Viva Italia

Prego! Greetings from Florence, Italy. Shopping was great this morning, I caught a 9 am bus to the Mall, which is about 45 minutes from Florence city. The bus stop was right in front of the hotel I am staying, lucky me! The Mall consists of various designer outlets, selling off season designer goods and eventhough the selection was not as what I expected them to be but Amah being Amah still manage to buy a lot in 4 hours!! In fact, busted my budget and I still have Rome to raid! Bleah!

Besides the shopping, it is really no fun walking alone and taking pictures of what I see and not have me in it!! Really, Florence is not much different from Milan, maybe a few more Piazzas here and there, well I guess more lively  than Milan…but really quite crammed and the roads are so narrow, the cars are like going to hit one another!

Am taking a break now on the way back to the hotel, accidentally found this little internet station which charges Euro 1.50 for 1 hour…so ok la…

Will be off to Rome tomorrow morning. More updates when I come back lerrr….yeah got to download pics, resize them and upload them…super duper tedious…hang in there mates!

See ya real soon!


17 responses to “Viva Italia

  1. Viva Italia! Viva LAmahhhhhh!!!!! And Viva Prada, and Viva Valentino, but I bet you skipped those!! I shall await your News Report about your 8 hour shopping spree in Florence with much delight! Enjoy your rest tonight.. Tomorrow, another spree?!!! 🙂 Happy Gelatoing! Ciao, bella!!

    errr…shopping was like ze most amazing part of all but was majorly restricted due to high exchange rate on the Euro and of course my bag space! hahahahaha..

  2. PS DON’T forget to try the FRESH FIGS!!! MUST!

    errr i gave that a miss….

  3. see!! u should’ve put me in your luggage mar!! don’t worry, i only 57 kgs!

    tolong la…allowed baggage of 20kg pun not enuf for me leh! add u lagi worse woi! LOL!

  4. Wahhh… thot you hilang mana 😛 Fruitful trip eh?

    hmmm u can say that it was fruitful in both ways, biz & pleasure!

  5. wheeeeee! so song! so italia! so shopping! so pizza! so pasta! so gelato! so viva! so jeles! hehee… hope u hv more fun in Rome!

    ironically, i had the pasta in Frankfurt and roti in Italia! Rome was interesting…watch out for more updates!

  6. WAH… syiok nya. Enjoy your trip. Going to Venice too?? I love Venice.. and the handsome sampan guy 😛

    alone to Venice? no way! only Florence & Rome this time…

  7. wa shioknya… die die also up date ah… hope to see yr photos…

    soon…uploading now…

  8. oooooooooo………didnt know you went to Europe leh. How fun!!!!! Can’t wait to see your loot. So what have u been eating????

    loot will be shown one by one on each post of my trip! hahahaha

  9. wuah….my eyes…mouth all opened wide wide… u really rock man !!! like u mentioned bf, just grabbed yr bag & cabut so far ahh…..???!!!
    “hou tak ahh”…

    no lar…it was a planned business trip with some pleasure squeezed in!

  10. Knew u would be in somewhere but didn’t expect u to be in Florence?! Wow, wow, wow! Shopping, shopping and shopping! ENJOY URSELF! psst, psst, come back only ‘ngai’ – work like a dog/cow again. Hahaha! *fast fast run away*

    ya like a dog alright in order to pay my bills!!!!

  11. Didn’t take picture of “David with the kukujiao” meh? Hahahahahah!!!

    aiya all the Italian statues also have their kkc showing one la…took a few..dunno which one was David’s!

  12. Wah so song…not dropping in Paris ah…hehe…
    don’t forget to show your loot!!

  13. You so song lor…
    I can’t wait! I can’t wait!! ….to see everything!!
    So damn 8 hor?

  14. wah… so lucky wo, can shop till u drop.

  15. Waaah…Thought you went for WORK??? How come got so much time to shop one leh??

  16. Wey, making us wait in suspense huh? Quick-lah post your loot!

  17. I really enjoyed coming upon this story!!

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