Kylie turned 3!

I was so busy I actually missed out the post on her actual birthday which was 20 May. So sorry baby…

We had a small party for Kylie at the house. This time I thought of minimising my work (since I’ve been really busy and stressed lately). I had my dearest cousin Yong to prepare the soup and marinating the meat part. All I had to do was bake the cupcakes, fry the meat & some other kids food plus prepare the salad. Easy peasy…but still ended up kelam kabut (chaotic) and was late in serving the food..again! Thousand apologies folks!

I baked the cakes the day before and to my dismay, it sank over night! Must have done something wrong. Blame it on the aparatus! hahahahaa…my cake mixer conked out on me from Kieran’s party last year and haven’t gotten round to fix it or buy a new one. So I used the food mixer and then Apah’s strong arms to mix it.

The party went on fine, I hope! Only thing, I thought the food was not enough ler…so embarrassing! I kinda underestimated the number of people coming. (good thing some ppl couldn’t turn up! :P)

This is going to be short as I have to rush off….can read about the party from here & here. In fact I haven’t downloaded my photos in my computer so I’ve selected 3 out of Sasha’s photos. Thanks Sasha for helping me take the photos.

got that ribbon from Tesco..cute huh?

rushed work cupcakes….

Kylie was so shy and didn’t want to stand in front of the cakes for the cake blowing session..


25 responses to “Kylie turned 3!

  1. wahhh!! happy birthday kylie!!! 😀

  2. thanks for having us.
    eh I am no expert in baking cakes, let alone cupcakes but my mom is and i remember that since I was young, whenever she bakes cakes, she’d forbid us to go near her oven cause any form of vibration i.e. if we shake / knock into the table where the oven was sitting on, it’d cause the cake to sink in…maybe that was what happened to yours? Just a thought 😛
    Anyways Kylie was soooo cute!:P Happy Belated Birthday to Kylie again!

  3. thanks for having us! happy birthday to Kylie again!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Kylie 😀

  5. thanks for having us to the party.
    Happy 3rd birthday to Kylie!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Kylie!!!
    Pity your Mummy didn’t make Lormaikai for the Party, or else that would definitely be enough for everyone..

    ps: Florence? Rome?!! No San Giovanni?!!! How come?!!!!!!!!

  7. happy birthday kylie.. aunty angeline so sayangssssssss!!!

    eh LB, amah made lormaikai la… but its in the form of konyaku jelly!!! hahaahahahaha

  8. happy belated birthday kylie!

  9. happy belated birthday kylie!! grow up liao 😉

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Kylie….

  11. happy belated birthday..sorry couldn’t make it 😦

  12. Happy Birthday gal..

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Kylie!

  14. Happy belated birthday, Kylie! 😀

  15. Happy belated bday to Kylie!

    The cupcakes look yummy…

  16. Here’s wishing Kylie a Happy Belated and Memorable Birthday. Big hugs…

  17. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Oh yes I do remember my “lormaikai” sized konyaku jellies…so memalukan…

  18. Happy belated birthday, Kylie!!
    Come…don’t be shy..your mummy will help you to blow. (candles lah!)

  19. Happy Belated to Kylie..

    Where is the shot of the food? Really not enough until all sapued very fast?

  20. haha…i saw your cupcakes from Barb’s blog too….you rceally keng, can bake somemore yourself!!

  21. happy birthday kylie!!! so pretty the cupcakes.

  22. AIYA! This Aunty is SOOO damn late!!

    So Sorry KYLIE!!! Happy happy turning 3!!! More mayhem for your Mama!!!!!

    muaks muaks !

  23. Happy Belated B’day to Kylie! Hope the little pressie Darrius sent reach her…. 😛

    Can I see the close up of those cuppies??? They looked great!

  24. Happy Birthday Kylie.
    The cupcakes look good.

  25. Thanks again for having us….the food was fabulous. Love the cuppies too 😀

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