Frankfurter Day 2

This was the first day of the exhibition and I had to survey the whole hall and see who’s in the show. I brought along my flats just in case. I walked around for about 1 hour plus and had to change into my flats! I really shouldn’t have bothered to bring my heels. It was only 1.5″ heels and yet I couldn’t survive in them for more than 2 hours!

The bigger exhibitors had like a bar serving beers and even hard liquor (get the customer drunk and sign the deal!!) and even leg hams! Since the food was not so good at the exhibition hall, I made sure I had a wholesome & fulfilling breakfast to last me through till dinner!

It was great fun catching up with my suppliers, whom some of them I haven’t seen since Nov 2006 in Milan. As usual, I was the rose among the thorns, so it was definitely great fun!

After they closed for the day, my German supplier was having a banquet at the Marriot for the customers around the world. I was lucky enough to get a ride in the owner’s Saab convertible. Although the ride from the hall to the hotel was short but it was really a good experience and the weather was great to top it up.

Check out my 6′ tall & handsome driver….(no joke, he is very good looking but already taken la..don’t dream ok!)

Amah taking pics of herself in the convertible!

My next pic of my loot….

I did take some time pondering on whether I should get this bag…so much so till I missed the direct bus back to the city…rats…Actually I liked another one more but it was too ex so this one was really my 2nd choice..

The smell and feel of the leather is so the shiok-kan! (heavenly…)


22 responses to “Frankfurter Day 2

  1. You looked so sexy and alluring sitting in the convertible…

    no lar…where got??

  2. Ya, amah look so sexy in the convertible like doing an advert..haha

    I can almost smell the leather from here….hehe

    hahahha,,,i don’t think any company will want one fat aunty doing an ad for them la…

  3. wah… Bottega bag leh, not cheap leh. I prefer the classic one without the gold thread. hehe… I am also eyeing one.

    they don’t have the classic one without the gold chains at their outlet store. they only have seasonal items there.. 😦 so since this is was not a classic, there was 40% taken off the original price!

  4. eh..your handsome driver got turkey neck geh…..

    My wife has this bag, minus the metallic trimmings, exactly the same colour.

    hahahaha…cannot be perfect right??? i forgot to add that he’s damn rich too!

  5. wahh!! amah, u sit in the convertible got wave to random strangers or not? like those beauty pagaent like that mar!! 😀

  6. i was waiting for this bag pic…muahahhaha
    i knew u sure buy bags and shoes….um…where’s the shoes??
    faster show more pics on ur loot!!! woohoo….

    amah, u should wear a sunglass leh….lagi cool..keke

  7. aiyah kenot see the driver’s face!

  8. So day 2 there was for the exhibition only la… :S But yeah wor, serve liqour and sign the deal *keke*

  9. Wah, u sapu BV, didn’t u? Anymore BV items? Don’t play play man…

  10. taken oso can sapu wan! hahahaaaa! 😛

  11. Amah! Zooming around town with a tall, hensem gwai lo? Shiok bo? hehehe 😛
    And were you thinking of sausages when you typed your post title???

  12. wah sit in convertable somemore kke..their kind of weather very nice hoh sit in convertable car

  13. your “lao kung” no jealoussss ah?? heheheh

    when u show off ur new bag to me ah? i also wanna raba raba.

  14. so you got me notti or not??

  15. i like the bottega bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. a BOTTEGA?????????????? *faint*

  17. WHOAH that’s a damn cool ride. Chauffeured by so hensem fellow. You hang fook aa!!

  18. amah.. i dun know u.. but damn… u got bottega! I wan to kill u for it……………… then kill u again for the Gucci.. You better have a cat’s 9 lives.. 🙂
    Will look thru ur posts to locate other reasons to ‘mau sat’/kidnap…ok?

  19. Maybe one day, you should blog about
    “Why I need so many bags”.


    comments Mou lalang with your post, but I wonder who many bags you own leh.. so much like King’s Wife one?

  20. Wah, syioknya. Saab convertible. Lucky chick ah you.

  21. 40% off is such a great good fantastic deal! *jeles*

  22. the day i am going to be surprised by you will be the day you announce that you won’t travel for a year! well, make that half a year 😛

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