Frankfurter day 3 – 4

King’s wife asked if I was thinking of sausages when I wrote the previous post, I guess it’s obvious due to the title of the post! Yeah I saw sausages, like huge and juicy ones every where ok! hahahahahaha…

Day 2, 3 and 4 was basically to the exhibition fair and back to the hotel, stuffed ourselves with bread and butter on top of the main meal! I so love the butter here, it’s so yummy it didn’t taste like the butter like even those in Australia also cannot match ok! I don’t remember it being so yummy even when I was in Milan the last time.

Work wise I can say it was ok, not too promising but ok, I managed to learn something new again, and alsom met a potential big customer. Hopefully the deal will go through and I can pay off my debts! Sobz…

One thing I cannot take about Frankfurt is the frizzy and salty water plus the food is also very salty too.

emmmmm…so yummy the beer..We waited like more than an hour for the food to be served at this stupid restaurant! But the food was good, especially the bread & butter!

Bought these at the Gucci Outlet at ones are mine, black one is Apah’s. Initially I bought the Gucci iPod case but after I saw the one at Bottega, I immediately went to exchange it for something else but I couldn’t find anything else that I liked so I got this black passport wallet for Apah…hahahaha..



20 responses to “Frankfurter day 3 – 4

  1. Yeah, Frankfurt’s beers are really very good! And the bratwurst..

    yea especially for me who’s not a beer drinking person..& i liked the beer there!

  2. wah ah pah ‘jap dou’ lerrrrr;p

    ya he summore asked me how to use cos so big & cannot put in the pants pocket…

  3. GUCCI?????????????????? *faint*

    wake up wake up..hahhahaa…don’t faint la…at the outlet store Gucci was like very affordable..

  4. yr pink gucci veli kiut!!!

    too bad i didn’t get the wallet as well to match… 😦

  5. Can tell you like pink hor? The gucci very nice 🙂

    actually hor..there weren’t any other colors that were appealing to choose from…hahahhaa

  6. The pink keyholder looks nice leh… lots of branded shopping oo, pocket also ada lubang edi :S

    memang lubang besar leow!!! now got to work harder lor!

  7. ur pink purse looks very nice! how much wor?

    the pink keypouch i think was euro50 or 60 i can’t really remember, the keychain was euro20 aje..

  8. GUCCI, affordable?

    *roll eyes*

    no wonder someone complain to me she dying lar last night…

    hahahahhaa..outlet store ma…

  9. wah….amah, your life so shiok la…envy!envy!

    looks shiok in the surface only…i suffer that time u dunno leh…

  10. Walao gucci summore… *faints*

    apah really lucky hor this time??? 😛

  11. We want to see more! we want to see more!
    But really, no other karer also nemind, the pink is very sweet.

  12. Passport holder looks blueish instead of black..

    LV leh?

  13. Wah, passport also get to wear Gucci ah. Syioknya.

  14. SO if you didn’t want to exchange it, Apah don’t get anything ah? 😛

  15. Gucci, affordable?

    You trying to KID yourself izit???

  16. lots of shopping loots hor.

    I dont like their sparkling water, but I like to mix it with orange juice.

  17. wah someone is really raiding the designer shops eh? 🙂

  18. Yeah, i cannot stand the salty mineral water too! eeee…..

    I miss EU after reading all your posts…sob sob…when can i go again????

  19. Errr… you sure this was a business trip? Kekeke…

  20. so nice lar….being able to tour & shop without the kids….u lucky woman…i see also felt ‘syiok’…
    and the pink gucci are so luring man….love it !!

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