First Week without my sidekick

Life has been tough without Angie. I decided to move closer to work, ie mom’s place (since she’s away on holiday) so that I can arrive in office on time to monitor the work. True enough, it has been chaotic and my being around didn’t help much as I’ve been leaving everything to Angie to handle so that ends up in me not knowing what to do! I had to call Angie to find phone numbers even!! tsk tsk tsk….In fact there were so many outstanding issues which I don’t know about and was caught with my pants down unaware and it was so embarrassing. tsk tsk tsk again…

However, Angie has been a gem, still very involved in our operations even though she was not physically around. She has been constantly checking on how we are doing and sending emails to remind us what to do & what to follow up on. I don’t know how and when the new staff can reach even half her capacity but from what I gather so far….it’s going to be a long & windy with full of hurdles road along the way.

Just today itself I was so stressed, my breakfast was half eaten, then lunch was late and also not properly eaten & digested well. Hmmm but looking on the bright side, I MAY loose some weight!

Anyway, the kids and I are squeezing on Apoh’s bed while Apah goes back home to water the plants & also guard the house la…

Here’s a photo of the kids snuggled together while I was having difficulty to sleep blogging….

I don’t know how it’s going to be like while I’m away for 5 days from next week on….I can only hope and pray that all is well…


24 responses to “First Week without my sidekick

  1. I am also very impressed with Angie. I think she is truly a remarkable person.. I cannot imagine life without her, especially so far away. Please, bring back Angie for us..

    I can’t lor..cos her husband is closest to her ma…husband’s business is HER business wor..

  2. Will work for cupcakes.

    angel marah betul!! memang SH!

  3. wah.. sorhai memang is sorhai.. kakakkaka…

    just give the new person some time lor… no choice, rite? *hugs*

    i know…time is the essence…but but but…sigh…

  4. no worries….I’m sure u the supermom able to do this :)….AND the assistant will pick up soon

    hopefully & prayerfully!

  5. hahahha, why suddenly angeles ‘cakap kasar’ wan…. hahahha, but i find it veli funni…

    dont worry amah, remember i didn’t gain or reached this level over nite, and w/o yr helf also i will not make it either. so, be patient and give in more time….

    take care ya… anything, pls call.

    no lar…it’s my fault cos I gave Cocka that name la…

  6. Nice shot!!!

    But Laundry Amah woh.. susah for 2 days after that rosey liao.

  7. Aiyah, I think you miss having Angie around more than you’re complaining about not being able to cope, right? Before you know it, it will all be at your finger tips. Hang in there!

  8. make an offer to angie that she cant resist… hahaha lol j/k. that photo is wonderful… brother and sister.

  9. Hi, me 1st time here. You’re very funny liao…. πŸ™‚

  10. just drop by… very funny article. send my regards to angie…

  11. Laundryamah wor.. sure can tahan wan!

  12. Hang in there, sure u can handle it well.
    Go for holiday again ?? πŸ™‚

  13. I know Amah very “keng” one. Sure can! No worries πŸ˜€

  14. nvm nvm, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! πŸ˜› at least you’re hanging on so that is good lar. πŸ˜›

  15. Poor you ..!! i know what you mean..! my babysitter sick whole week.. already so upsetting to my schedule.. 😦
    I hope everything works out ya.. πŸ™‚ you take care..!

  16. u r SUPERAMAH!! u can do anything!

  17. Juz hang in there…..~~ all will turn out well.

  18. Eh..only one week meh? I thought she left long time ago liow?

  19. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday to Kylie!!

  20. *hugz* take it easy Amah… I’m sure your new assistants will be able to catch up soon. Angie is sooo super nice… always sooooo helpful! I will miss her too! πŸ˜›

    Lose weight? Good wor… at least don’t have to torture your pocket… get slim and still got $$$ for shopping!

  21. ooh my Amah….sounds very critical leh like that ! can only wish u best of luck…in every aspects!
    btw, happy belated b’day to kylie girl !!

  22. i think you will manage everything well very soon..don’t worry πŸ™‚

  23. yeah..take it easy lor….don’t be so stressed. can always call angie mah…since she’ll be quite near to the office eh? takes time to get adjusted and i know you’ll be fine soon.

  24. Sure can ler amah..laundryamah become super laundryamah soon…hehe

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