How I celebrated Mother’s Day

Woke up annoyed as usual as my maid slept in while I slept in…

Then Apah made breakfast and I had to monitor since I don’t trust his style….and yes….he did it again…..ANNOYED me to the max as he didn’t listen to simple instructions…classic answers..

…how I know your style? (we will be married 10 years by year end…)

…how I know what you are thinking? ( about asking?)

bleh bleh bleh….

Then he said something really stupid (actually this is nothing new as he always say things liddat) and got me real mad and I went on with my usual speech….soooo annoying!!

Then as we dilly dallied…(ok ok mostly my fault…) we were really late for church and when we departed the house we were already half and hour by the time we arrive church mai almost over!! So Apah decided halfway to go straight to MidValley and skip church…(tsk tsk tsk….bad bad bad….).

We headed straight to Gardens as I no longer have interest in the old MidValley besides Jusco…really…

Shopping began in Isetan, then Pumpkin Patch was on sale!!!!!!!! I know I overbuy for the kids and most of the time they outgrow the clothes so fast but I really can’t help it. They are sooooo beautiful ma….

Then we proceeded to Robinsons and ngam ngam it was on the household item floor and there was a cup cake decorating session going on! So I quickly sat down and there were not many people around anyway eventhough the session already started like 15 minutes. Probably it was during lunch time. The decorating tips they were demonstrating was not interesting at all, in fact they kept decorating the same style again & again & again, which was piped butter icing into a clown sitting on the cup cake!….YAWN……..and bigger YAWN….but I stuck around as they had a decorating contest and looking at the people there, they really don’t look like the baking type so I thought I have a very good chance!!!

Contest began and I decided not to follow their style since it was only one style they taught! They were open to whatever design we like. So I decided to make a clown octopus instead. After glancing over to my opponents’ creation (including Kieran as they allowed him to join in also!!) I was sooooo confident! Hahahahhahahaha…

Then they had to call in more participants as they were giving out 2 prizes (RM50 Robinsons cash voucher each and the grand prize was some Italian plastic household item. After the next batch completed their decorating, I was still very confident! (eh eh perasannya….)

Well, what do you think? The judge took out 3 best designs out of the 10 cupcakes and of course mine was one of them. So my chances was like 2/3 probability leow! Then he took out one more and I was a guaranteed winner leow! Finally he had to choose the grand prize winner but really, it was not a very hard decision but he had to play along la….hahahahaha (me so proud…..) and the grand prize went to….



































Me! Naturally…..why? I had my kids cheering me on while I was piping the deco…

(the one on the far right is mine, sorry photo so cacat, cos Apah was the camera man!)

Then only we went for lunch at Crystal Jade. The service sucked big time, we had to search for the menu ourselves, then we had to take our own cutlery and after several attempts we finally got the attention of somebody to take down our order. I get really annoyed with such bad service as I felt the service should be at tip top condition since the price of the food is of the high high side ok! If I don’t require service I would have gone elsewhere on the lower ground floor ok!

The food HOWEVER was soooo blardy good it took our blues away…and Apah was saying…aiya forget it la don’t complain la…the food so good leh…

LB, the lormaikai was one of the bestest lormaikai I EVER had and sorry I didn’t take the picture of the before…KAKAKAKAKKAKA



27 responses to “How I celebrated Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you loh.. I bet the best one is winning the cake demo session hor?

    ya spot on!! hahahahaha…

  2. wuah seh…..damn proud lar mumy!!
    eh, yr dress looked so nice….show more ma!!
    emm…crystal jade, will check out ….

    ya lor…so action hor?? hahahahaha…

  3. eek! green tentacles!! πŸ˜›

    congrats woh… win liao can shop summore! glad u had a great mother’s day! πŸ˜‰

    hahaha,,, the icing they oredi mixed leow…no choice lor…dunno why so ugerry the color!

  4. i’m also wondering about the eeky green colour!
    But good job! Congrats! So, what prize did you get?

    The other 2 is whose? everyone also do clown octopus?

    ya lar those people preparing the icing put in too much colouring leow! Prize mai said ledi lor…RM50 Robinson’s voucher & a RM49 plastic container! hahahaha

    the one in the middle was Apah’s, the other one I oso forgot leow..

  5. Wah, not bad eh your Mother’s Day celebration… hehe.

    Congrats on the win! πŸ™‚

    thanks….it was as I said easy peasy…

  6. congrats!!

    Happy mother’s day to u, Peggy!

    thanks..hope u had a wonderful mother’s day celebration too!

  7. Hahaha, it was so kancheong reading your post about the contest! Almost peed myself.. but of course, I knew you would win, hands down, cleavage out, etc.. No sweat, right?

    But… that lormaikai, ahhh…. HOW? Ok, since it’s Mother’s Day, I suppose you get to wallop the whole thing… but… next time… next time…

    kakakakkaka….next time… next time…. I bring u there lor…

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  9. congrats! ya urs the best!

    really it was not difficult cos the others were not the baking type la…hahahaha

  10. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!
    You so keng get grand prize sumore!

    How come the icing colour so geli one?

    TQ! Aiya if u were around I sure get the 2nd Prize la…all the others pun lauya one..kakkakakaa

  11. Very creative. Clap! clap! clap! U deserve to win, it was obviously the best! The tentacles on the left cupcake reminds me of something…yikes…

    Very funny, next time take pic first, then eat the lo mai kai, can or not???

    no lar…it was really no big deal, there were limited accessories, only clown & trees available..hahahaha

    yeah i was so engrossed in the food i totally forgot to take the pics!

  12. yerdeh!! hahahaah clown octopus!! bahahahaahahaha!! very creative lor. πŸ˜›

    besides the octopus I really couldn’t think of anything else lor…really limited resources..kakakaa

  13. the colour of the icing abit geli eh? but CONGRATS! syiok dapat win and got plastic container samo.

  14. Eh that one not lor mai kai ler. Looks more like hor yip fun (lotus leaf rice). Hehe. Congratulations on your win. πŸ™‚

  15. wuahahaha…your clown octopus really funny la… Really creative!!! ALien octopus clown…wuahahahahahaha

  16. I think you won because you hiao-hiao with the judge la, true anot?

  17. *agrees with cocka*

  18. Hi, dropped by from Angeleyes’s blog πŸ™‚

    So interesting that the mall holds cupcake decorating contest. Your design definitely deserved to be the winner πŸ™‚

    Happy Mother’s Day to you πŸ™‚

  19. Congrats on the win…

    Sorry to say…the other contestants must sucked big time for you to win. Hehehe…

  20. that also can huh? The colour of the octopus abit gross la but not that you had a choice in the colour…but hey! congrats woman!

  21. congrats!!!!!! must show lah…how the italian plastic container look like πŸ˜‰

    pssstt – i LOVE PUMPKIN PATCH!!!!!!!! We can go together gether and ransack that place.

  22. impressive..wah liao!!! with so many lil’ fans cheering…sure win la! **clap clap clap**

  23. Wow…so what are you gonna use the RM50 voucher for?

  24. Wah, keng wor. Won RM50 voucher.
    you mean you maid sleep in while your hubs prepares breakfast? so hor mia.

  25. Wow..!! you so brave .. go up.. entered contest some more.. πŸ™‚ and you look so pretty lah.. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on winning too..!

  26. Blessed Mother’s Day…wow…very nice lar…I don’t think I can do so nice like yours..

  27. it was a great cake


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