Blog break

It’s time for a break as I’ll be away for one week. More updates when I come back, but I’m not sure how fast as I suspect I’ll be back to a very messy and backlog work in the office!!



13 responses to “Blog break

  1. Yeah!!! BLOG BREAKS are the way to go! Enjoy your trip, Laundryamah!! Call me, ok? πŸ™‚ Or maybe not.. Unless you have lormaikai with you..

  2. Have a good break eh.. πŸ™‚ just in time.. coz’ i borrow you name.. on one of my post. muhahahahaha!!

  3. Enjoy enjoy! Shop till you drop!!

  4. hehe, yeah shop till you drop. got ‘tambah’ credit to yr card or not?? got call the bank to inform you are travelling or not? got buy travel insurance or not? got anybody jaga the kids or not? got enuff money for trains and etc or not????

  5. you also cuti ar…

    Hav a good break or holiday yar…

  6. Take care and come back soon!

  7. Wow..another holidays!
    Have a good break and great holidays! Happy shopping!

  8. miss ya joke! come back soon

  9. oops! looks like some people think Amah is going on a’s a working trip with some leisure squeezed in but what’s a holiday without a companion leh…me going alone lor….

  10. Wah semua olang on blog break!

  11. why u forgot to pack me in your luggage??? 😦

  12. Hi.. have linked u for the best blogger award in my url. Hope u link me back… cheers!!!!

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