Frankfurt Day 1 – 2

The flight delayed again, Mana Ada System mia pasal (MAS) as usual. The flight is 1155 but boarding starts like 1150! WTF! I was wandering around the duty free shops wondering what to buy for the guys, even thought of buying a bottle of whiskey but then I changed my mind since I don’t drink (just in case they make me drink with them), so I just got them liquor chocolates instead! hahahahaa…

The last time I flew MAS was last August and this time round I noticed they no longer use the cloth pillow cases for the cushions! I know they had massive problems washing these tiny blue cushion covers and with costs so high, they now use the cheapy fibre covers which I think they throw them away after use. However, I could smell the stench of the used pillow! Bleah!

Food was ok and I of course chose the nasi lemak (coconut fragrant rice with chilly) and assam fish (spicy sour fish) since I will be in Europe for a week!

Clearance of customs & luggage was quick and there was a Merzedes cabs waiting. The cab cost Euro 24 for a short 15 minutes trip to the hotel. The hotel was lovely, located amongst a housing area and it had a very homey & cosy feeling. Look at the flowers around the hotel! It was lovely! They even asked me to have the breakfast eventhough breakfast starts with the room next day. It was simple and good wholesome breakfast, with homemade bread and a variety of cold meats & cheese. The butter was the best, I could eat chunks of it and don’t feel it’s butter!!! Soooooo yummmmmeeeee!

Check out the garden around the hotel!

Went for a tour around the office and factory of my German supplier and then we went for lunch. It was an Italian restaurant, and food was so so and we waited like so long for it. After food we headed to the city and I was quite disappointed with the city, really no big deal.

We walked about a little and then had these! The beer was really good, for me who usually do not have much liking for beer, I kinda enjoyed the beer here.

There was this street which was like an open market (similar to our pasar malam “night market” but only more sophisticated, all the stalls were able to fold in can be towed away by a car!) Check out the wheels beneath the counter (selling various ham & sausages, so NOT HALAL)

After the beer, we headed back to where the hotel was, and dinner was nearby the hotel. We met some colleagues halfway and went straight to the restaurant. Dinner was great, had pork cordon bleu, very porky and meaty and rich!!

The weather was cooling, though it’s summer already. The walk back to the hotel was good. I can’t believe I couldn’t feel really tired and jet lagged! However, I woke up really early the next morning as it was already bright at 5 am!!

Here’s one of my loot from Italy, as said, will post one item per post! Can you notice that I’ve actually put in the cover wrongly???? Super blur!

Bottega Venetta iPod case, really a steal at Euro110 from the Outlet store at Florence


16 responses to “Frankfurt Day 1 – 2

  1. why is the ipod cover terbalik?? I mean isnt the clicker suppose to be at the round shape hole and the screen at the square hole? =P

    ya lor Amah so lulu put in wrongly lor… excited over the new cover ma…

  2. Aiyeh, so Ah Lian… LOL!! Lucky I didn’t see you, or I would have pretended not to know you (which I don’t! Not yet anyway..) When I was in Frankfurt, it was a very boring city too. Really nothing to do, except look look at the legalized redlight district at night.

  3. GOSH.
    but did you try their spritz. that’s really a cool german drink. šŸ˜›

    SHOP MORE~~~ money can find again but the things you see… if don’t buy later someone else will and you’ll regret. REMEMBER~~~ O:)

  4. nothing in Frankfurt but LVeeeeeeeeeeeeee….!
    Omigosh! Jan hai show piece by piece? You got 20pieces wor, got 20 posts to write about anot?

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Amah too excited got new iPod case and put terbalik. LOL!!!

  6. wahh…got bunga raya somemore :|..

    and loads of sausages & cold cuts

  7. Hi loundry amah, pls visit this blog , I think you better who is Angeline Wee.

  8. Weh – I so the envy you….

  9. Recognise the BV by its ring cap. The color so super sweet man…Nice flowers too…

  10. war…happy holidays !!!!

  11. wow, the BV case, u really know how to spend!! hahha

  12. *cocka letting his imagination run wild on how amah bathe at that green water pump*

  13. haahahaha!!! at first i thought why the ipod in the case looked so weird geh! šŸ˜›

  14. iPod case Euro 110 also you seh tak? *gulp*

  15. Wow.. Bottega Venetta! I love love love! You sure have good taste *wink*

  16. It’s so fun to be out and about!

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