “kai see hor fun” at Thean Chun that day cos Kong Heng was closed, and kuckily too…cos the one at Thean Chun is indeed tastier. Yumyum

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